Review: Attractive N Independent (ues)

Discussion in 'Craigs list & Backpage' started by jruder, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. jruder


    So for firsttime in long time, took one for the team. I was in the mood to be adventurous and try someone new...Answered CL post for "Attractive n independent." phone number ends 9375. On the phone she said 160 for 1 hr (less for 1/2 but i didn't ask), for sensual massage but more if we felt comfortable. It's been yearsand years since a girl didn't feel comfortable with me, so i figure there's going be more on the menu than massage and hr. Incredibly erect nipples. Hard body, beautiful ass, landing strip pussy.Attractive, a 7-8 face, thin asian girl, 5'6", model figure, a-cup (cud be small b, more likely a). Amazingly long, slender fingers.It was one of them 98 degree days, so i took a quick shower. by time i got out she was waiting for me clad only in a thong. massage on bed with satin sheets. not much of massage just light, sexy touch, but felt good having her seat on me with those smooth thighs as she rubbed my back. No resistance as my hand explored under panties.

    after ten minutes, flipped over, very sexy as she sits across my legs rubbing belly and thighs, smiling looking better and better every second. Then the problems, resists kissing anyplace!!! Not even those pert nips. No dfk, lfk, not even a kiss on the cheek. Then she inverts her self, to start hand job with her ass/pussy in my face. No problem digitally exploring orifaces, but NO, absolutely NO daty. I suggest bj or fs, but not available even when i offer more money. Gives great hand job, cleans me up, and lies down next to me, but still no kiss, she says kissing is too intimate. I tell her, "You got no problem with me sticking my finger up your asshole and your pussy but kissing is too intimate." But she aint convinced. I suggest maybe next time more will be avialble but to her credit she doesn't lead me on with false hope...More intimacy is only with boyfriend. So $160 for a hj. I won't repeat.