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Discussion in 'New York' started by HardonHard, Aug 27, 2001.

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  1. hobbyist72


    Halley: Take the triple and raise it 1 more

    I must say everyone was right on with what's been posted. I enjoyed my 1 hr session with Halley. Unlike other providers that I've seen she takes her time and takes care of you from head to toe. Excellent time spent in the middle. As always YMMV
  2. zoulou


    I triple that!

    After reading a zillion and one review about Julies I decided I no longer wanted to be the only one on this board not to know the place. Until last night I always preferred indies to houses. (As it happened I had already been there in the past only not knowing it was the famous Julies). Six girls were there which I knew of from other reviews. I picked the youngest looking of the bunch - Halley, she has an equisite face, and I soon found out a wonderful attitude and great skills

    Halley is French with mixed Asian-African features a wonderful exotic coktail. While I anticipated a standard house experience I got instead a gorgeous girl who was really into it. She has very sexy full lips and she started by giving me a great body massage and licked me all over starting with my toes, came up my legs, licked under balls and transitioned it into the most awesome rim job I remenber. Next that lead to DATY and she was very into it - coming several times, kissed all over the place and responded with an awesome French lesson. After more exisite foreplay she wanted me inside of her. She dressed me up with her mouth and by then I was so excited I simply fuck her brains out as hard as I could. She was pulling me inside her deeper and deeper until I exploded. Great session I'll definitely will be back often. Halley is a keeper.
  3. misterxyz


    Had session with Halley last week. DFK, DATY, lovely girl. Kissed and licked me all over Said that she was my girlfriend for the next hour. The only negative was a CBJ because I much prefer BBBJ. However, it was a very enjoyable experience over all.
  4. Julienyc


    Halley ,

    I have not met such a sweet girl in this business for some time. She is really a doll ,young ,sweet and very pretty. She has not been spoiled by the business but blessed with it instead. She has a way about her that relaxes you and makes you feel that you are a boyfriend and not a client. I only hope to keep her around for a long time. She is a talented provider and I would recommend her to almost anyone who wants a GFE.
  5. paladin


    I second that review

    I met with Halley this afternoon and the experience was indeed as HoH described. What a nice body - beautiful skin, soft to the touch and firm in just the right places. I might also add that in addition to DFK she enjoys DATY too. Multiple O's were definitely on the menu. Again, it was nice to cuddle and relax after the main event. A very pleasurable hour.

    Julie, this one's a keeper!
  6. neversoft


    LOL! All I can say is, Welcome, Cuz!
  7. Hotpuppy

    Hotpuppy Mr.Butterworth

    Welcome HOH,
    You arent related to one of our other brothers "neversoft" are you? :)
    take care HP
  8. HardonHard


    Well as a long time lurker. I have decided to post a review of my first visit to Julies and the incredible time I had with Halley.

    First I saw the website and pics of her. They don't do her justice. While she is younger than i usually go for she has wisdom and services that are right up there with the best. She is and will be a true star rising.

    She has an beautiful tan complexion. 19y/o old. 34c breast nice round ass.

    Halley started the session off with a few pecks on the lips. I guess she was trying to see if I like kissing. As soon a I respond positive we where DFK. She the proceeded to use her tongue to lick all parts of my body. She stopped by Mr. Happy. She concentrated here for awhile. She then pulled up a condomn and tried to put it on. Unfortunately she had to get a bigger one. After she got the bigger one she went back to giving Mr.Happy mouth to mouth. My first impression was that she would not bbbj but I guess the look in my eye made her reconsider. Then she put the hat on mr. Happy and climbed on. She road me for about 10 minutes. As she did she became increasingly wet. I asked her to turn over and i started doggie until I shot my load. Lord what an ass she has. Now I have about ten minutes left. She takes the hat off and ask me to lay down in and gave me a decent massage. After the massage she wanted to cuddle and kiss.

    With the knock on the door my time was up. She told me she enjoyed and told me to indeeded cum back to see her. Halley is a can't miss.


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