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Discussion in 'New York' started by sneaker, Jun 12, 2001.

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  1. fishfry


    Please Use Your Imagination

    To me, "please use your imagination" means "don't touch me here, don't touch me there, are you done yet?"

    It's like the phrase "about an hour" when you ask how long a session will last. "About an hour" means "out the door the moment you get off."

    The women in NYC know how to say "full service" and "not full service." Anybody who says "use your imagination" is telling you that the reality will be much less than you can imagine.
  2. wsb


    I agree Mercy. That makes twice today. It's nice to have some honesty from the supply side, rather than the usual marketing B/S. You are a trailblazer.

    Totally off topic, but I'm watching CNN as I write - how annoying is Joe Lieberman??? Notwithstanding my liberal tendencies, his manner makes me want to throw things at the TV.

  3. sneaker


    Carl M,

    I don't see a link to your email. Mine is

    Thanks for the acknowledgement.

  4. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Point is a horrible Place to be!

    That is why I Retired in that capacity. Sneaker I feel your pain bro- you had the guts to do it however- I think we do owe this guy something for taking the hit! Sneaker email me bro!!
  5. skagen


    I called...

    ...them. Phone was answered by a guy in an unusually brusqe mannerHe tells me prices range from $150 to $250. I ask:"'based on what". The guy says: "depending on how busy we are". Cute, they're using airline style demand based pricing. They must have some serious econometrists back there. So I then ask: "what is the full escort price" and :"Is the pricing by the hour or only for a certain # of cups of coffee". Guy says: "I'm not discussing that, but you will be completely satisfied and happy, that's all that I can say". Sounded like an attempt to set you up for a rip-off, so I passed on it. Too bad, they've got some cute girls there on the website.....
  6. MJC185


    In case we all forgot...

    Thanks Sneaker, for testing the waters and sharing the news with us.

  7. sneaker


    How can I ask for F/S? The phone girl certainly won't discuss this. I was in a bad spot, pressed for time and had already paid for the room.

    I lived, and you've learned. Isn't that the spirit of these boards? If no one ever tried something new, how dull this hobby could become.
  8. ROYAL


    Shhh.......Do you hear that???? It's the sounds of the 70's. I hear it..... it's the HUSTLE!!!!!!!
    They will get you to pay then make you pay for "Extras" Freak that ! as a paying customer you tell me what I get up front. If any one is going to book an appt. Find out what you are getting B-4 u Pay! The site looks like a Stripper-to-Go site but is that just their way of staying under the gun? if they think it does, I have a few bridges and 2 tall buildings that look exactly alike for $ale. :D
    Keep us posted !!!
  9. sneaker



    We are known throughout the industry as having top-of-the-line dancers that perform erotic hot oil shows and sensual one on ones "PLEASE USE YOUR IMAGINATION" this will help with our description

    That "PLEASE USE YOUR IMAGINATION" clause means full service to me. Anyone else have an opinion on this?

    Also, when I called I inquired about Nassau County outcall. I don't think the term outcall describes more than an escort experience. And even if the girl was "acting alone" without the knowledge of the agency, that doesn't forgive the B and S or the tardiness.
  10. nycjohn25


    Not to be an ass, but I been to the website.

    It looks like a website mostly for stripper and bachelors parties. It doesn't look too much like an escort site.

    Did you ask for FS on the phone? Did they promise that?
  11. mercydancer


    I know I'm gonna get a lot of heat about this one,specially from the girls,but here goes anyway.

    I firmly believe that if a client pays anything in excess of a Franklin he is entitled to a lot more than a hj and definetely more than a lap dance.For that you go to a club and pay $20.

    Business is business. Fair is fair.If you don't give the client what he paid for, then don't expect to develop any regular clientelle,(or however it's spelled)

    go ahead girls, hang me by my fake nails.
  12. sneaker


    Met Sapphire, who looked very different from her pic on the website (maybe bait and switch), for lunch at a local motel. She showed up 20-35 minutes late and asked for the $$ almost immediately, which I guess is OK since I havn't used this service before. After getting the $$ she said she was going to the bathroom to change into her outfit.

    Ten minutes and two phone calls later she emerged wearing a black frilly two piece. She starts a good lap dance, and a minute later she asks "What do you want?".

    Mr. Winky and I make our intentiions perfectly clear. This is when the hustle starts. "Oh, that $$ is for dancing only" and that FS is another $$, CBJ is $. We work out a deal for $ for FS. She was very into the DATYAA and gave a decent CBJ. Standard covered fare. No GFE here, no DFK or any K for that matter, lest a peck on the cheek counts.

    There is better bang for the buck out there fellas. Go find it!

    Have fun, be careful,