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Discussion in 'New York' started by generousguy, Dec 3, 2001.

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  1. generousguy



    I think they only have one Marilyn so it was probably the same one.

    I would reccomend Sara a regular there and quite a nice surprise in both looks and performance.

    I may go back soon.

    Anyone have a scouting report on Michelle, or Sylvia ?
  2. jjbond



    i saw marilyn at julies and not sure if it was the same one i saw, the marilyn i saw gave me a great session, very hot 2 pops no problem or issue as well as real hot non stop sex and i did not think that she was in her 40s . i also saw tiffany who i would not recommed but i did enjoy destiny. ymmv
  3. jgd


    Thanks for the review and good info. Hope your back feels better soon.
  4. TuckernotSucker


    Nice Job

    Nice to see an honest review. From past experience and from what I read here, try Julie's again there are plenty of girls that give great enthusiastic service.
  5. generousguy


    saw marilyn at julies;

    I love the place and bev and julie's warmth, security and cleanliness....

    Marilyn is older 40's i think (being kind) many scars (childhood) flabby and mediocre (worn) in looks. She is tall and hispanic. she was not very into it untill I worked hard and was determined to excite her into salvaging my session.. I spent a lot of foreplay on her to get her interetested (and I thought I was the client!) and it worked and woke her up for a avg. session. Second helping was reluctantly provided. I would not repeat with her. This would have been an episodes session had I not worked very hard to salvage it. YMMV

    p.s she gave me a massage that as I was laying on my stomach I felt such incredible sharp pain in my back that I was sure she stuck a knife in me and that it had finally happened...the warnings of this hobby have caught up with me and a crazy has knifed me ...I turned my head sure to see blood spurting out of my back only to see her with both elbows stuck in my back with her 200+ lbs leaning in on them. Her massage is to be skipped unless you are a masochist or have a wheel chair waiting.

    I will return but probably do research and make my selection right there instead of booking in advance. I also feel that Julie is trying hard to please.
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