Rev: Natalie of Nicole Rio's

Discussion in 'New York' started by sharked, Aug 11, 2001.

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  1. sharked


    Visited Nicole Rio's. Pretty simple verification. As I was warned, the sessions are on Massage tables, but they weren't the rubber tables with holes in em like I expected. Basically, it was a skinny bed. Got offered a drink when I got in and the line up was given. Choice of 3 ladies. I went with Natalie, a colombian girl. A really nice rack and ass. Probably in her late 20's or so. I was given a massage to begin with, which was pretty good. Unfortunatly, I wasn't given a bbbj like many of the Rio girls have been reviewed for. But it was still pretty good covered. A couple of positions and finished mission. I asked for another cup but she only offered me a HJ. Well, I took it, and that too wasn't that bad. Maybe next time, I'll get 2 FS cups. Natalie's only been there for a couple of weeks. I did enjoy the session and will be back. As for whether I'll go with her is another story.

    Sorry about the cross post with here and the dog.