Rev: Lacey of Florida

Discussion in 'New York' started by zoulou, Jun 22, 2001.

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  1. Tankcommander


    No kissing. No DATY?

    Sounds like an evening at Episodes.... for 40 bucks...LOL
  2. zoulou


    Jodie does blow Lacey away as a GFE witout a doubt. It's a different kind of experience though.
    I recommend Lacey when you feel really horny.
  3. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    This sounds bad!

    Zoulou, Lacey sounds marginal at best to me. That girl Jodie from Texas would likely blow her away in the GFE category!
  4. zoulou


    Lacey is a hot barbie-doll blonde visiting from Florida. She's is very shapely and if you like big titted sexpot looks you will like her. She is a little older than I expected but still very sexy and obviously works out. Good stuff, very verbal, a bit too pro and average energy. CBJ no kissing.

    She met me in front of the elevator in this huge hotel, I felt kind of unconfortable waiting there but when she finally showed up there was no mistaking this is the girl your mom warned you about. We had to ride in this glass elevator all the way to her room..........where she proceeded to get comfortable. She has a hot body although a bit too skinny for my taste and her skin has been under the sun for too long. She has very enhanced 36 EE's, wich are a bit too large and have an unnatural feel to them.

    I started off with Russian anyway to which my other brain was quite responsive while I massaged those huge breasts. She does not take charge or seem to care about foreplay but proceeded with a cbj which was very average and moved into doggie which seemed to be a her favorite. No kissing or DATY so it becomes a main course only type of deal. I obliged and banged her very hard for forty five minutes straight and flipped her in multiple positions. She is vocal and moans and talks dirty while pretending to come a couple of times. She wanted me to finish on her tits but I opted to finish cowgirl, the viewfrom there is memorable and I would go back just for that.