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  1. genius


    I would be concerned if there was a bathroom in the room and she wanted you to use the one down the hall. Her bathroom may be occupied. If there wasnt a bathroom in her room then I also would be concerned that the place is very low end. That in of itself is not bad but many times the cleanliness of such a place is not all that good and you may leave with more creatures on your body than you had with you when you arrived.
  2. benisbig


    "americanized PR "

    Are there non-American Puerto Ricans?
  3. hookahlayah


    confimed agency, but a good one

    to the OP.
    You are right that is an agency. Young sounding PR phone girl is actually really really cool.

    Once I went in there to see Blaine (since renamed izzabella) and the girl was so rigid (neat room w/no evidence of "inhabiting" it) and demanding about disrobing and money that I actually left before doing either. The phone girl called me back and swore it was ok and offered another girl in the same hotel. I reluctantly went back but the girl (nica) was mexican and more relaxed. Then I waited months before Blaine was back.

    Blaine (izzabella now) IS the girl in the photo. I went to see a month or two later her so I know. I went back to that agency again 3 times and since it has become Bait and Switch. They hire one or two models and photograph them. However, the girls you usually get are close to the photo and decent for the 160/half.

    Blaine (izzabella) is an rare find. She is educated, articulate and very very hot (americanized PR or to quote peter griffin "some kind of spanish").

    The reason I no longer go back is because they are all really rigid and stiff and most of the time wont let you do them doggie, or don't want to blow you. One time I got a black girl instead of the Domincan photo'

    Blaine was indeed rigid that day. She finally let me fuck her after some bullshit about only blowing guys on the first time. I enjoyed fucking Blaine, but I never go back because of the negotiations it took to get my cock inside her.

    She was very very very hot for the $.

    Depends on your thing. This agency isn't for me anymore.

    Last I saw they were working in the chelsea hotel.
  4. ck1


    yeah that was the case, there was not a bathroom in her room...LOL I meant big tits...
  5. ecpaul


    Ah I thought Firecracker was refering to me. Yeah the pics look slammin' I doubt they qualify as "bug".
  6. curious


    1) "U" is generally just to the left of "I" on a standard QWERTY keyboard.

    2) I imagine most guys would consider the woman in the picture to have "big tits".
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  7. ecpaul


    "Bug Tits" ? I'm not sure what you mean my friend?
  8. firecracker


    ecpaul: In NYC, many places have shared, not private, bathrooms. That was probably the case here.

    BTW, what are "bug tits"?
  9. ilovenegril


    Definitely agency, and they're know bait & switchers. All the CL ads look great, and they're always "private incall" in the Chelsea area. As you said, the girls look "sorta" like the pictures. This was told to me by a girl who worked for them and then went indy. They used her pictures for many months after she left, as long as they had a girl who somewhat resembled the body type. The few reviews I've come across are all somewhat mediocre.
  10. ecpaul


    (1) If a guy in the hotel asked you who you were seeing and the # he probably works there and nothing to worry about.

    (2) If she tells you to go "down the hall" instead of using the bathroom in the room that's not good and very rude considering what you are paying.

    Otherwise a good review with all the vitals and the link. Thanks for posting.
  11. ck1



    The pictures are really hot so I decided to call and make an appointment this past weekend to see her. $160 for the half hour she said on the phone and was located around Chelsea area. When I got to the spot I called and she gave me the room # to the hotel. On my way up the guy at the door asked me where I was going(this was a first for me)so I slightly panicked and said I was going to see my cousin. He asked me what was the name and room #, so I said her name and room # and he said ok and pointed me to the elevator. I already had an uneasy feeling but I went up anyway and knocked on her door. When she opened up I was pleasantly surprised, don't think it's the girl in the pics but close enough, early 20's short latina, alittle on the ghetto side but not too bad, cute face, thick body, nice plump ass and bug tits. She asked me for ID and smiled and then I asked her to freshen up in the bathroom and she told me that the bathroom was down the hall, I'm like WTF this is just like the movie Hostel, LOL. I didn't want to waste any time so we got to buisiness, CBJ, CFS, mish and doggie. I don't know if 2 pops were available for the hour, but for half an hour it was good enough, time went by so I just got dressed and left. A couple of things first, she was not the girl answering the phone, the girl on the phone had a white accent, she had a puerto rican accent, and probably not the girl in the pics, but definitely hot. My guess is this is some kind of agency. For a CL girl she is hot though, might repeat if in the right mood...