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  1. MrNY

    MrNY Subject to blackouts

    I recall once hearing......

    Naked, in the shower, hopping up and down on your right foot, while whistling the Star Spangled Banner.....

    Or, how about a Carol Burnett tug on the right ear ?

    How about the old Finger/Nose wave from The Sting ?
  2. JoeyP


    I wonder if there is some kind of signal that we can inobtrusively give each other while waiting for the girls, to identify that we are from UG??

    Any ideas??
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  3. davepc71


    Re: Who did I see there today from 1:00 - 2:30 -ish ?

    Heh...being a regular there, one of them may have been myself, but something else kind of odd happened on that unusually crowded eve (the front desk even expressed concern about the noise levels and neighbors upstairs)...

    Both before and after shower, I was placed in waiting in the room out front w/the TV! Both times, there were different people waiting...Something which has never happened to me there longer than 5 minutes either time tho, but still...

    This won't stop me from returning, but I would think that they should make mention upon arrival that there may be a bit of a wait....I know they don't want to turn away biz, but it was just a tad

    Just my report and .02 :) WGS is still at the top of my list.


  4. clyde


    Evidence that the amount of tip matters

    I always suspected that the "house" took part of the lady's tip, so I started bringing it to the room recently. $45 always got me great service, but I went with $60 for the hell of it recently and, no surprise, it bought me a better session, complete with serious DFK througout the fun part of the session.

    Lesson Learned -- you get what you pay for
  5. JoeyP


    Saw Yung there this week. First time and was plesaed with facilities. She informed me that she was willing to spend much more time with Mr. Happy than most other girls there and I should ask for her.

    Didn't ask for 2nd cup and went through the full massage program first. She was generally affectionate and warm. Her English was not too good and she asked for my help in pronouncing a few words.

    How do they get busted twice and stay open? It makes me a little nervous. (I read this thread after I had already gone)
  6. robneville


    Appointments aren't necessary - just go and have a good time. I haven't heard any complaints about any of the staff, so I wouldn't worry about who they assign to you. If you find someone you like, next time you can make an appointment for that person specifically, but for a first timer I'd just show up and relax.
  7. Smithy


    can anyone help with some names here?
  8. Smithy


    who would anyone reccommend at WSG? Do they take appointments?
  9. ahandshake


    I decided to try the West Garden Spa earlier this evening since I was in the area. I was surprised at the lack of customers since I always read about the crowds on this message board, but perhaps it was because it was 7:45 pm on a Saturday night after everyone was all tired out from holiday shopping?

    Anyway, when I first got in there, I had to fill out a questionnaire, which was pretty much like a short doctor's office questionnaire... I was told to skip the contact info.

    I was shown into the locker room area (nice lockers, shower area, etc... very clean and decent looking) and quickly got undressed. I took a quick shower and ended up just standing there waiting for about ten minutes.

    My masseuse turned out to be a Japanese woman who introduced herself as Yuki. She was not drop-dead gorgeous, but she did have an attractive (in a cute sort of way) face. She looked to be in her late 20s or early 30s, but I really wasn't paying much attention. I guess I was just kind of nervous, this being my first time there.

    Yuki led me into a dark room, lit only by a black light, and had me unrobe and lay down. She guessed it was my first time there (this was actually my first time in a massage parlor period) and told me to lay on my front (I was laying on my back by default).

    She gave me a quick rubdown and then proceeded to the oil massage, which took up the rest of the session. She seemed well-trained, although she told me she was self-taught. She did a pretty good and thorough job on my back (at least a half hour spent there). Eventually, I was told to flip over.

    At this point, she was massaging each leg, up and down, inside and out. When she finished both legs, she started rubbing down my abdomen, and then very quickly asked if I wanted it "there" (you know where :). I said "Sure, why not?" and she let out a little laugh before proceeding to give me a great massage.

    I quickly asked if I was allowed to touch her, and she seemed a little drawn back (I don't know if it was my imagination or not). She gave me an affirmative response so I proceeded to caress her on her arm and her back. It didn't take long for me to move to the front of her shirt, still on the outside. She didn't seem bothered at all about it, so I decided to try under the shirt down by her waist. She didn't seem to mind this, so I moved up a little bit more. As you can probably guess, she didn't seem to mind as I made my way up to her bra, eventually over it, eventually underneath it. She had HUGE nipples (I was dying to suck on them, but I didn't know if I should ask and I also couldn't think how it could logistically be done, although a few posters here say that they've been able to manage it... HOW???? :) and I had quite a bit of fun playing around with them and the rest of her breasts as she brought me to my release with "ooo"s, "aaahhh"s and "oooohhhh"s, with a "yes yes" here and there and some "is it good?"s.

    After I finished, she left to wash her hands and get me a hot towel, then proceeded to finish the oil massage on my upper body.

    All in all, a great visit to a place with what I now know as a well-deserved reputation. I'm sure not every masseuse is great and accomodating, but I can assure you that Yuki is quite so. I will make sure that she is working the next time I visit, and I was hoping somebody on this board would have some advice as to how I would go about asking to be breastfed? :)

    Oh yeah, for those who want info on payment, I just gave them the $75 fee in cash. She was waiting out front when I came to pay and I handed her $40 in cash for a well-earned tip.
  10. Smithy


    Could someone list the top ladies at WSG and a brief description of the qualifications?
  11. donniebnyx


    A to your Qs

    Nope, too dressy.
    Clutch maybe. Strap-on not likely.
    I wish!
  12. MrNY

    MrNY Subject to blackouts

    Oh, you Gold Members....

    Evidently, I DID ...

    Unforntunately, I couldn't get "it" in HER
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  13. robnotbob


    I knew you HAD it in you.....
  14. MrNY

    MrNY Subject to blackouts

    Roger - Roger ....... VERY well said !!

    P.S. No panties in a bunch here ...

    And, as far as the guido's go, fu-get-a-boy-dit .....


    Yes, 3 cups - one up front to unwind, one in the midst and another for the road... What can I say ?? I shoot fast, but I'm able to repeat ;)

    Thanks for the "tip" !
  15. roger56


    mr. ny and his cups...

    3 cups in an hour just by hr is mighty impressive...your right hand must be very proud, but does you left hand get jealous? before you get your panties in a bunch, i'm kidding so relax. i'm almost positive that i've talked to a few of you and don't mind all the people there as some have complained about--their money is just as good as mine and it's like being at the gym, but nobody works out. i do, however, mind when a group of obnoxious fat-ass guys walk in, talking loudly and walking around like they own the joint. one of them had the nerve to look at me today and ask "what are you looking at buddy?" since i was glaring at him to shut up since we were all in the steamroom and he was talking non-stop to the other guido in there--made me want to go back to my locker, get my fed credentials and ask him to say that to me again, but that wouldn't be proper now would it? but what can i say, i love this place and the atmosphere. iguess my point is that for those of you who think wgs is your private spa, remember that you share it with others and respect people who are there since everyone's goal is to relax and get away from it all, even if it's just for an hour or two.

    with that said, let me clue you guys in on a little tip which i'm sure most of you already know--going there past midnight makes for more interesting sessions.
  16. MrNY

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    did you leave a pearl necklace in it ?
  17. Troutman

    Troutman Paste

    Was it a strap-on or a clutch?
  18. MrNY

    MrNY Subject to blackouts

    Did it match your outfit ?
  19. jaydevice


    how much was left when you handed it back?
  20. Slinky Bender

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    How much was in the purse when they handed it to you ????