Rev of Alex of Julies!

Discussion in 'New York' started by bige, Jul 23, 2001.

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  1. dlb737


    I'll probably get flamed for this, but can NJ get some consideration also?

    We'd keep you pretty busy here too!

    Just a suggestion.
  2. ScottieDS


    Rogue - Great suggestion!!!

    Julie - Please come to the Island.

  3. JohnJ

    JohnJ Repentant Sinner

    Nassau Cnty..!!!


    Mineola is by far one of the best stations though I don't think there are any hotels close by other than Uniondale Marriott or Garden City Hotel....

    There are motels a few miles away also....

    Hicksville is another good choice except you get farther away from the hotels...

    I say we make a weekend out of this... One day at Belmont Race Track... then an evening of festivities.... next day to the Beach.... then another evening of festivities.....

    I'll be keeping my eye on this thread...!!!

    John J
  4. mcheck57



    Please come to LI. You will be busy. Ihope to see you all here, but if not, next chance I am coming to Manhatan
  5. TuckernotSucker



    Anyplace in Nassau County is fine. If you place the location near the main line of the LIRR like Mineola so the girls can get from manhattan to Mineola in 20 minutes. And you can count on me as a regular.
  6. Julienyc


    Re: speaking of Julie's

    I have been thinking of bringing Julies to Long Island since it is my main stomping ground. How is something off the LIR? What is the best area for regular LI comutes?
  7. rogue


    speaking of Julie's

    Will there ever be a possiblity of sending a caravan of ladies out to Long Island for a day or two????
    THEY WOULD DEFINITELY BE BUSY-seeing as how we have lost all our real talent to date!!

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  8. bige


    Well, despite the reputation of not being a GFE, I was persuaded to see Alex. I have read so many things about her just being a pro and not really a GFE. Personally, I'm in the hobby for the PSE. As long as the lady is not rude and doesn't rush me I can do fine without the GFE. But that being said, the ultimate experience in my opinion is a provider that incorporates the PSE + GFE. It's a rare trait, but I have been fortunate to find a few.

    But I degress. I called Bev and asked for someone that spoke Greek, bbbj and if possible (bbbjtc) although she couldn't guarantee the latter she said that for the first two requirements Bridgette or Alex would be perfect.
    I was totally shocked to find out that Bridgette spoke Greek. It must have something that she picked up recently, but it was music to my ears because in the past Bridgette epitomized the PSE+ GFE experience but was only missing the talent of speaking GREEK. So at first I was going to see Bridgette because I had missed her so much since she left Julies. But Bev suggested that I was probably better off with Alex because she was more fluent in Greek. So I went with her judgment.

    I was not disappointed! Thanks Bev! You're the greatest!

    Alex is a fairly attractive and sexy lady. She's about an 8. I like tall voluptuous woman so she fit my taste. Those of you into very thin or petite women will definitely not appreciate her beauty.

    The session was very accommodating to say the least. (bbbjtc, and Greek) placed her a step above the rest in my book. She allowed me to take control of the situation and tried various positions which she was more than willing to do. She had a bit of a cold so it would get in the way here and there but nothing horrible. I give her a lot of credit for her bbbj eventually "tc", the lady is persistent and would not give up or get tired. It was amazing!

    Afterwards we had a nice conversation, which seemed to crack her hard exterior. If it wasn't for the fact that I was spent from all the other vigorous activities, I would've tried for another run.

    I really enjoyed my time with her. The nice conversation afterwards topped the evening for me, otherwise I would've probably labeled the session cold but still very memorable. But I think I have a better understanding of her now after seeing her. She just gets down to business and doesn't really bother with the fluff which I guess can be bad for hobbyist looking for someone to talk to or make you feel comfortable before a session.
    But guys, if you bother to make the attempt to crack her hard shell, she is very nice. Just let her move on her terms.

    My evening with Alex was a 9 in terms of purely the activities I went in there for. But I would give her a 7 for the GFE portion which I think is good considering she has been ripped for this side of the hobby. The conclusion is I would definitely see her again and probably will if she's still around. (But I definitely have to see Angel and Bridgette first.)

    Take care.

    Big e

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