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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by RoadRunner, Dec 13, 2001.

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    Phone Number?

    What is the number for Ambers? Where is it locatd

  3. RoosterC74


    If Not For Dan and Bill F.


    If not for guys like you and Bill F., I probably would have never made the try. Thanks for the tip-and I hope I can return the favor in the future.
  4. RoosterC74


    Glad To Help


    Yes, hopefully that is one of the best parts of this Board-to provide accurate information and reviews about providers, so as to assist fellow hobbyist in the pursuit of excellence in the hobby.
  5. DannyNJ


    Rooster - Excellent review!! Glad you finally got a chance to check out their Agency. Maria sounds like a winner :)
  6. Daty


    Great reviews.......

    I've always been an AMP guy so I'm more or less a virgin when it comes to the incall scene. So now its time to pop my incall cherry.

    I've yet to make a final decision on whom to choose. Thanks Bill F and Sue for your input. And thanks to all the UG members who provide excellent detailed reviews such as those in this thread.
  7. RoosterC74


    Checked Out Maria Yesterday


    I had the opportunity to spend about 90 minutes with Maria yesterday. In my nearly 30 years in this hobby this is the first time that I ever used a New Jersey Agency. As many of you are aware, I almost always see independents in the Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey Area. However, after having read some very good reviews of several of the girls from this agency and through some very good tips from a few close friends from this Board-I decided to give Amber's a try.

    The set-up for the session was a breeze. Paul and Sue did everything possible to give me the most accurate information possible about the girls that were on for the day. Simply put, I gave Paul the descriptors of what I was looking for and he gave me some advice as to which of the girls would best fit what I was searching for. I decided that a session with Maria would probably be best. Thus, one was set up for early in the evening.

    I had to travel quite a distance to get to the Fairfield In Call Location-and was afraid of traffic on the way so I gave myself some extra time. As it turned out the traffic problem was non-existent, and thus I arrived in the area about one hour early. I gave Paul a call-and he was pleasant enough-to ask Maria to move our session up by about an hour.

    As for the session, I really do not usually go into each and every detail. However, some of the best parts of it included the following:
    1-Maria has outstanding bbbjtc skills. She took two cups of java staight-down like a true champ.
    2-Her DFK skills were very good.
    3-She really enjoyed DATY and got into it. She also tends to get quite loud during it.
    4-I found Maria to be very pleasant-and very easy to converse with.
    5-Although, Maria just had a baby about 4 months ago-you would never know it. She is not a small girl like Samantha or Brenda-but does have some long and very strong legs.

    In closing, I would give Maria and the Agency the following ratings:
    Energy Level-9
    BBBJTC-9.5 (I have only given Cecilia and two girls that have long
    been retired a 10)
    Easiness to Chat With-9
    Overall Session-9
    Set Up Of Session-10

    I told Paul afterwards-I would certainly be giving his Agency a few more visits in the future.
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    After getting better acquainted with the UG board and how ratings go, I have to say she deserved much more than a 5. I guess I have specific criteria as to what I think a GFE is. I was rating her on a GFE scale only, and it was not an overall rating.

    drojek - you are right, I shouldn't be complaining.
  9. drojek


    Maria again

    I saw this sweetie again today (saw her for a quickie at the NNJ and NJE party) and had an even better time. A little FK, a lot of BBBJ and DATY and plenty of positions. Lot's of response (who cares if it's real or not, but it sure seemed real to me) and enthusiastic BBBJ DT (almost TC). Very eager to please. Now it's getting hard to choose at NNJ because there are so many good choices. Hope they have their party soon where I can see them all at one time (no, not a 10 way) And BTW, check out the SuperBowl contest that they posted today! Hey Iceman, if I had 3 or even 2 cups, I wouldn't be complaining. Her knees hurt if she does kneeling doggie, but that was the only limitation other than Greek or BBBJTC. Nice personality, too.
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    So tempting...

    I wish I knew this iceman guy - he would make me look good!

    Sorry Iceman I could not help it....
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    I made my first post today, so I figured I'd make another contribution while I'm at it.

    Saw Maria last week. First time back with Amber&Friends for a while. I had some issuues with a really bad session, that never really got resolved, so I stayed away for a while. With the new website, and what looks like a new attitude, I decided to go back. Still hope to get something for my past experiences like I was promised.

    Maria does answer the door in lingerie, which I love. That is a great touch. She looks great for having delivered a baby 3 months ago, as she told me. Great ass.

    Got naked right away, which I usually don't like, and DFK. Best BBBJ ever! Had some limitations as to positions, told me one position was too painful for her. She told me not to worry if I had my cup quickly during BBBJ, I could have another one. First cup done. She went to the bathroom and came back ready for second cup. Was able to squeeze it out, but I felt very rushed. She noticed I was having dificulty and offered another BBBJ, she seems to really enjoy it. We were done at only 30 minutes into the hour.

    Overall I felt very rushed, but to give her credit, she did ask me if I was ok, or if there was anything else I needed. But after 2 quick cups, there was not much more I could do. I just left, a little unhappy with the overall session, but as I said, amazing BBBJ.

    On a GFE scale of 1-10, I would give it a 5.
  12. RoadRunner


    No problem setting up appointment. Answered door in lingerie. She's attractive in her own sort of way, great body. We got naked and begin some DFK. Then she slides down and gives me one of the best bbbj I've ever received. Lots of licking and deep throat. Then it was on to missionary. She's very vocal, nice moaning, and a lot of leg action pulling me in and out of her. After that cup was finished, she slid back down to try to get the 2nd cup started, but it wasn't meant to be this night. All in all a nice time, I recommend her.