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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by MJC185, Jul 3, 2001.

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    I thought I was grasshopper.

    It was a soft fall from the wagon. I landed on some grass.
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    Welcome Back Little Sheba...
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    OK, I called the place NYCBoy brought to our attention and spoke to the owner (whose name I cannot remember). Very nice Hispanic woman with a voice that made me want to bang her. She told me they had a white girl and a black girl, very pretty. She also gave me rates (which can be found in the other SI & Brooklyn thread).

    So I set an appt. for 5:30 since I'd be leaving work early. When I arrived I was greeted at the door by Millie, an extremely attractive black girl. I was pleasantly surprised that the woman on the phone had told it true. She was the only one there, so I did not have any type of choice, which usually would make me sour. I must say I didn't mind one bit.

    Here's the thing about this place. The girls probably have no idea what a therapeutic massage is. I think they wholly expect clients looking for FS. It seems that they have girls who are new to the biz, so GFE experiences are not likely at first. What I can say is that the place is nice and clean, with several rooms. It's in a decent neighborhood with plenty of parking around the corner. I felt very comfortable in there. Their rates are also hard to beat, which I would guess is generally right in line with the quality of the service. Typically, they have between 3 and 5 girls and are open 24/7. There are rooms with beds and at least one room with a massage table. I recommend bed.

    Millie (her real name is really nice but again I can't remember squat) is really sexy, with only a cute face, but a VERY nice lithe body. If you like tall, thin and curvy you'll like her. She has perfect B titties and nice dark nipples. I likes me some dark nipples.

    Millie is a shy cutie who admitted she sucked at massage, but when she did give me a rub down I was pleasantly surprised. After about 15 minutes of nice rubbing and chatting we got down to business. She was open to everything but greek. So I pretty much got the basic half and half.

    I really liked her a lot. She was candid and sweet. She was honest and upfront and it was clear there would be no kissing, and not likely any DATY. She was 100% safe, even saying she wasn't into licking anyone's balls. I do think that if I were to see her a few more times things would improve and become warmer. I will definitely be testing my own hypothesis.

    Not sure how many of you are from Staten Island, but I will say that if you are in southern manhattan or western Brooklyn, this place might be worth checking out. Prices are right, even if you must cross the bridge or hop on the ferry. I can only hope that as they get into a groove the service there will become better and better. I know it's a goldmine if they do because places on S.I. are very hard to find in my experience.

    OK, this was long....sorry.