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Discussion in 'New York' started by billyS, Dec 8, 2001.

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  1. billyS


    Cherry Valley

    Jras; Cherry Valley advertises in Newsday also. I've been there twice,but they move around alot. One Time I used them in Bellrose on Jamica Ave and one time in queens on Kiessina Blvd by Queens college. Both times I had young very hot Latinas. Search for my review, I did one a while ago.
    Matty - yeah the motorcycle place is right across the street. She told me there are two other spanish girls who work there.
    Thorn- wierd post man, smoke alot of pot before you post ? I tipped her because even though she was tired and her cunt was sore from getting fucked all week she still had to spread her legs for me so she could feed her kid. I guess I did it out of guilt, or mabey I felt sorry for her. I know this is just a business transaction, We pay money, they spread their legs, but something about her just got to me. The fact that she gave me bad service wasn't personal against me, it could have been anyone. Look I wrote an honest review, Let the members decide if they want to go there.
  2. jras


    thanks billyS

    for the review, bro. Keep on searching and posting. If you do find a good Latina joint, please let me/us know. I haven't found a replacement since I lost track of Candyland in Queens ages ago.
  3. Thorn


    Billy, you got service less then what you expected and tipped $50bucks???

    You see, that is why someone practicing standard business sense can't get anywhere.

    You shouldn't have tipped a dime... nada... sliltch... nothing!

    Guys PLEASE do NOT tip unless you got at least good service. Tipping is a reward for good service or above. NOT for adequete service. And for less then adequete service you should bitch and moan to the boss, or the woman herself if she is an indepenant.

    BTW, providers, if guys are less then what you expect from a client, meaning clean, polite and willing to be as safe as you require them to be [which should be discussed up front] you shouldn't be afraid to deny them service [never accuse me of not knowing a coin has two sides to it].
  4. jseah


    billy and everyone else

    just a tip.......

    if you are going to write a really long report, or take your time doing it, it is easier to write it up first in a word processor like Wordpad or MS Word, and then copy and paste it into the post window. That way, if there are any errors, you won't lose your post and have to start from scratch.
  5. mattyhaze


    sorry Billy - maybe next time i need to hit NY Motorcycle..iw ill go there..right down block i assume? hope they have other girls available..
  6. billyS


    Last night I wrote a much longer review but couldn'd get it posted. Anyway Lana's advertises in Newsday classifieds under Entertainment Guide. 718-736-1673. Located in Queens Village on 222nd street right off Jamaica Ave. About a mile west of the Cross Island Parkway, a left off Jamaica and its in the Terrace Apt Building. Need an appiontment. The place could have potenial but everyone there is so tense. I was greeted at the door by Lorraine, a 40ish MOT. nice tits but she seemed nerveous. April, one of my choices came into the room, where by the way a porno tape was playing but did nothing to make me want her. I askes her to sit with me and I rubbed her leg as we talked (she was in lingerie). Unshaven, corse legs. YUK. She was about a 6 any way. Short heavy, not a plaesant face to look at. She was also tense. Kept asking me if I was a cop. I pulled out my dick and let her play with it to prove I wasn't. When the other girl, Christine came out I decided to take her. Spanish 5' 7" big tits, nice ass, decent legs, little bit of a belly, face had some milage. She got a little bitchy too when I wasn't naked when she came into the room. Hell I had just got in !! Then I heard April bitching to Lorraine when I picked Chris "And I already touched him, i don't like this". Well let me tell you, I get the impression that noone there enjoys what they are doing and this is the problem with this place. I never felt comfortable. The session started with uninspired covered oral. I asked for BBJ and she got insulted. No DFK, in fact no light kissing. When I got close to cumming she tried to finish with her hand. Of course I made her finish with her hot little mouth but as soon as I started cumming she stopped sucking. While I was recouping we cuddled a little and she seemed to loosen up a bit. I treid DATY but she smelled funky down there plus her pubs were stubbly. So I figured I just fuck her and get out of there. She told me she was sore and tired from working all week. When we did missionary she kinda of locked her legs in a way so I couldn't really penatrate her that deep. I talked her into doggie (she resisted at first) and this was better. As I mentioned she had a nice ass and she looked sexier from behind with that ass and long curly hair fallind on her back. Again she put no effort into it. When it was over I paid her the $$ I was quoted over the phone (I was promised 2 cups over the phone but when I got there I was told that was up to the girl) and gave her a .5$ tip mainly because I kinda felt sorry for her. Did I mention there was porno playing in this room also? And they did give me a beer. Mabey if you went there on a different day or got some chemistry with a girl this place could be real good. Mabey someone else should try they could have just been having a bad day. But just from my experience they seemed so "unsexy" like they didn't want to be there