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Discussion in 'New York' started by D-Man420, Feb 15, 2003.

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  1. nycguy1967


    Re: Re: 5 friends

    Would that be a case of sexual discrimination??
  2. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    Re: wrong board

    DITTO...Maybe slinky can move it.
  3. zipper


    I go to 5 friends whenever Im downtown. Bobbi, Layla and Tina all have very attractive faces to match their bodies. Kelly's face is not as good, but I got a great massage from her. In general massage quality is usually pretty good, and Ive never been shorted on time.

    Fuschetto- they dont have a very strict policy re: checking out new guys, just call for an appointment from a different phone, like a cell, and you should be ok. I think they take new clients except from pay phones or if the called id says NYPD. They dont seem to have LE problems /attention since they are so small and no f/s.

    Robroy-their fees are all inclusive, nude w/ HR. No haggling, hustling or otherwise whining for tips. Ive never been offered extras and never heard of extras being available, this is a juicy bit of news indeed. Maybe the price was so high since its normally not available so they figure what the hell???

    And yes I agree this should go on spa though now that extras seem to be available we've hit a grey area.
  4. teeduke


    wrong board

    shouldn't this be on the spa board?
  5. Bill Furniture

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    If the girls are working at a massage place, they should be able to give massages.
  6. Thorn


    Re: 5 friends

    OK, I just have to ask.

    How the hell would they know you are a government employee?

    Did they ask? And if they did, why would you say yes?

    [Ava Maria provisima!]
  7. Slinky Bender

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    I'm pretty sure it's "inclusive".


    What a big rippoff!!!!!!!!!!
  9. RobbRoy


    What's the normal fee for this place? I see on the site it says 140/30 mins, 170/50. Does this include just the massage, or the massage + HR? Any additional tip expected? I've been to places before where the up front fee goes to the house...and any additional extras (including HR) is to be negotiated with the girl. Just curious if anyone knows how this place works.

    By the way...some of the girls have amazing bodies on the site. All I've heard about so far is Kelly who doesn't have a nice face to match. Anyone know anything about the other girls?

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  10. gardener


    Re: 5 friends

    fuschetto; wake up and see the light!!! This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to make some big $$$.
    File a law suit of discrimination, against them...
  11. fuschetto


    5 friends

    still pissed at 5 friends- they wont serve government employees
    we are as horny as anyone. i ould understand LE but im an accountant
  12. D-Man420


    Well, like I said, it's rather expensive... And not for my budget, so I probably won't be going there again, at least not anytime soon...
  13. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    I was thinking the same thing.

    Reminds me of the other thread where a girl at the ASSCON Party was asking for $250 for a HJ. I could do that on my own and save $250.
  14. jam master jay

    jam master jay

    $$$ for a BJ? From a girl with a "not so attractive face"? Thanks for taking that one for the team, man!
  15. sakatz


    I have to say you lucked out in a big way. Five friends and its associated locales usually just offer a massage w/release--and are usually very strict about not offering anything else. Occasionally you'll make friends with one of the masseuses and, after several visits, get a little something extra, but your experience is unusual.
  16. D-Man420


    I've been seeing ads of this site for so long on the guide. I did a lot of searching, but didn't come up with much at all... So I decided to take one for the team...

    I called the number on website and was given another number. I called the 2nd # and setup the appointment. I was told to go to an address and call from there and will be given the apt #. Which was fine. It's located south of wall street and west of water street... Very easily reachable.

    When I got there it was a nicely layed out studio apt with candles and incense. It was very relaxing atmosphere. I was told by Kelly (btw, she is a read head in her mid 30's with not so attractive face, but a nice body, completely shaven) to get undressed and lay on the massage table face down... I did and was soon relaxing as she rubbed my back with some lotion.

    I wouldn't say it was a good massage, but it was relaxing... Then she started to fiddle with my balls and that's when it all started...

    I was asked to flip and it was amazing... They advertise "no fs", but for the price it is.

    She asked for 300 for a BJ (including the housefee)... Which was fine 'cause I'm not going there again, as it's way out of my budget... I'm sure FS would be 400+... I'm sure I could have negotiated the 300 down a bit too, but I was horny as hell...

    Anyway, extremely expensive, but worth at least one visit...

    If there are any regulars who know the cost of extras, please post, I may go back with that info...

    Hope you all like this review...