Review: 21 Therapists - Lucy.

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  1. pitman_nyc


    "21 Therapists", formerly rainbow spa.
    8610 Washington Blvd., Jessup, MD

    I was really hoping this place would turn out good, because geographically, it would save me a longer trip to DC as it's midway between Baltimore and DC on I95. What a waste of $$$ and time.

    House fee was $0.70 and is $0.10 higher than usual. $0.50 for a half hour. But I was going for the full experience and I wasn't going anywhere else.

    They made me wait a long time, so when someone finally appeared in my room, I wasn't going to send her away. Lucy was older, but not butt ugly old. Mid thirties would be my guess. Thick, but not so thick...just not the young hot girls you get in DC. Small, but ok breasts (implants).

    Table Shower wasn't. I mean...there was no table. Got a standing shower. Never, I mean never, after many visits to AMPs, have I ever gotten a standing shower! This was my first clue this place was wierd.

    For some reason, she sat me in the sauna for two minutes, with another guy. She made up some excuse. The bed in the room was on the floor. That's a first for me too. Was it so busy there? I heard the Belle twice in my hour, so I don't think so. The other guy in the sauna said he'd been there twice before. He said they took the tables away recently (took the tables away recently?!!! WTF?).

    She was playful enough in the shower. The massage, was that, a massage, which was average. I got some touch in, but it was rather difficult. I got depressed when nothing significant was happening. At one point, she started playing with my rear. I also massaged her. She had a tremendous knot in her right shoulder that I massaged out. It was providing her so much relief her moaning would've indicated we were doing it. She even had me put my knees on her shoulders for my full body weight on the knot. Hey, I'm ~160lbs. So, she was appreciative for my massage. When we finally, and I do mean finally (seemed like forever) got down to business, she flipped me over onto my back and was sticking her finger up my ass, biting my scrotum, kissing my cock. Didn't even get a f-in BJ though. Donations were discussed, when she asked me how much. I said everything. She said how much did I want to pay. So, I started low, $80. She accepted. Sure, because she was only giving me a hand job with a finger up my problem for her. This was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING. So, total damage was $1.50 for a prostate massage and HJ. Rip Off. I'm never going back. Seems the further away from main cities, the worse it gets. I was her best friend. Come back honey...ask for come to Baltimore a lot? no chance...I'm curious what other experiences you mongers have had here...mine was rotten.
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