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Discussion in 'New York' started by dicer5, Mar 12, 2001.

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    Sorry this review is late, but I have been traveling a good deal recently. I saw Lisa several weeks ago, and I want to confirm everything positive that has been articulated on this board about her. She has a knock-out body, beautiful face, and amazing personality. We talked for close to an hour on a Friday afteroon, over a bottle of Merlot, before settling down to intimacy. She is caring, sensual, and very real. You cannot go wrong.
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    Lisa's in town till friday...

    She leaves town Friday morning, so book for today (wed april 11) and tomorrow (thursday, April 12)
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    There is a site...

    I'm not gonna do the legwork for you, but it will be worth it.

    Do a search here. If you can't find it, do a search on TBD.

    Search Lisa...


    Is there an Internet site with photos and information?
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    maybe this review will answer your question

    I would like to start by saying how honored I am being the first UtopiaGuide member to have spent time with Lisa......She is amazing....I am not sure where to really begin...First off, I know of all the talk about what a GFE really is, and everone has a different opinion. To me The GFE is when I can feel a connection between myself and the provider, whether it is real or not makes no difference. If I feel she is enjoying the session as much as I am and I feel that she is truly happy to be in my company that is good enough for me....

    With that said let me tell how it went.....Well I called her this morning and originally made an appt. for tomoorow at 8pm....At about 3pm today I realized that I couldn't keep that appt. and called her and asked if there was anyway I could see her this evening. She told me her flight got in at 8 and she would need some time to get ready....She said how about 10 and I said fine......Very simple to make an appt....and on the phone you could tell she was very personable.......

    So at 9:50 I give her a call and she tells me to come right in........I rang the bell and then that moment hits. The moment you're hoping the picture you saw was actually her....She opened the door and I was like whoa!!!! She was beautiful, wearing a black silky teddy..
    I came in and we sat at the table and talked for a few minutes...Then she asked me to pick some music and she dimmed out the lights and got undressed....When she undressed I realized how awesome her body was..
    She was on her knees on the bed and i walked over to her and she undressed me.......The rest of the session was amazing and I knew from the start I was gonna pop to soon, so I politely asked her if that happened would I be able to pop again, in which she replied you have the hour, of course.....Well after she said that i was at ease.......We started kissing, yes kissing, which was very nice.....Then she started kissing her way down till she got to the spot where the oral began minus condem....Let me start by saying that this was the best Oral I have ever had, by anyone....I knew when this began it was only gonna be a matter of minutes before I was gonna pop......While this was happening I reached over to rub her pussy and no joke she was wet......So I thought that was awesome......SO of course after a few seconds I pop and we both just colapsed on the bed...After a couple of minutes of talking and her rubbing me and caressing me I was Ready for round 2.
    That started with some more awesome oral.....The she reached for the condemn slowly slipped it on without me knowing and she got up on top of me....She was wet and it felt so good to be inside her....She was bucking pretty furious and I really think she was enjoying it as much as I was.....As she was on top she would lean down to kiss my lips and my neck which was really awesome....After about 10 minutes of her on top she seemed exausted and grabbed me to get on top of her.......So we continue.....she was moaning pretty loud and could feel her body jerking every once in awhile and I truly think she was enjoying herself.....after about 10 more minutes I couldn't take it any more and let go...
    We both with my head on her chest and i swear her heart was racing like crazy,,,,,,She told me that she really enjoyed herself and whether it was a line or not..I beleived her...She told me she really enjoyed sex........and I totally beleive her.......after layin in bed we got up talked a little and I was on my way....
    On a scale of 1 to 10, Lisa gets a 10......She, hands down is one of the best women I have ever been with.
    Affordable, personable , beautiful, great body, GFE, the list goes on............I will see her again soon...real soon...

    Imperialone Out.....................

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    I think that was it.
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    Where is the review?
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    Saw Lisa and I have to say the picture of her in the ad does not lie or exaggerate. Getting the physical aspects out of the way, she has a phenomenal body and a beautiful face. Sexually, she is energetic and very
    involved. Now in terms of her personality, she is a very warm person and really does have an engaging personality. You could talk to her non-stop all night long because she has such an interesting personality. I think it's hard to put into words what you thought about a session/appointment because every guy cliques with a woman differently, but I can't see why anyone wouldn't clique with her. She got such a multi-dimensional personality, I think she could talk to anyone. It's not just that she can talk to anyone, but when the conversation happens, she shows a genuine interest as to what you have to say. Talking to her was very easy and comfortable. No matter how much time you see her for, I think the time would fly by.