Rev: Veronica of Julie's (This Lady is Heaven Sent!)

Discussion in 'New York' started by bige, Aug 29, 2001.

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  1. bige


    Well, Julie's has done it again.
    Just when I thought that it couldn't get better.
    Julie acquired an all-star player with Veronica.
    One tip Julie, keep this girl. Actually give her some more playing time.
    Tell the phone girls to refer more clients to her. It seems like Halley is getting a lot of the referrals. Although I'm sure she is good but Veronica is something else. And everyone would benefit if more clients were referred to her. Just a suggestion.

    On to my review:
    First and foremost this woman is the epitome of a fit, tall, dark,
    voluptuous Latina. (She's not African American by the way.)
    If you like that anorexic model look then she's not for you. But
    this is the first time in a while that I've seen a provider that was tall and
    voluptuous and yet had a body as hard as a rock. Everything on her was firm, smooth and smelled great.

    Very soft skin, great enhanced boobs, wonderful lips (both places).
    This woman knows how to use her tongue well. But I'll get to that later.
    Veronica and I chatted while we waited for a room to be free and this provided us
    some time to get acquainted. She's very friendly and intelligent.
    We chatted about the boards and some of the reviews of the new girls at julies.
    I told her I had heard a lot about Halley but nothing extraordinary to persuade me. I told her there were a few reviews about her but ultimately Beverly guided me to her.
    (Oh Thank you BEV!!!!!)

    Finally a room was free and we headed on our way. I got comfortable and she freshened up. She went to work right away. Kissing and stroking my body, slowly working her way to my love nest. She really built up the anticipation for me. I was so content with just kissing and stroking her. Yes, me, Mr. PSE was happy with just kissing and touching her. It goes to show you the radiance of this lady. But eventually she made her way to her knees and pecked away at my lower extremities and then finally went to work.

    The teasing and caressing was well worth the wait. Words couldn't begin to describe her bbbj. All I have to say is that she has full lips, a wide mouth and a deep throat. There wasn't a bbbjtc as I was assured by Bev. (You owe me on that Bev. and Julie wink) But as she looked up at me, a deposit was made to her "twin peeks" branch and she "accidentally" spilled some tea on her chin. This was a sight that will remain a fixture in my mind and somewhat made up for the bbbjtc but not quite.

    DATY was later pursued by me and she seemed to really like my soft lips. I couldn't help but dine for 15 - 20 minutes. Her body and just called for that type of attention. This lady should bottle her "y" up and sell it as flavoring for food because it tasted and smelled great.

    Various positions were achieved but she seemed to enjoy "backshots" or in layman's terms doggie style. lol Although she is Latina, you would think this lady was from Texas because of the her cowboy and cowgirl skills.

    Conclusion: Veronica's pictures don't do her justice. I would rate this lady close to a dime, but a 9 may be more accurate. This lady is a true combination of GFE and PSE. More GFE than PSE I would say. But enough PSE to even keep my freaky ass coming back for more.
    DFK, DATY, BBBJ and Russian were all performed with great enthusiasm. YMMV.
    The DATY definitely seemed to open things up some more. Elanya has been my favorite at julies for some time now, but I think it may be time to move on. Veronica is very attractive and to my surprise her performance is on the level of less attractive providers who usually to have compensate with great skills because of their lack of physical attractiveness. A lot of time the real pretty ladies are so hung up on their looks that they don't really put in the effort that a less attractive provider would. But Veronica performs like she was butt ugly and had to prove something to get a client back. That says a lot. A provider that looks like 9 and performs like 9 is rare. One that is a GFE and PSE is even more unheard of. Veronica is an experience that both GFE lovers and PSE will enjoy. Take heed. I know there has been alot of talk about Julie's other new providers, but Veronica is hidden commodity that you guys should tap into.

    I think I may have to start another job to start seeing this lady on a regualr basis.

    Side Note: Apparently Destiny is her buddy and she said that a double with her should be something I should experience. And I think I will.

    Well there you have it my fellow hobbyist, a DETAILED review. Enjoy!
    Tell veronica big e sent you. It may work to your benefit. lol

    Take care all.

    Big E