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Discussion in 'New York' started by chickd, May 30, 2001.

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  1. trailrunner66



    I also met Lily last week in NY. I almost canceled our session but I was extremely glad I din't.
    What I found is a rare gem that you stumble across once in a while. Has a body of a 25yr. old and keeps herself in great shape. She has a sensual voice and sensual way about her .
    Our one hr. session without any limits lasted almost 2hrs. I made her promise me to save me a dinner date when she's back in NY next time.
    If you click with her you'll have a unforgettable session of course ymmv.
    Very highly reccomended!!!!
  2. chickd


    Saw Lily last week on her first trip to NYC.

    Awesome body, especially given the fact that she's over forty. Check
    her site FAQ for details. GFE in spades. No limits encountered that
    I minded terribly. More importantly, her genuine sweetness and
    non-mechanical presentation showed this jaded hobbyist that there are
    real finds out there. She doesn't watch the clock either, I stayed
    well past my allotted time.

    Website at

    She will come back to NYC if there is enough interest to make the trip
    worth it. I can tell you that my time was well worth what I gave her.
    She encouraged me to post some reviews since she doesn't have many, so
    I am doing that for her. Highly recommended!!!!


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