Review: Caitlin of NY Escapades

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by wimpy, Dec 18, 2000.

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    me thinks this should remain a review thread if it doesn't cause any wars....
  2. wimpy


    Place - NY Escapades
    Girl - Caitlin
    Price - $600 for 1hr
    Does everything expect for Greek
    Rating of girl 5 of 5
    On the friday after Thanksgiving, I was at the office with a few other people. Not much going on I decided to give NY Escapades a call. I was told to girls available Caitlin and a Latina. Each a separate locations. I was going to pick the Latina but I was told Caitlin was a can't miss. I was wary, because pics are never what comes to the door. So, I said what the hell and agreed on Caitlin. As I walked over to the location visions of her pic and what I would be doing made the cold winter day feel like spring. Anyway, I meet her and she is absolutely beauty. She was wearinf sweats on but you could tell she was hot and had big tits. So we take care of monetary considerations and we both strip. Fellows she has the best body I have ever seen. 36dd tits. Small waist and a nice popcorn shaped ass. So we lay on the bed talk and she pulls out the condomn and rest it on the pillow. Then she starts licking and kissing me moving downward. She starts the perfect bbbj. I rank this bbbj with the best a definite top 5. So after five minutes, I ask if we can 69. So I can return the favor. Of course she says. We do the deed this way for 10-15 minutes I think. It could have been 2 minutes. So she blowing and I am licking. I use my fingers to explorer the beautiful ass and do a slight finger insertion to see if she is receptive to it. It did not flinch her. As I am doing it she picks up the pace. Obviiously she want me to exploded. So I do. Got her on the cheek. I am assume that I may have got a little in her mouth. She goes to the bathroom and cleans up and cleans me up. We lay and talk about things. Then she starts with another bbbj. Condomn goes on and we start with her on top, then go to doggie and we finish with missionary.
    This was truly one of the best I was with. I would see her again. Check out http://www.NYESCAPADES.COM

    Stay cool