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    ...busted. damn.
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    travel this way soon

    pit_man, can you help me find this place? I'm heading that direction later this week and it sounds like angie is well worth a visit.

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    First girl was oriental, but with such dark brown skin and yellow type highlights in her brown frizzy hair, she seemed black. Just wasn't in the mood for that, going to an AMP, I wanted an asian. Nice bod though, implants (or they were very large), cute butt. So, mamason gets me another girl and she has a sour look on her face. But I keep her based on the bod. Slim. Young. She indicates she was new. I hate breaking in new girls. Usually have a bad experience. But I wasn't turning back. So, it starts.

    Room fee. Standard stuff. Insisted on a hug, as I was trying to get her to lighten up. By myself in the room. Standard fare. Finally, the TS. Nice enough. She warmed up. Apparantly, she was just getting up from her sleep earlier. They do live there 24/7 when on shift. Back to the room. While walking, sticks her breast between my arm and my armpit? Kind of fun and cust. Then...Waiting by myself. Finally, it begins.

    I offer her a massage. She loved that idea. Totally enthused. Sat on her back. Gave her a pretty good masage. on her shoulders. She's slim, but solid and firm. I liked her build. Probably somewhat athletic. Upper back. Middle Back. Lower back. My johnny is sitting between her ass cheeks. Love that feeling. She's cupping my dick and balls in her hands while her back is being massaged and she's on her stomach. Went south with my face, got her going she arched up and indicating I needed to ear her pussy from behind. Dined asian style too. This lasted about 10 minutes. She flipped over and offered me her snatch and I dined at the Y while she was on her back. Used my mouth, and even my nose.

    She then reciprocates. Nibbling, kissing inner legs (that tickles) thighs, my nipples, she bits them, that hurt. Both. Crap. Finally, gets to where she should have been. Get hard enough for a rubber. Caftily had it in her mouth and drops it on. She worked ard on me. I counted 200 slurps and strokes. I wasn't that hard, so I lasted for the duration. Finally, when she got tired, I had her sit on a rocking position, where we're facing each other. She's grinding, I keep her hips close to mine, so not to cum prematurely. It's cowgirl with me sitting up, if that helps. She's riding me fiercely. I'm fingering the top of her clit while screwing her. I'm rubbing her clit fast from side to side with my thunb. Very good results. This went on for awhile.

    Then, asks me what I want as I knew the bronco riding was to get me off quickly...but I stood my ground. Still she was kind of spent. So, I stand up, she lies on the bed on her back, and I do her pussy, standing by the bed...feet in my face, the I push them back, then try to flatten them..she's a freakin corkscrew..ok, not really but...anyways, I take my time. Still not hard, but hard enough for penetration. Went at the position for awhile, then turned her sideways..not much success with that. Turned her further, so we did doggie. Still thinking about that ass, it was hot, firm, small and formed. Loved those firm buttocks. Did I mention she was 24. Goes by the name of Angie. More lube before doggie. Collapsed her legs and went for the wheelbarrow position. Didn't work, but ended up arching just her ass and went for that target. very 'fleshy'. Nice. Did that for a bit. Didn't like my fingering of her ass during this and pushed my hand away.

    Reverse cowgirl, but I wanted her on me fully and I had her lie back. Almost smashed my nose. That would've been tough to explain. I'm lucky. So, we just did cowgirl a bit, then onto her back, her head over the side of the bed, blood rushing to it...I pick up her legs on my shoulder and pump hard. She yelps when I cum. Really, least that's what I heard in my vivid imagination...

    So, truly a very good experience. High marks for athleticism and her grinding. Left her with a big smile on her face, much better than the scowl I first saw. Total time was exactly 1 hour.
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