Rev: Shannon @ Ophelia's Fitness Instructor - Oh My Gawd...

Discussion in 'New York' started by tintin2006, Aug 28, 2006.

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  1. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    has she given up the ass lately to anyone, dont want to spend tolls, parking, if the ass is off limits.
  2. dampfnudel


    I also saw her at Julie's last year (a week before you know what happened). She enjoyed DATY, but for some reason she wasn't really into DFK. Maybe I came on too strong, I was really horny. I'm young and not bad looking. Maybe she likes them older. Anyway, after the main event (very tight), we talked. Actually, we ended up talking for about half of the session. I really wanted round 2, but my time was up and the next "client" was probably already waiting since my session began a little late.

    I would like to see her again and keep the talking to a minimum this time. The only thing keeping me from calling is something I read here a few weeks ago. I read that some of the ladies smoke and I can't use the "bar excuse" anymore when I come home.
  3. Sidekicks

    Sidekicks Moderator

    Let me tell you, I saw her but didn't go into session with her. She was amazing. Her legs kept going and going and going. For some reason, she did look familiar.... but to this day, I can't put my finger on it.
  4. marquez156


    I saw her at least twice at Julie's too. The first time I saw her, she wasn't even an elite (or preffered or whatever Julie used to called the grls that were a few bucks more). Shannon was always amazing and looks liek she still is. She had the best attitude and tremendous enthusiasm. Shannon's hardbody was flawless. IIRC, she was really into daty. I wish I had more sessions with her, and gotta see her soon at this new place.
  5. Duckman

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    I saw her once or twice at Julie's. The review sounds just like I remember her.
  6. JohnnyDoe


    I'm actually dying to see her again. I was a regular of her's at Julie's back in the day and it's great to see this lady is still delivering the goods as always.
  7. justlooking


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  8. Escort_King

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    I thought she did greek at Julie's but don't quote me... am sure OPhelia would know.... saw her once at Julie's and she is all that a dozen bags of chips!
  9. BigMadM

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    I always wanted to see shannon. a reason I almost visited julies.

    I wanna have her sit on my face and let me tongue fuck her ass for the hour.

    Did you inquire if anything with ass play is on the menu?
  10. tintin2006


    This is my first post on this board, new to UtopiaGuide, not a newbie in the hobby.

    I was visiting from “out West” and made contact with Ophelia. We have a couple friends in common in this business and getting my references cleared turned out to be easier than I anticipated. I’m a fitness freak and when I saw that Ms O had an health instructor on her website, I went nuts to try and make my schedule work around my appointment. Ophelia pulled out all the stops to make it happen as Shannon was technically not going to be working that week/day/time. But advance planning has some rewards, so does begging. Possibly having a friend or two in common with Ophelia might have helped as well.

    Shannon greeted me on arrival (physical details at bottom of post), and she was everything I expected. Lean, toned, very pretty and oh so frisky. Quick shower for me then onto the bed. Some small talk which became harder and harder to maintain as Shannon began to take off my clothes. Great kisser –DFK. Next she’s explaining that she knows a few extra sensitive spots on my body, and the French (bbbj) was tres manifique! She’d have been happy to spend longer with her deep action but I was rearing for the main event. This fitness instructor told me that my heart needed to increase its rate and man, can she make it happen - 15 minutes with Shannon is like an hour on a treadmill, but way more fun. I wonder if Blue Cross covers this under preventative medical?
    OK. You all want details. She’s amazing on top, she’s effing fantastic underneath, and when her legs go up over my shoulders she’s downright atomic energy wild. Warning, she has a vice grip below when she explodes. Damn. After a little bit of oxygen some cuddling, and great small talk it was time to shower and depart. A happier, healthier visitor.

    Ophelia checked in with me on the way out and I agreed to book my visits to NYC around Shannon’s schedule in the future. Can i just publicly say, this is a lady who understands customer care!

    F’ing amazing time and I think Shannon was happy too, but since it’s all about me… all I can say is wow, this lady is a tigress uncaged.

    CSI details:

    height: 5'7" –
    weight: 115
    breasts: 34c
    waist: 24
    hips: 35
    Hair: Brunette, should length
    Eyes: green
    Tattoos, piercings : don’t remember any

    Body: athletic, toned, strong but feminine and sexy
    Skin: creamy soft,
    Pictures on website accurate as is the text on the web.
    Age – early 20s?
    Trimming – shaved.
    Beautiful calf muscles and buns.

    Multi shots, DATY etc all encouraged.