Rev: Julie from CLs therapeutic services

Discussion in 'Craigs list & Backpage' started by justbill_redux, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. RoosterC74


    Especially true with the Craigs List Stuff. The gems are really tough to find on that avenue. They are present, however, few and far between.
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    This is all too common any more...
  3. manohgod2


    Hmm, so this woman came off the therapeutic services? Seems to me that maybe you shouldn't have went there for a massage, believe me there are plenty of really good massages there but you would have to look for them. Sorry for the bad experience though, Thanks for saving us the trouble of going.
  4. yamaha


    sometimes life throws a curve ball and we have to deal with it we all have been there i wished you could of hit her in the face with some juice i would of love for her to deal with that. sorry for your bad time but the next one can only get better by the way great post good details.
  5. trixdaddy


    great post

    Sorry about the bad service and quality of the provider

    but you have saved numerous mongers some serious $$$$
    and for that we all thank you
  6. RoosterC74



    Sorry to hear about your less than high quality experience.
  7. justbill_redux

    justbill_redux King Missile

    Found this ad on CLs and thought I give her a go.

    She's Chinese (Yep)...She's Adorable(Nope)...Gives Outcall Massage
    How'd you like an adorable Chinese girl (only in a parallel universe is she young) to come to your place and give you a relaxing, expert(not this “girl”) massage? And she's so sweet to talk to also!
    And the price is really good...$80 hour, $60 half-hour, the price you'd pay for incall but in the privacy of your own home!
    Call 646-379-9485. massage only.
    See her cute cute photo at:

    Made a call to her 1 afternoon, got voice mail and we then proceeded to play phone tag for the remainder of the day, in fact she called me at 11:30PM . So I call her back the next morning at 10:00 to make a date to see her later in the afternoon at the Liberty, 20 questions follow about subway lines, hotel address. Tell her to take subway to 14th street.

    Fast forward I’m at 9th & 14th walking toward the Liberty, have 15 minutes to go before appointment, she calls “ This apartment or you office” No it’s a hotel “ what’s the address?” I don’t know I’ll call you back in 3 minutes when I’m in front. Called her back its 51 10th Ave, her” What room number” I’m waiting for you to come and then we get a room. 30 minutes later a call,” Whats the address” Me- “Its on 14th & 10 Ave, 51 10th Ave. Her “Far walk I get off on Union Square big walk be there 15 minutes”

    She finally shows, late 30s Chinese woman, face is a 4, body naked is a 5, skinny wears glasses which she takes off before we get in. I take the 2 hr short stay, she’s talking in the background “This no hotel this motel” and I’m thinking I should have left after playing 20 questions on the phone, but I didn’t.

    We’re in the room, tells me her name is Julie, she’s about 5’5”, no ass no tits, left nipple huge, right nipple not so big, B cup. Anyway, she has me strip, she takes off her jeans, asks soft medium or hard I take the medium. Lousy massage not trained basically some sort of Swedish hand rubbing over naked flesh. We do some small talk, tells me she worked in a hotel spa, 40th & Madison and said spa is under renovation, so shes doing freelance. She also is calling me honey or baby the full time, which I fucking hate. She starts to teases my balls, does the light finger dragging that’s suppose to be sensual, not with her. She asks me to flip.

    I do and she massages the big head, shoulders works her way down. Tickles my balls and laughs, grabs the oil and starts a HJ, very nice one (at the beginning). Anyway I get her totally nude, body is so so, stomach has a inch or 2 to pinch with some sort of burn mark over her right groin area near her leg, very weird. Limited and I mean limited touching of the tits or nipples, no lip action there, same for her pussy, slight rubbing outside no parting of the lips so to speak. This limited touching was proceeded by her using alcohol wipes on my hands and fingers. I ask about sex, no sex, request some DATY, she gets up and ask for direction, I have her face my feet move her legs back and sit, opps did I tell she her Engrish is so so and no DATY but I play with her pussy while she stands over me and jerks me. Natural bush BTW not to wild and once again I run into meat flap cunt lips. During the HJ I catch her making these rolling eye movements like she’s repulsed she has to do this sort of work. I finally have to think about a past fuck session to get off and I start to cum and as soon as I do she stops, holds my cock by the shaft in her hand and that’s it, like she had some aversion to cum. She gets up and goes right to the bathroom to wash her hands, for what seemed 5 minutes.

    We get dressed I tip her 40.00 for getting nude which she was grateful for, “door” fee was 80.00 plus 55.00 for the room for a total of 175.00. Total time was about 80 minutes. BTW dont think the photo is her and I will not repeat.