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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by justbill_redux, Jul 31, 2006.

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    You coming on Tuesday?
  2. drbreakfast


    Carol - A MILF Treat

    I paid a visit to this spot and got Carol too. Mousey's description was dead on. I just opted for the bbbj (didn't feel like fs). Both the massage and bj were great (8 out of 10) and plan to go back for her and to check out the other talent.
  3. thebitmaster


    Carol at 26 & 8

    Interesting day. I made an appointment to see a MILF I had always admired and happened to be in NYC. After getting through the screening, office number, cell number, name, city (really!), I took a train to 38th & 8th. I called from there and was told that since my first name did not match the yellow pages lookup, I couldn't go up (I had given a shortened version of my name). I was a bit pissed but will not name the agency because they are generally liked and I can't blame them for sticking to their safety measures.
    I started walking down 8th avenue to head back to work and recalled this thread. I found the place, went around the corner and got trojans, and knocked on the door.
    They are very careful but I got passed the front desk, and met with Carol. It was a great experience. 1/2 $ for entry and $ for my appreciation for her massage abilities. She was very accommodating and knows how to please.
    I can go into details but the earlier post on Carol hit it on the head. In short I spent an hour getting her off twice with DATY and mish, which she really seemed to enjoy.
    She returned the favor (twice), not easy for a guy my age (over 25 ;) )
    Thanks to all who posted here and led me to this place.
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    You're right, the entrance fee for one hour is 50, and the extras go anywhere from 50 to 70. I wouldn't give more than that. The one girl who is decent but money hungry is Amy (Nancy) and she will do you quick and get you out the door in a flash. Tell her Lulu sent you....
  5. its_mousey


    Open: 11 a.m. (Not sure as to closing, 10-11 pm? But definitely not 24 hrs.)

    Location: 2nd floor/walk-up located at 26th St., between 7th and 8th - near a parking lot.

    As stated before, looks like it's a new crew (where's Lulu now?) and YMMV applies. I think I misstated the entrance/massage fee, which is 50 NOT 60.

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    I don't think it opens up that early. Just like the original post says it is on the corner of 26th and 8th ave. It is right next to a parking lot. You can't miss it. It advertises as a massage or accupressure please. Pretty big sign in front of the store.
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    Great Review

    Thank for the review. I'll have to check this place out. Do they advertise anywhere???

  8. henry d

    henry d

    I travel a lot through Penn Station

    and leave early in the morning. Anyone know what time this place opens up? Is it 24 hours? Sorry jbr if this should be posted in the iso...
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    I was at this place on saturday. 40 dollars for 30 minutes. The meter was running so I couldn't take the 1 hour for 50 dollars. I this girl before but I don't remember her name. She doesn't look that great but I just like having sex.

    Just to describe her she has a mole on her face and a c-section on her tummy. Gave a mean bbbj. I kind of regret it because I don't trust her I the little guy was talking. Blow the geuser and left in 30 minutes.

    damage with 40 to enter and 70 tip.

    At first I gave her 60 tip thinking I'm over tipping. She looked at the tip and said 100 dollars. That's when I gave her an extra 10 dollars.

    I've been here a few time hoping to see the old staff. I guess that are not coming back.
  10. bluepatroon


    lulu is gone from 27 th now.
  11. suddanlyknot


    glad you didnt take my comment the wrong way.. it was just my general impression that the price was a bit lower here..
    I occassionally read your posts on jersey city.. my old haunt for decades.. I used to go to JC.. but my favorite place was the exchange in union city.. I used to meet a pair of PR sisters that were incredible.. I actually took them down the shore with me occassionally..
    be safe
  12. its_mousey


    Is it a bit much for this particular MILF?

    I guess it's relative.

    I've fucked young drop-dead gorgeous K-gals who were so inexperienced or had that annoying I'm-all-that attitude that I'm better off fucking a ham sandwich.

    As for Lulu, she's crazy (y'know what I mean). I've been w/her many times for the same price, but like I said, I don't regret my experience w/Carol because she was very skilled and I thoroughly enjoyed my 1 1/2 hr. w/her. Also her being a MILF just added to the overall experience.

    Whatever floats yer' boat I suppose.

  13. suddanlyknot


    so.. the math is 60 + 100 +30.. correct.. not sorry you didnt go to lulu a cpl of blocks over..?.. there are so many places.. Iv been meaning to hit this and its sister.. but if my math is right $190.. then thats a bit much for a milf.. no..?
  14. its_mousey


    Carol: Perfect for Sticking Your Penis Into

    This was almost a month ago (I know, I'm running behind my reviews) on a Sat. around 11a.m.

    I suddenly had the hankering for a massage and to stick my penis into some whore mouth and snatch. Decided to take a trip to 26th and 8th for the all reliable Lulu. By the time I realized that she moved to the other joint on 7th, I had already rung the buzzer. "Carol" answered the door. She's not bad -plain looking, avg. figure, at least in her 30's - definite MILF. Fine by me.

    I was surprised to find that except for the one assigned to me, all of the rooms were already occupied so early in the morning. I guess I wasn't the only one who had the novel idea of sticking his peepee into whore mouths and snatches on that particular time of day.

    I assume most of you guys know (or at least have read about) the setup of this joint and therefore will go straight to the action.


    Despite of the lack of a table shower, the massage was good. The fact that I drifted in and out of sleep is a good indication. Warning however - they use lotion (sweet scent) during the massage! Although they use a warm moist towel to wipe it off, make sure ALL of it is thoroughly removed so as not to tip off your significant other.


    After the massage, w/o any furtive touchings, she asked: "Ok, what you want, don't worry, you tell me." Such directness would've given me pause, but since she was aware I've been there before, I was excited to get it started. After asking for oral, she wanted to know how much I paid Lulu. Told her 80. She draws the plastic accordion-like curtains over the doorway, and without even dimming the lights, proceeded to suck me.

    GODDAMN. That's why I like MILFS, w/age comes experience and she's one experienced oralist! I'd have to rank her 2nd to the bjs I've gotten from certain JC SWs (see my Ol' JC Medical Center postings). She deftly flicked her tongue up and down the shaft and gave ample moist tongue play on them balls. She went up and down the shaft slowly at 1st, then picked up speed. I had her bent over my crotch, holding her head and pounding my shaft into her mouth. Somehow, it was as if her mouth was a fitted velvet glove that I could pound into (and actually feel my tip hit some kinda wall - tonsil? tongue?). I knew if I kept this up I'm gonna cream. I quickly realized that sticking peepee into mouth is just half of the battle and that I must wage the rest of the battle - peepee into snatch!

    This is How You Respect Your Elders

    I told her I wanted fuckee fuckee. Again she wanted to know how much I paid Lulu. I said 100 and she left the room to retrieve the rubber. Although I've had bbfstc here before, and knew I could at least get bbfs from Carol, I decided not to roll the dice and stick w/the cover.

    She quickly undressed, and revealed a decent body for her age. A bit of a tummy, high A cup w/a hint of sag but she did have an ample butt. She mounted me. Her moans and the enthusiastically hard and slippery pounding she's giving me tells me she's really into this. However, I've never been a fan of cowgirl so I had her lie down at the very edge of the table for mish. Her C-section was somewhat of a disturbing distraction (seems like all the girls here had them). But once I entered, I've re-focused to fucking the shit out of this middle-aged chinese woman. She was soon DFKing me and holding me very tight to the point her nails dug into my back. The very idea that I've managed to make this woman, who's been fucked hundreds of times in her life, moan loudly and go crazy like that only made me redouble my efforts. With her head bobbing up and down at the edge and her face contorting, I soon exploded.

    However, she held on to me and I kept at it for awhile until I eventually went flaccid inside of her. We kissed some more and she dressed up and went to wipe me down w/another warm towel. We chatted a bit and she even chided me just like mom for not being warmly dressed which gave me a tinge of guilt and pride knowing that I just fucked the crap out of her just a few minutes ago.

    I gave her the fee plus 30 tip, which she seemed happy. On my way out, I spotted another MILF - a little bit older than Carol, but w/colored/hi-lighted hair - sitting on the couch. Based on the I-heard-how-hard-you-were-fucking-her look she's giving me, I knew she's a total slut. I'm gonna have to stick my peepee into her next time.

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  15. thegrumble1


    Visited there recently. Had Nancy and was one of the worst visits I've ever had. She haggled for money and payment in advance (which I did not give). Got a BBBJ which was good for about 2 minutes, then turned into a lightning fast HJ. I kept stopping her from using her hands, and she started giving me attitude and complaining. I kept pushing her head back down and she complained some more and then got me twice with teeth. It was hard enough staying up with that flabby gut and ugly mug.
  16. beeker


    is this within a vestibule/are there other apts beyond this gate?
    Ive looked -and havent seen any reference to gongs-
    just bongs in front of the theater company.
    Which side of the street is it on?
  17. Lascivious


    I always went to the sister place because it's alot cleaner. I was always amazed why was it so. Outside of Coco, I've always found the girls here to be more attractive but I always veer to the other joint because of its physical condition. Funny thing is..If I knew this wasn't a sisiter joint and it was in a different location, I would have gone here more often. The last time I was here was about a yr and half ago and I had Helen who I think is long gone.
  18. justbill_redux

    justbill_redux King Missile

    We all know the Qi Gong Tui-Na place on the south side of 26th off 8th, the one with the gate, the sister location to the departed 24th & 7th. So I make a stop there this week, Nancy and Amy are available, Lulu is busy in the back no doubt giving BBFS to someone, I choose Nancy because Amy is the “You finished” automaton. As described by someone in another thread, she’s in her late 30s early 40s, about 5’6” 135 pounds easy, she does have a gut, brownish hair that was up, round face that’s on the plain side, 34C-32-36, not a slim woman, some would call her thick. There’s two very distinguishing marks about her, her left nipple is more or less missing, looks like someone cut it, visible scars on the breast and she has 2 butterfly tats on her right back over her ass. Good thing…. the right nipple is large and responsive. Engrish is passable, but I don’t go there for the conversion.

    I pay the door fee $50.00 for the hour get undressed and tell her to go wash her pussy, she does and comes back and starts the massage. Halfway decent massage, but 15 minutes into it I tell her I need some water and get up to take a swig of Poland Spring. I don’t lay back down and she takes the hint and puts the pillow up, I lay back and ask her to remove her clothes, she does. Right off she starts a HJ sans oil but she knows that’s I wanted more and after a few starts a nice BBBJ, very good technique and I highly recommend her for this talent. No mention of tip at all at this point and I lay back and enjoy the blowjob. But as usual even a great blow by itself in most cases wont make me cum and I ask for 69, she hops on and her pussy was clean, not too hairy, I put my tongue to work. Shes blowing me I’m licking her it seemed like a contest to see who would cum first, she won, after 15 minutes she explodes and muffles her sighs with my cock in her mouth, that almost made me blow, almost.

    So she hops off and asks if I have a condom, I didn’t and she goes back to a combo HJ/BBBJ trying her best to get me off, but it aint happening. At 1 point she tries some Russian which I found hilarious and start laughing, she doesn’t stop. I apologize to her for the laugh and for taking so long, at this point its been a good 30 minutes of her sucking and rubbing and I have 15 minutes to go, but she tells me “no worry” and stuffs my dick back in her mouth for some slow deep throat and ball/taint licking, nice but it isn’t going to work so I request some more 69, she obliges and this time I win, blow a good load in her mouth, she spits and continues to ride my face until she had a orgasm that had her gasping and left her wobbly legged when she got off me. Fun time in spite of the belly and nipple and a woman who I thought looked to please.

    BTW on a previous visit I did have a condom and fucked her, nice and limber and tight and can come from fucking also. Only went for cowgirl and mish that day.

    The drawbacks, somewhat flabby, plain face with a bad left nipple but on the other hand looks to please, sucks a mean dick and fucks fairly well. I would repeat. 1 major complaint, the physical plant of this location leaves a lot to be desired, AC is poor, place is dirty. So the door was $50.00 I gave her a $80.00 tip for the BBBJ/69/HJ/Russian for a total of 130.00. The time I had CFS I left a 110.00 tip for a total of 160.00. As always bring your own condom, YMMV and standard caveats and disclaimers apply