REV: Rita at ny-exotics

Discussion in 'New York' started by georgelong, Nov 28, 2001.

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  1. Julienyc



    Guys will someone tell me , is this the same Rita that worked with us for a brief time?
  2. wimpy



    Good review and thanks for taking one for the team. What drives me crazy is providers who do that shit. Oh your to big, it hurts. Well if it hurts and I am to big. Lets stop and give me my money back.

    A few years ago I saw a provider who listed with Rent A Girl Agency. Her place was on East 52nd Street. her picture was awesome. Nice body the whole nine yards. So I get there and she did not seem to be with it right away. She me a lackluster CBJ. If she had tonges(Ice cube holders) she probably would have used them to hold me cock. As I am about to go in her, she goes "Please don't put any weight on me" Now I was about 175-180 then. So I suggest cowgirl. "No" she says. So I get up and put my clothes onand leave. No this adventure cost $400.00. So I call the agency and tell the lady on the phone what happened. She gives me the I'm sorry, new girl fro South America, we'll make it up to you shit. I say hell fucking no. I want 350 of my money back. The CBJ was worth that and I did not shoot my load. We argue on the phone and she hangs up a few times. I call one more time and say. "If I don't get my money back I will stand outside the building with a sign that says, "In apartment 3B there is a prostitute living there. " I continue that I will be there everyday until a fair agreement is made. So next thing a guy comes on the phone and I explain what happened. He tells me to me him on 54th and Park. I do. We talk and he gives me $300 back. After that we were good friends, I would use Rent A Girl at least once a month. And they new what I liked.

    I would not suggest that tactic for everyone...Its quite dangerous in fact. But If I am paying for a service I expect the effort...We may not mesh but I treat whomever with respect and dignity.

    Peace Wimpy
  3. popeye



    Have seen Rita twice. First time was slightly mechanical, but pleasant. She suggested I return, sounded like she wanted to make me a regular. Second time got the size bullshit, and I think she was pissed because I also inquired about her firend who was visiting. During the session she attempted to substitute the cat with her hands- kinda like the Madame Butterfly syndrome. Unfortunately for her, my little head does know the difference in sensation between the warm moist cat's tunnel and a heavily lotioned hand.

    Also, on the phone she told me she was 26 years old. She is more between 45 and 53 years of age. She is Polish and is actually quite well educated. But she does not provide good service for the money. Next time I would suggest asking before your venture. Maybe someone has charted the waters you are interetsed in. That way you could avoid those waters that are not worth navigating.

    Happy hunting friend....
  4. ramstein


    Hey Peter, thanks for the sacrifice. I'd have to say that I have never visited an undocumented provider for this reason but somebodys got to do it. Anyways, better luck next time.
  5. georgelong


    Decided to take one for the team. bad idea.

    Rita advertises on nyexotics under blonde escort/incall. Something about independent and from europe.

    Called and easily made an appointment 250/hr. She's located in the west 40's, decent area. She's petite, attractive, but a bit older then the girls I usually see. I say she's in her mid to late 30's. Body is average, not slim and sthletic like I like them.

    Full service, no kissing. She kept saying that I was too big for her and it hurt a bit. Guys I'm average. really. So I figured she just wanted to get it over with. I tried several positions, but she kept saying I was big, and kept pushing towards missionary.

    So I finished that way. I was no fun. She tries to be nice, but I'm not going back. Spend your money elsewhere.

    Anyone try any of the other "indie" girls on nyexotics? They've been getting a lot of ads lately.