Rev: Vicki @ Yellow House, Little Falls

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by justbill_redux, Feb 5, 2003.

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  1. biggod

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    Who can keep track on this house from a AMP to a LMP back to AMP and noe it's LMP again.
  2. shorty


    I believe the locksmith one is down on Main. The yellow house is on 23 near the mall. use the search function and put "yellow house". You'll find the answer you're looking for.
  3. jaybee


    i'm real close to little falls...what is the contact info for the yellow house?? this is not the place above the locksmith that was busted, is it????
  4. bushleaguer

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    Thanks for the great review.

    That's the one pet peeve I have about the hobby....the providers who get annoyed when you haven't finished as fast as they would like you to and just give up on a bj and go for the hj instead. Now I'm sure it isn't easy to be giving a bj for an extended length of time, but it isn't realistic to think that all hobbyists will finish within a few minutes. If you pay for a bj then you should get one tc, not for three minutes and then the ol' - "you know what, I'm going to give you a hj baby because this just aint workin." I don't mean to be insensitive to providers....I try to be kind, courteous and sensitive to their task, which isn't easy. But $.2 is quite a bit of money in my opinion, and is worth an honest effort. Mabye I've had bad luck with the providers I've had over time, but I've run into this phenomenon over and over. Where, oh where are the providers who are patient and will bear with you!? :)
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  5. justbill_redux

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    Had to be in North Jersey today for some onsite work at one of our fulfillment centers and found I had some free time on my hands. Had kept a list of NJ MPs from UG for just such an occasion. Found the place easily on Rt 23 South in Little Falls, parked in the rear. Walked in and meet Vicki, a tallish Latina, about 5'9" 110lbs maybe 34C-28-32 had a tight body, with a mermaid tat on her lower right stomach extending down to her pussy, who escorted me back to a room and collected the $50.00 door fee, telling me to get comfortable. BTW gave her 60.00 since I only had twenties and when she came back said she didn't have change and then asked the age old question "Had I been there before" told her no but my friend Pete recommended the place to me.

    Started off on my stomach, she poured this lotion on my back and started a slow easy rub down, making a few trips to grab my balls and cock during the whole 5 minutes before she popped the other question" Do you want a special massage". Quoted me $100.00 for a nude HR, $120.00 for a BJ and $150.00 for FS, took the BJ for $120.00. She takes off her clothes, she has a shaved pussy with some stubble and starts me off with a HJ, again with plenty of lotion. Puts a condom on and starts the BJ, pretty shitty technique, sucked for a minute or so then talked dirty, then stroked it with her hand, sucks it, this cycle goes on for 5 minutes or so.

    She then gets on the table pussy facing my head and starts sucking, I go to play with her and first thing she says is " go soft " told her if she doesn't like what I doing just tell me and I'll stop. She's up there less then 3 minutes, jumps off and tells me she’s going jerk it. Lotion again, talking the talk about fucking her Manhattan pussy, fucking her ass coming on her tits etc etc. This girl wants me to come in the worst way and was pulling out all the tricks, little did she know.

    She stroking me now trying her best to get me to come and I'm trying to get that to that pussy which she’s placed just outside my reach, finally she moves closer stops and pours some lotion on my fingers and again says easy. She allowed roaming but was pretty guarded on how much I could roam, took my hand off her nipples more then a few times and put it on her tits. Same with her pussy, I was stroking her lips/clit and she took my hand and moved it to the top part of her pussy.

    Now I getting a little pissed, if I'm going pay for a BJ I want a fucking BJ, so I ask her to glove up and starting sucking, she does. Again shitty technique, talk suck stroke, and finally after 5 minutes tells me her jaws hurt and goes back to the HR. She’s stroking me doing her best, but I need that little extra to cum and start playing with her pussy, she actually grabs my hand and moves it up, away from her lips and towards the mons, and holds it for the entire time.

    By this time its been almost 30 minutes and she starts to complain, told her I was sorry bit it takes me a while to cum and that I cant cum just by hand, which is true 98% of the time and that results are guaranteed by playing with her pussy. She looks at me and says no girl would let me do that for the 40 minute session, to which I reply I haven’t been touching for the full time I’ve been there at which point I say to myself fuck it lay back and think of some past session, I do and about 5 minutes later I explode in her hand. Vicki then says how most guys are “like 1 2 3” and how my GF must love me and all I’m thinking is I’m glad I didn’t go for the FS, cause that takes me longer. On my way out saw a nice looking Asian girl and a shanky blonde doing her makeup. I’d go back but not to see Vicki.

    BTW just want to say that times are estimates I wasn’t looking at a clock and that I’m a laid back sort of guy who doesn’t need a girl grabbing my hand. I know that it’s a tough business, but ladies shouldn’t be pulling BS like Vicky did today, I saw her at 2:30PM and I’m sure had the better part of her day ahead of her, with a aching jaw and tender pussy. Total was $170.00. YMMV.