Rev of Veronica of Julies! Lightening can strike the same place twice!

Discussion in 'New York' started by bige, Sep 5, 2001.

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  1. travlnman


    Julie's gals are on fire

    Wow Julie, your girls seem to be lighting up the sheets once again. It's a long time since I visited so I just might have to take the plunge. Just hate to go through the hassle of the phone verify thing again. I know the location but forgot the floor.

    May give it try soon.
  2. Julienyc


    The rookies

    The rookies are doing great and they are becoming the stars of the show. I love it when lightening strikes more than once and it is. although today our Bridgett was a little devil and was on the wild side. We do love her though. When she gets like this we try to direct the guys to another provider and some will not budge, they want Bridgett just like she is.

    Asian is something that most do not do but some love to do it. Domino ,Messalina, and a few others love it and do it all the time if the hygene is good. I guess I am an old fashioned girl , strickly dickly and of course DATY on me. well I am lying a little ,I love a threesome and enjoy going down on a hot provider if we are all together as three. Alone with a woman ,I am not comfortable. Greek ,Asian are not my favorites but almost everything else is great ,if it feels good do it and I do. Hey bige ,I would love to watch (in person of course lets get that straight:) in case hot puppy is reading, just kidding hot puppy ,I hope you are reading and I do hope to lure you in to our place soon.
  3. bige


    Julie, you are too kind. Flattery will get you everywhere! I'm not sure if I'm a main course, but I seem to fill up providers pretty well or so it has been mumbled to me. lol

    I have heard that the ladies talked but never paid much attention to it. I would love to be reviewed. =) I wasn't aware that the ladies were into Asian. It's something I will keep in mind. But ultimately I guess for me it all depends on the roundness and size of the bottom.

    Veronica has a bottom that rivals the pre-Hollywood Jennifer Lopez, but more subtle. You tend to miss it because her chest overpowers your senses. The first time I finally laid eyes on her bottom, i was extremely surprised and happy. So it only seemed right that I explored the area thoroughly.

    I couldn't help myself, she just has a bottom made for Asian and Greek. But Greek is something I can only dream of. If she ever decides to learn or engage in that Language, I am as good as broke. =) (Julie, feel free to call me if that ever happens. lol)

    Bridgette is a hard act to follow and beat. It will take the girls a few language lessons to ever really compete with her. I can't help but feel the fact that her newly acquired Greek skills had something to do with her popularity. Although even without that aspect, Bridgette's Asian and bbbj is something that most providers are too squeamish or prudish to do. But maybe seeing her results will make them step up to the plate. Hating on Bridgette will definitely not improve their chances with the guys.

    I have heard nice things about Halley in terms of appearance and gfe. But nothing so intense about her skills or performance that has sparked my interest. She is very pretty and seems nice but I wouldn't say that she is someone that Bridgette or Veronica would have to be concerned with in terms of performance wise. But who knows maybe a few more weeks, she'll be the ultimate GFE+PSE.

    Destiny, has recieved a few very good reviews. She's Veronica's friend so I have high hopes for her. I may venture in a double date with them. In either case she seems to have a lot of potential and may be a PSE+ GFE. Personally I prefer voluptuous woman and in her picture she didn't look all that big to me. But then again all of us can use some toning up in one way or another.

    Vikki, continues to get good reviews. Nothing that has wowed me as of yet. But the consistency of good reviews accounts for something good on her part.

    I have to see and read up more on Gina. She's new to me.

    Honestly Julie, your rookies are doing really well.

    I think you should have a poll called rookie of the year or in this case the month. You know who my vote goes to.

    Maybe to make it fair, have various categories, Rookie of the month for GFE, GFE+PSE, PSE, etc.

    I think it would be fun.


    To my knowledge Veronica doesn't do Asian or maybe not me she doesn't. At points I thought she might venture there but to my disappoint it didn't happen.
    But she is fluent in everything else with the exception of Greek. We can only hope for the day this all changes. =)

    Take care guys.

    Big e
  4. Meister


    yes Julie .... when ARE you going to post the new girls? *s*
  5. kaybo




    Your girls are the best. Bridgette still has me exhausted from last Friday night. When will you have her picture up on the site?


    Does Veronica perform asian?

  6. Julienyc



    Wow! all I can say about this review is , where are you bige ? You sound like a real main course yourself. If the girls find out you are serving up Asian ,you will be getting reviews ,private of course by the girls. They do talk about who is good and how they came or did not. When these women get together they really are wild. I am really happy to have Veronica with us and she has really made a name ,of course Bridgett will not be the only girl they are so jealous of. Although Halley is coming up on the left at a fast pace. Now that is one beatuiful girl , Halley is a little doll, Lola is feeling the competition right now ,she has been sitting and watching Halley take the floor. I like the competition because it really keeps the ladies on top of their sessions and they know they must really provide excellence at its best. I do not like it when they become Jealous and get nasty though. Sometimes this happens and when it does , we must stop it fast. Most girls take it like ladies but some get very insecure. with the new girls Veronica, Halley , Vicki, I think we have some real stars here. One more not mentioned is Destiny, she is great but she has a few pounds to lose. Gina is body perfect but needs some help learning skills in session. She is really a pretty young girl with a body to kill. Her body is top notch, if only she could get better in session. She says she is going to really try to perfect her skills. She is young and has not done this much at all and is just a little green and tense. She has braces to and it really does not take away her beauty. She is from Belgium and she is pretty new to the US in general. I hope she becomes a Julies girl and if she does Inna will have nothing on her. I probably will not have her long but while I do I intend to help her along. She is a star waiting to shine.
  7. bige


    I rarely see any provider twice within a two week period. But come hell or high water I was determined to see Veronica again. Fortunately my website pulled a few advertisers in the last few days so I had the extra cash flow. So I didn't have to resort to cutting into some of my other funds.

    In any event, any of you who read my last review about Veronica have an idea of how special this lady is. So I won't reiterate the same things. Those of you who have any experience with Latin women will know what to expect ... the best!

    My session began with a nice warm hug and kiss. Her smile alone just warms you up in more ways than one. I was treated to a wonderful surprise which I'll have to keep to myself fellas. It doesn't really pertain to the session so don't worry fellas I'm not holding out or becoming a fluffy reviewer. All the good stuff that pertains to you will be revealed.

    I was quite touched by the surprise. Thanks veronica, I really do appreciate it. We chatted a bit about how many of you appreciated my previous review and decided to experience the wonder that is Veronica. Hey some of you guys held out and didn't report. Greedy! But in either case, she seemed to be very pleased with all of you and I gather that you guys were with her. So Kudos to you both.

    Well, after the small talk we got into business. Veronica danced for me, and she looked so good in that black fish net dress. I could've exploded right there and then but of course, I choked back the "man-gina tears". She explored my body with her full lips, wide mouth and gifted tongue. I'm telling you guys, she could make a well endowed man self conscious about his size, the way she consumes ones manhood. The bbbj was very wet, sloppy and full of life just the way I like it. You can really tell she enjoys doing it. Once again I held myself back from exploding which I would later regret. I asked her to lie down because I wanted to return the favor. I'm not big on DATY with providers. I can count on one hand how many I have blessed with that. But Veronica's kitty calls for that type of attention. It's so soft. No scent of litter box here. To be honest, if you see her in person you would want to attend to all her "pets" not just her kitty. I sure did. So I went to work. I tried to tease a little bit but having an appetizer of legs and thighs, but I couldn't last for long because I just wanted to get to the main course. So off I went. I had every intention of going to Julie's to be served but when I started dinning, I just totally forgot about myself and tried my best to please Veronica. Every orifice was covered with a thin batter of saliva. I didn't realize how much she enjoyed the Asian culture until I happen to venture there and boy was I happy I did. It got a very good reaction. At times, more than DATY. If I could have, I would've explored that terrain deeper but I didn't push it. But all and all the meal was great. It was hard for me to stop. I think I spent a good 15-20 minutes dining.

    Eventually I pulled up for air and was finally ready to stop and Veronica jumped right up to begin another bbbj. Like a dumb ass, I held back yet again. We tried various bbbj positions to get me to spill my coffee, even my favorite. There is nothing like seeing a beautiful woman on her knees during a bbbj. Its the best way to let loose.
    But alas that failed as well. I think by this point, I knew the pressure of time was on and that I held back so many times, it got the better of me. The sucky thing (no pun intended) was Veronica look like she was ready for another facial and perhaps a partial bbbjtc this visit. But I couldn't finish my end of the bargain. But it's good to know that she's stepping up in that department. I think if she would've asked for a facial or a deposit, I would've exploded right there. But like I said I failed.

    So I stopped her, we lied on the bed and just chatted away.
    This is a permanent girl on my list. This is the first session where I didn't finish my cup of tea and still felt satisfied. I know it sounds crazy, but it goes to show this girl's skills and beauty.

    I hope you guys get a chance to experience her wonder first hand. But remember one thing.... its okay to let it out! lol

    A GFE+PSE all the way. I think with more time, she'll only get better (if that's possible) and have a reputation as good as domino, bridgette or elanya. But she's pretty damn close.

    A must see!