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Discussion in 'New York' started by Wally, Aug 25, 2001.

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  1. Tried Giselle...

    and had an OK time. It could've been my mood that day, which was a bit rushed, but I found the value delivered for $$$$ to be a bit less than I would've liked. Then again, I'm a cheap bastard, so that may explain it.

    And as a fellow Orange alum, I have to say that it's heartbreaking to see both the empty seats and the final score. Why does it always seem like the Orange come within a hair of winning, just to eventually let down?
  2. neversoft


    Actually, as I think about it. I saw her the same day as the first UG G2G in May for $$$ (Same rate for any of Team Brasilia at that time.) Between my travels, their travels, and other obligations and opportunities, I haven't been back since then, but that doesn't mean that I won't because of the price increase. As far as I'm concerned, any (?) bad press must be a case of YMMV.

    BTW, sitting here watching my 'Cuse struggle through the Kickoff Classic. What's with all of the empty seats in the Meadowlands? If I had half a clue that so many seats were available, I'd be there! What a better way to start my week long vacation...
  3. littleguy

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    They raised their rates awhile ago, no ? So it's probably been some time since you saw her.

    Possible the service has diminished while the rate's increased ?

    It's not like we haven't seen that before. Perhaps Wally caught her in a great mood ?
  4. neversoft


    Wally describes the same session that I had with her. I posted a lengthy review on TBD/NYC in late May or early June. And yes, two cups are welcomed. Well worth a visit, IMHO (I also saw her before they raised their rates.) Only downside is their lack of English which varies by girl.
  5. littleguy

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    Sounds great, but it doesn't sound like the Luana that others have reviewed.

    Do you suspect a great deal of YMMV ? Could you two have "hit it off" especially well ?
  6. Ozzy


    luana, giselle and adriana live in the east 50's.
  7. hazmat


    Luana / Adriana

    Thanks for the great review ! I am hoping to repeat the process with Adriana on Monday. Spoke with her on Friday..she sounds like a real sweetheart.

    What part of town is their incall location ?
  8. Wally


    Having read much about these Brazilian girls here on UG and on TBD, and after seeing Gabriela in June and tapping into a gold mine with her, I decided to take the plunge again with Luana.

    Nice small package with an ass to die for and nice perky breasts. She's your typical waifish model type, which i really like. Luana told me on the phone when i called to confirm about thirty minutes earlier that her roommates were over and asked if I minded having a few drinks with all of them first. "Hell no" I said, I don't mind at all. After two drinks I followed her into her bedroom and things progressed from there. Started with some mutual groping and oral (bbbj & daty) and some light kissing. After a bit more groping and oral on her she got loosened up enough and let me French kiss her a little more deeply which really got her engines humming. Finished after several positions and went back to the living room for another drink. Possibly could have had a second round if I had requested but an inspired first was enough for me.

    All in all a great GFE and a very passionate and fun young lady. She's not quite as good as Gabriela but that’s no knock on her because very few are in Gabriela's class. Both are worth every penny and I have added Luana to my favorites list right behind Gabriela, now I can look forward to Giselle and or Adriana next.

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