Rev of Skye of Cutelittlep****cats (A Greek Provider that doesn't discriminate!)YES!

Discussion in 'New York' started by bige, Jul 8, 2001.

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  1. Ozzy


    i've said plenty here about marina. she's a bit older (mid 30's) but has that much more experience. at 200/hr and with a body that most 20yr olds would envy...she's tough to beat.

    did i say she's brazilian....i think that speaks for itself.

    everything mentioned about her above is right on the money.
  2. bige


    Thanks ozzy I appreciate the feeback.
    I'll search nyexotics.

    Have you had any experience with any of these ladies?
    Specs, description, etc. would be appreciated.

    Thanks again.
  3. Ozzy


    marina's phone # is 917-447-3908

    she doesn't have a website but is found occasionaly on ny exotics. i haven't looked there in a while so she may or may not have an ad up.

    i think fiorella also has an ad there.
  4. bige


    I tried to do a search on the board but for the second time in several days, the search results aren't relevant.

    Do you have a link for Marina & Fiorella?

    I would appreciate the info.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Big e
  5. robnotbob


    Both Marina & Fiorella (Fiorella more so) fill that bill (Fiorella is "thicker") Phone numbers can be found on another thread. 200 incall, I believe Greek for 100 more.
  6. bige


    Despite some things I heard about Cutelittlep****cats,
    I decided to give them a call because I was looking for
    a pretty Greek provider that wasn't charging an extra $$$
    to do so and didn't discriminate or make presumptions about
    people of color.

    I found skye who later I found out was trinity from Skye/Trinity was so enthusiastic and friendly. She has small physique but was still very curvy. She's not as voluptuous as she was as Trinity in Impulse but nevertheless very beautiful. Obviously you can see I have a thing for voluptuous women.

    Her bj was hindered, but it didn't feel that way. Although I gather she may venture into bbbj if asked. The Greek session was great and she didn't discriminate against color or size unlike some providers on this board. We went through the Greek session very slowly and gently at first but once she got comfortable, it was hard and vigorous. She seemed to like Greek more than the alternative. DATY was allowed and encouraged!

    Her enthusiasm can be a problem if you can imagine that. Sometimes you would have to ask or guide her into the next deeds or she'll stay doing a bj forever. How annoying! lol (Yeah right)

    My complaint for this session was more about the agency. To their credit they were very patient with my annoying questions and requirements. So I commend them for that because I don't use any agency unless they are willing to answer my questions. This way I know what I'm getting and what to expect. But later i found there seemed to be a problem with a definition of
    an hour. If they can get that right, then I'll use them again.

    The one thing I like about Impulse-Escorts or Julies or even wings for that matter is that an hour is truly an hour. Not a minute less.
    However Julies tops them all in that respect because of several cups of tea are offered within that hour. But then again incall agencies are different from outcall. Another problem was that they were an hour late, which I come to expect with outcalls. But it's still annoying.

    My suggestion, which I'll be following, is to speak to the person on the phone when the girl calls in and go through what an hour means. So if the girl calls in at 3:00 ask the person on the phone, "I guess I'll be expecting you to call her at 4? Right?" This way there is no confusion about the hour. I would even reiterate what time the girl just called in so that we're all on the same time. I'll definitely be sure to do that if I use Cutelittlep**** again. Another thing I realized that killed a lot of the time was the chit chatting we were doing at the beginning, which of course is necessary to get the girl comfortable. But considering how this agency counts an hour, it may be to your advantage if you were politely forward about starting the session because you don't have much time.

    I hope this has helped. I haven't found a great looking inexpensive Greek provider since Daisy from wings of desire. I'm happy I found Skye/Trinity.

    Now if only I can find a reasonably priced voluptuous latina Greek provider, I'd be set.

    Take Care Guys!

    Big e