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Discussion in 'Craigs list & Backpage' started by kramer, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. sallysts



    So Kramer. did you call her and did you get a freebie? If not is it ok if I call her and tell her I am Kramer? I figured most of the mongers on this board have already called her and claimed to be Kramer...In that way I will take one for the team...
  2. flabbergasted


    For what she's charging and the quality of girls, there's no comparison between her agency vs. AATR where Val always has the hottest chicks.
  3. kramer


    hey i'm just trying to let others know to stay away from this girl.
  4. ecpaul


    You should've walked after you saw her, and paying $250 for light teasing is horrible man you encourage bad bad bad providers to rip off other clients.
  5. lepke


    This agency is a Joke...It was Satinlace and she tried Long Island for a little while if you all remember...She used to have a banner ad and now she is apparently too cheap to keep it up here..Lacy got alot of fast business off this board and repayed us by a weeks of no responses..Her girls are B teamers trying to get A team rates...AVOID..........................
  6. seanyfitz


    lacy's agency

    in my opinion lacy's agency is a hit or miss. Beginning from SatinLace to whatever she has now. They do get some quality girls at times, but for one reason or another they dont stick around to long. I have also noticed that Lacy and her agency will troll for scraps and put them out for the same price when she does not have any quality girl available. Buyer beware when using her. You may end up with a gem who is only in the business for a quick buck and out. Or you can end up with a used up street hoe who turned tricks for 40 bucks on the street and because she is now showered will ask $$ and up. Absolutely no consistency in this agency.
  7. loulovesit


    that is why you should get in good with an agency and get a rapport going with the phone person.I would much rather deal with a good agency then with a indy.
  8. Rokin


    I'm not so sure of that. If you are a first timer, they may not want to give you a complete description of the services provided for fear that you are le.
  9. loulovesit


    If you are dealing with an agency and are unaware of what the girl offers especially if a bbbj is what you want just ask the phone girl they will be honest with you weather you are a first time caller or a regular.
  10. Rokin


    Come on now Lacy.
    This is not an issue of defining GFE.
    A cbj is standard for a non gfe provider (ask Amy) and to charge $250 with no bj = BS.
    Kramer deserves a freebie and the agency should warn customers beforehand that she does not give any bj's or there will be alot of pissed of clients.
  11. praetorian


    Met Madison on Saturday

    I met Madison on Saturday and also assumed she was GFE. She has a very nice body and her breasts are perfect 34B. She was personable and friendly and overall the time spent was good. I agree she is not a GFE. She does not like to LFK or DFK. I have to say that she did start a bbbj, but quickly shifted to other things. She was very willing to be in any position and please in that way. I ended the session with an intense HJ. I did not feel it was worth the $$.5, but YMMV. She did tell me at the end of the session that she does not like giving oral. I would rate her an 8 on appearance, a 5 on services provided. I would not see her again, but probably would see others Lacey offers.
  12. RoosterC74


    A Few Items


    1-First off, welcome to the UG Board. It appears that you have been around since October (2 to 3 months) sort of just looking things over, and not posting. It is nice to see you posting. We really are a pretty nice group of ladies and gents in here. Well, at least most of the time, and most of us.
    2-Secondly, Kramer you certainly have every right to bitch about what took place. However, you are preaching to the choir. Perhaps a call or ****** to the agency (Lacey) would have gotten you somewhere. I disagree with the statements made in here, that when bad services take place, that you should not contact the owner or runner of the agency about it. If you receive bad service at a bar or place that you go out to eat, would you not speak with the owner or manager? Of course you would, or you should stop your bitching about the bad food or service. The problem cannot be corrected by owners or the organization itself, if they are unaware of the problem.
    3-Thirdly, I have never used Lacey's Agency, thus, I have no idea how they would respond to a complaint. Seems to me, that the complaint still needed to be registered with them. I have found for the most part (probably 75% of the time) when I have had a less than adequate experience with an In-Call Place, or Agency, that when the boss, manager, or owner was informed, that either a freebie, or discounted session followed. Normally with another girl or girls. Julie's was a classic example of this. If you got sub-standard treatment, and Julie was made aware of it, you were taken care of, and most times the girl was gone if this happened more than once. This happened to me once when I had a session with B*****tte, years ago, and she performed poorly. She appeared very tired, and not her usual self. I made Julie aware of it, and she invited me up for a follow-up, free session, with another girl. Actually, a 2nd girl appeared in the room about 15 minutes into the session (yes it was the Dynamic Duo of Russians-Elana and Domino). Talk about a wild fucking ride!
    4-Fourth, Lacey you are playing with the term "GFE". Most of us have been around the block a number of times, thus, please do not insult us with that term, and the use of it. Come on, be a bit more realistic about it. "GFE" at times is used differently. The idea of zero bj at all, is not something very normal in the world of prostitution. Thus, that approach is just wrong. If she will not suck dick, then she is perhaps in the wrong line of work. Also, be upfront and state that on the posts, ad's, web. site, etc. If she told him she only did cbj then that is something significantly different.
    5-Cannot respond to the bait and switch stuff, because it is obvious. It is either the girl in the ad, or not the girl in the ad.
    6-Lacey, as for positive reviews, if your girls have them good for you and the girls. In this case, this guy is not satisfied, and you offering something to make him more positive?
    7-Lacey, it is obvious from your post, that you do give a shit.
    8-Of course, his telephone call to you, and the manner in which you solve this issue, will become very important in the future, if and when it takes place.
    9-Lets see where this goes.
    10-If I were you Lacey, I would send your best gfe his way. Just my 2 pennies on the issue.
  13. <Lacyxo>


    Okay now I am probably gonna get banned for this but since it is my agency in discussion i feel like I am obligated to say something.

    1.) In Madison's advertisment yesterday it DID NOT I repeat DID not state she was a GFE in anyway shape or form. If you read past CL posts from me I usually include GFE or I leave it out. In Madison's case I left it out because she is not a GFE.

    2.) All my girls have gotten good reviews even the Non GFE's like Cindy on my site. I have ALWAYS FOR YEARS told a client upfront about a girl not being GFE and I have a shit load of clients here that could back me up on that one. I even use to put CBJ next to a girls name on my old site and you can search past threads here and you will see a discussion about how everyone liked that I would be upfront about that stuff I do not have to bait and switch so please leave that out and don't even try it. I am not a shit agency nor am I addicted to crack that I have to bait and switch to make a dollar around here.

    3.) If you had a bad experience with Madison you SHOULD have called me like bushleaguer said and told me about it because I DO GIVE A SHIT when someone is unhappy. If you don't believe me do a search and look for a thread that says "Review of Jessica satinlaceladies" I offered that client a free session and I fired Jessica on the spot so watch it when you talk about agencies who don't give a shit because I do.

    4.) If you call me we can discuss and resolve this matter which would be better then you comming on here and ranting about a bad experience that will get you no where. If you did it because you were pissed like most people then I can understand but if you are trying to impose me a reputable agency bait and switched you and ripped you off advertising GFE and she was the opposite then you need to back that statement up and please do POINT OUT where I said she was GFE.

    5.) You still hate my agency and think I screwed you over? Well sweety then I don't know what to tell you then other to just call me and let's resolve this.

    6.) More proof that I don't advertise anyone as GFE and NEVER DID if there not I will use a girl that use to be with me by the name of Jamie as an example. You can also search her name here and it will come up. People reviewed her and I stated very clearly here that she was a CBJ provider which means no GFE.

    7.) I am in no way trying to sound rude but I really hate when someone comes on here and makes an attempt to say I did a bait and switch because I NEVER IN 3 YEARS EVER DONE THAT AND I NEVER ADVERTISE A GIRL AS GFE IF SHE IS NOT.

    8.) If you want to call me then call me and I will give you a free session. I will not post my number here because I don't want to inflame Slinky anymore then he probably is gonna be right now after reading this post by me and I respect the rules and am no longer and advertiser here.

    9.) I am not gonna post again because I don't want anyone to think I am trying to grab free business from UG but I figured I would set the record straight.

    10.) Lou thanks for your kind words!

  14. RuffToy


    The correct answer is: "My foot on the accelator doing 60"
  15. loulovesit


    I dont think that is true if you where unhappy Lacey runs a good orginaztion, I am sure she will take care of you.
    From the anger of this post it almost looks like you are trying to sabotage her.
    Her other girls have gotten good reviews.
  16. Troutman

    Troutman Paste

    The agency won't give a shit. Not if she got paid.
  17. wheninvegas2005


    I don't understand...why did you go ahead and pay anyway...or at least ask for money back. 250 is not chump change
  18. DaiDaiLun


    Well you should have done your homework before using service from a agency runned by Lacey. But I have to admit the 2 polish chicks they have on their site does look nice.
  19. bushleaguer

    bushleaguer The CDC

    For what it's worth, one lesson I've learned is to notify the agency of the poor session. I suppose for the most part that the agency won't give a crap, but some (that value repeat business and their reputation) will make good and at least offer you a discounted session with another provider.

    The problem (as I see it) with an agency is that too often they will divorce themselves from a provider's performance. Some will say - "Well, we were told by (provider's name) that she does (fill in acronyms). It must have been something about you or something you said or did. Sorry." In my book, if an agency promotes a provider as offering BBBJ, DFK and so on for a specific fee, then they should be held accountable if the service isn't offered....i.e. offer a discounted session with another provider. If it's an ongoing thing with a specific provider, then they should know that this provider is making them look bad and cut her loose.

    Anyway, sorry you had such a bad session. Thanks for the heads-up.
  20. coreman


    250 and no bj. OUTRAGEOUS!!