Discussion in 'New York' started by jaydee, Oct 24, 2001.

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  1. jaydee





  2. jbatch2000


    That is exactly what I said last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let things cool off for her and give her a chance to get things back in order again.
  3. paladin



    I had lunch with B2S yesterday and heard the taped message that was sent to her parents (a female voice, that's all I can say).

    The lady told me that what she wants at this point in time is to become "invisible". Continued posting - no matter what the good intent - serves only to keep her name, etc at the top of the utopia listings.

    If we are really the gentlemen we say we are, I believe we should honor the lady's wishes and STOP further posts mentioning her in any way. Better yet, maybe the posts should simply be deleted by the moderator. I know they may stir interest in the boards; but their continued presence is doing damage to a very nice person.
  4. JoeyP


    One point

    During the first go around, there were numerous flames on the message boards alluding to B2S having STD's and not practicing safe sex.

    It was shortly thereafter that she was outed to her parents.

    It seemed awefullty coincidental that they both happened around the same time.

    I always thought it was her popularity and great reviews that caused her demise and it s**ks.

    For those who seem to be more in the know please excuse my assumptions as I am not as directly in the loop.
  5. sigma089



    You wrote: "As for the first time, it was NOT a competitor and it was NOT a hobbyist, if that soothes anybody's mind. As for this latest time, I have no clue what has happened in the last couple of days."

    This is both a little bit reassuring but also very confusing. Who, besides another provider or a hobbyist fan of another provider, would care enough if a lady became popular to want to out her in the dispicable fashion described? Unless it was the financial backer of another provider, or the financial beneficiary of another provider...? (Am I getting warm?)
  6. BIGd


    if it were a snake it would bite all of you

    B2S's web address is (was)
    what am i missing here?
  7. Sorry

    All I've got left is a bottle of 10-year Glenmorangie, and I'm working my way through it right quick. But pool? Of course we have pool. Darts and Pool all 'round!

    Ah, utopia.
  8. jras


    hey occasionalhobbyist,

    since you're buying, make mine a Macallan (18 year old). Is there a pool table anywhere near that dart board?

    I just re-read this thread in its entirety. Truly amazing; you couldn't make this stuff up. Long live this utopian community!!

  9. nj george

    nj george

    thank you tucker

    coming from a gentleman like you i take your comments as the highest form of flattery.
  10. littleguy

    littleguy Gold


    As for the first time, it was NOT a competitor and it was NOT a hobbyist, if that soothes anybody's mind.

    As for this latest time, I have no clue what has happened in the last couple of days.
  11. TuckernotSucker



    I have seen your writing for a few years on alot of boards and I respect you and agree with you most of the time.
    You have always defended and agreed with what was the right thing to do in a situation. This situation is no different. A grievous violation of human rights, mistrust and down and outright dergradation of common decency was perpetrated here.
    There are a few here on UG that are malicious. For whatever their reason, the fact is that they are malicious. I dont know who they are for sure. I simply will drop under the radar myself if these acts continue. I am tired of fighting battles against terrorism.
    By the way I used to post on tbd (I dont post there anymore), and Val's board as jaketherake.
    This is common knowledge to the guys that have been around for awile and is not to be misconstrured (sp) with anybody that switches handles for convenience.

    I want to thank SB for the tolerence he has shown on this thread.

    I want to thank Ozzy for his frankness and suggest to him that he should not hold back.LOL
  12. TuckernotSucker



    One can only guess at who the person is that spilled the beans. It might be more than one. It might be one person or many posting on different computers. I dont know and quite frankly it does not matter. It is however, a very malicious person or persons, man or woman, that would do such a thing. So from now on, this poster will be reading and responding to posts very very carefully.
  13. nj george

    nj george

    nytoad...on the contrary, with all due respect, i see the point more than you think i do. i saw it right away. it's just that there is a much bigger picture to see here that no one seems to have picked up on. people are blinded as to what the real issue is. but in the interest of peace and quiet i will shut up and move on.

    my apologies to slinky for my outburst of last night.

    [Edited by nj george on 10-27-2001 at 02:21 PM]
  14. sigma089


    thank you, justme

    I had thought I was going to stay out of this thread, as I had been hopelessly confused. I've never visited with the lady in question, and I guess I'm naive enough to be genuinely shocked at what happened to her. Your explanation ("glossary for the confused" posted last night at 11pm) finally helped me understand not only her deal, but also Ozzy's.

    Just one mystery remains unaddressed by your little history: which asshole or assholes participated in outing the lady in question? Is this known? Are these people banned from UG? Are they banned from TBD? Are any of them providers? Shouldn't people know this so we can avoid them? Shouldn't the board moderators know? Or are these just more naive questions from a very naive guy who just wishes we could all get along and have fun hobbying?
  15. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Re: Thanks Occassional------

    I second that I think- LOL!! No your right TNS
  16. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    My hope is that people will read all of this thread, and not get disgusted half way through. Thank all of you who have added a "voice of reason" to this over the last 17 or so hours.
  17. TuckernotSucker


    Thanks Occassional------

    You were elequent in you manner and writing. You echoed my thoughts.
  18. surfdude


    Justme's "Glossary for the confused" clarifies alot of things for me.

    It appears I only know a small part of the story with B2S. I think i walked into a minefield.

    My apologies to B2S for any trouble i caused. I will assume a meeting is out of the question.

    I think i will be getting a life soon, and will not post on here for a while.

    And for all of you heavy metal fans: I may change my screen name to "Bat", since Ozzy bit my head off.
  19. Fine

    SB/OZ: apologies for posting misinformation. What was I thinking? It's the first friggin' "Commandment"!!!

    I plead guilty to participation in the "plot", much as outlined by justme. Motivation: a lady with whom I have had only positive relations with -- on a single occasion, I might add -- asked me to do it as a favor. Maybe to save a little pain. Was it a bad idea? Probably. Was it destined to fail? Probably. Not for me to judge, though. So I went along. I'd offer as my defense that while I violated the letter of the law, the intent was quite different from posting a fake review of someone with whom I have some financial arrangement or some other devious BS, which I see as the intent.

    I'd like to offer a bit of perspective on what's going on here. This board is very much like a neighborhood pub. A good one, I might add.

    Some of us like to pop in from time to time. Chill out at the bar, have a few drinks, share a little banter and go on our way.

    Some are regulars, here every night, staying until the last round, dissecting every single development in the community's life and commenting upon it, sometimes loudly.

    Some are management, with the difficult task of trying to determine how to let everyone interact and have a good time while keeping things from getting out of control.

    Sometimes the calm here is disturbed by someone who comes in quite drunk, speaks very loudly and draws everyone's attention. Behaves belligerently. Most everyone ignores them, but they may have to be hauled out by management at some point if they cross the line. (IE, that wacky Islander's thread.)

    What bugs me is this (if you're still following this overextended analogy): it seems like there are a few people who have taken to sitting in the back and figuring out how to burn the place down. And it seems like some of the bouncers and/or regulars feel like the only way to deal with this is to pounce on everyone who steps out of line. Pounce, pounce, pounce. Shut up. You suck. Just sit there and drink your beer.

    This is not the way to foster a good atmosphere. OK, so B2S got busted, a few of us posted misinformation to help her out, and the regulars think this is a violation of the highest order of the code of community conduct.

    Let's put it in perspective, though. This is sort of like telling the cops she wasn't under the bar when in fact she was. We directed the bobbies down the street. At this point it's very clear that some of us went out, called the cops back and turned her over, and got on the PA to make an announcement so that we all knew what was going on. Fine. Big deal. Whatever. My sympathies to her, but what's done is done.

    The thing I'm worried about is that at some point very soon, if things continue going the way they have not just in this thread but a great many others, this joint will not be drawing a crowd. People will leave. And they won't come back.

    OZ: you think I ought to be banned for 15 days. If that happens, great. If not, I'll keep hangin' out. But in the calmest, friendliest voice I can muster, I'd like to say chill out. You can't make everyone behave the way you'd like them to, and you'll drive yourself nuts trying. And at the same time, you'll drive us mad.

    SB: you've been a calm and rational voice of moderation and reason; good luck keepin' this joint runnin' smooth. Wouldn't want your job.

    For the rest of you, I'd strongly advise you to spend your time on this board writing about who's sexy, where you'd like to have public sex, what you'd genuinely do if you got busted by your wife, and what your latest little whorehouse discoveries may be--whether it's a new joint or a new girl at Julie's or a favorite whore you just can't seem to get out of your head. Tell each other about it and have a good time. It is what has made this an exceptional place for such a long while.

    As for B2S, I hope things turn out okay for you. You were a nice gal and in my view everyone deserves to do what they want in life and figure out their own path in life -- even the drunks! -- as long as they're not hurting anyone else.

    For myself, I'm going back to my single malt Scotch, my beer and my darts and hoping that everyone calms the heck down so I can resume scoping out the place for some little hotties. May I buy anyone a round?
  20. littleguy

    littleguy Gold




    You think wrong. NOT everybody likes SB. (grin)

    Thanks though. At least I understand it a little better now.

    And, although I don't believe it was any of her competitiors the first time, it MAY have been this time.

    [Edited by littleguy on 10-27-2001 at 12:28 PM]
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