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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by imalawyer, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. clicker2659


    my advice to you is BE NICE 2 them...

    n u will be greatly rewarded...

    i know...

    n no more thinkin wit your small head!!!!


    no more of that sh..

    hear me?

  2. momomini


    FREE???? Nothing is EVER free.
  3. restaman


    visited bonhamton tonight

    Scheduled a 9 30 appt, after a little confusion as to which building it was in arrived around 9. Buzzed front door and was greeted by your typical asian massage parlor work. Cute, a little chubby, smiley, with the trademark lingo, "your first time, etc.." This was actually my first time at this place and i responded the same. I normally pass on the shower, but i opted for it to get a feel of the place. Much attention spent to midsection and behind during shower, and i assumed she was scrubbing me up for an indepth massage. Led into room after being toweled off and my massage began. I was a little hesitant and about 20 minutes in i began to think if a HJ was even to be had. I had a towel still placed on my backside as she massaged around all the key areas. the massage was good and very relaxing, but that wasnt the reason for my visit. I decided to drop a hint and reached around and started to massage her ankles as she worked me. She seemed to get the hint and on the flip took the towel off. She then massaged the front and i was ready to go. A little oil and she began to stroke. I tried desperately to get the pants off her but she kept pulling away and whispering she would get fired. After some reluctance i did get the girls out on top, but they quickly went back in the shirt when i stopped dialing the knobs. I offered $$, and even overpriced myself in the heat of the moment to get them damn pants off, to no avail. With the idea of anything more out of the question i focused on releasing from the HJ and did. She cleaned me up and exited to do the same. I then started to put my clothes on and when she came back in the room she stated i still had 10 minutes left of massage if wanted. I thought this was very courteous as ive never been offered more massaging after ejaculation in all my various AMP visits. I declined, left her a 40 tip, and went my way. Overall a good experience, a nice relaxing time for only $. I would go back, but highly doubt anything more then a HJ is offered.
  4. Wolfie


    Been going there for the last 2 years.
    Quality massage TS and finish.

    Sunkist Coke and candy.

    Bottled water machine too.

    Outside door is locked at night.

    Open during the day cuz there is another office directly opposite it.
  5. imalawyer



    It's in the office complex on the corner of S. Main Street and Woodb***** Ave. Sometimes in the SL. Last four digits 4552.
  6. rockyj


    Can we get a little more inforamtion on the location? Is the phone # in the SL?
  7. rob load

    rob load

    Sorry Lawyer but i am a coke drinker only.........scratch another one off my list!
  8. imalawyer


    No Coke....Pepsi!

    And it's really cold, too!
  9. rob load

    rob load

    Coke or Pepsi ?
  10. smb


    Thanks for the review

    I love the free soda perk....good job.
  11. imalawyer


    Okay guys....I'm popping my cherry! Took one (okay, four) for the team at this place, and decided that I needed to get out of lurk mode and give back to the cause.

    It's in an office park, which I prefer since you can at least park remotely. Rates are $50 for 40min, $60 for hour, TS included. This last session was the best. Taken into the back by Wendy, mid-30s, nice body, 34Cs. Opted for the 40min. TS wasn't offered, so asked and she led me to the TS room (shared with washer and dryer for towels). If you can get past the inch of standing water, you'll be ok. Great TS, good scrub and she paid attention to all the right spots. The boys were happy.

    Opted for medium massage, which she performed at the beginning over a sheet. Didn't concern me, since I had been there a few times before and knew what I'd get. After the back was done, she went out and got some hot towels and rubbed the lotion off, then dried me off. Makes you feel like a million bucks!

    Before the flip, she used her nails lightly and then did the reach-around. On the flip, solid HR, some OTC roaming, which I think could become full roaming after a few visits, IMO. Clean up, a free soda and a $40 tip, which she appreciated. All in all, this place is solid. Clean, girls are all 5-7, and not a bad massage yet (other visits were with Cindy and Nancy). Downside -- outside door is not locked, and all rooms (but one) have curtains instead of doors. Since I think it's strictly a R&T, I'm sure they don't have much of a concern about LE.

    And that's it. It feels so good to get that first post done!