Review: Christine (Not for the faint of heart)

Discussion in 'New York' started by erueru, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. iusedtobeone1


    This one went sour...

    Saw her last night. Picture looks nothing like her. I would say she is more of a 4/5 on body and looks. Pretty lackluster bj, didn't take it deep and said I was too big.... Between the awful smell of the room and the lame blowjob I decide to grab her head and make her to take it deep. She gagged and then started again with the lame blow job. I asked her to stop pulled of the rubber and jerked in her face. Cleaned up and left. This girl is done......
  2. rob129


    Saw Christine last week in her hicksville incall. My opinion pretty much mirrors erueru's review---- she advertises on CL and she offers a variety of packages now-- pay as you play. she is 20'ish, very petite, long dark hair, etc... probably a 6-7 out of 10-- i thought she was cute.

    minimal screening, walked in the room, gave the donation and away she went. very nice job and i shot my load in her mouth which she swallowed. to me, exactly as advertised.

    the place is a dump so if that is important to you, forget it!
  3. jaz


    i wish i would have seen that post first.

    Good job
  4. erueru


  5. jaz


    Buyer Beware

    Based on the inintial post in this thread, I beagan searching for this chick. Z could not find her by searching CL but thursday I aswered an ad the returned a number with the last four number mentioned before. I was told to go to some hotel in Hicksville so like a good little horny bastard I went. I get there and call the number back to get a room number. The girl that answered the phone said who are you here to see? You think that I listened to a name? NOT!!, so finally she says you must have spoken to velvet. So I go see velvet a young light skinned black girl with a "let's get this over with attitude" gives me a decent but uninspired BBBJ. She tells me to let her know when I am going to bust and I did and she proceeded to make me blow my load all over my stomach and the bed. $130 all in all just OK. I was looking for that wild chick, I will see her!

    Just be careful it seems that this is a group of young girls working together make sure you get who you want not who they want.
  6. erueru


    It's was just for an oral session, so basically you gotta unload in like 15 minutes. I think that's the standard, based on my experience when you do oral-only sessions.

    BTW, Note to the moderator:
    What happened to those several post in this thread discussing the posting or not posting of the last 4 digits of the contact number? I thought it contained some useful info for other people on the propiety of posting contact numbers. Just curious that's all. Kind of odd that like 4 posts were just erased...
  7. homerj12345


    Was the $150 for 1/2 hour or 1 hour? Were multiple cups on the menu?
  8. Sidekicks

    Sidekicks Moderator

    Video tape?!??! WOW...gotta hit this one up. I'm into that stuff. :)
  9. quackquack74


    nice review. doubtful you were her 2nd, as those same pics were posted for Bronx incall several weeks ago. she advertised as as a German Hottie 18 and offered videotaping as well. after reading your review... i'm sorry i didn't call.
  10. yungnlernin


    will look into this. I too am seeking the ultimate BJ.
  11. erueru


    Note above:
    Craigslist, last four digits 4346
  12. BigBoi1881


    pics? link?
  13. erueru


    This is my first review on this board.
    I just came back from seeing Christine who posts on CL/Long Island(last 4 digits are 4346).
    After almost cancelling on her due to her being a no-show, and coming across as a complete flake, we finally met up at a local motel in LI for an oral-only session for the, what I consider steep price of 150 She was making me really nervous because in all three of our coversations she would explicity refer to the agreed upon act and price on the phone. "BBBJ with facial for 150, right?!!" Jeez.. I was considering not going, I was so nervous.
    Boy, am I glad I went.
    This chick is like 20 yrs old. 6/7 Face/Body. Petite
    I have been pursuing the ultimate BJ and have been consistently dissapointed. Either suction pressure is not there or too much teeth,or something.
    This chick gave me the nastiest face-fucking, hardest, sloppiest, perverted BJ I ever dreamed of. Straight down on her knees, hand behind her back, complete with deep-gagging. Boys, this is the real deal.
    I was holding back, I thought I was going to hurt her, she was like trying to fuck the back of her head.
    Anyway, up front, the room was smoke-filled. She appeared also to be quite new to the biz. She says no full service also. She said I was her 2nd customer ever. Who knows.
    Definitely coming back for more.