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  1. mroverbean


    South Bound Brook MP

    Ok... I'm here performin' CPR on this thread once again... but at least I can sleep at night knowin' I've tried to keep the info all in one

    Now on to the point... the "Europa" Spa in South Bound Brook.

    I'd seen some up and down posts regarding this place, and, since it's kinda close to work, figured I'd give it a try on Friday afternoon. At best my experience was "mediocre"...

    Got there. It's part of the bottom floor of a kinda dumpy looking house (redundant in South Bound Brook...lmao) and you park in the rear in this miniscule lot (which is a pain with my big ' A fairly attractive, older Russian woman "checks" you in and you sign a sheet with some blah blah blah about the masseuses are "independent contractors" yadda yadda yadda. They give you a "client number", I guess to track when you've been there etc... no biggie.

    After I sign, a few words in Russian and this Russian woman comes out from behind screen She's about a 5 in looks with mammoth hooters, but the requisite Eastern Block 15 lbs. or so extra that are required to support monster natural hooters. She's pretty pleasant and all, speaks fairly well, but her vocabulary is a bit limited.

    I'm led to a miniscule room with a shaky "fold-down" massage table and a small nightstand with the necessary "supplies". She tells me to get ready, disappears whilst I strip, and returns in a sec or two.

    She asks whether I want oil, powder, or lotion. I am indifferent and she goes with lotion... which was like at -45 degrees centigrade.... instant turtle...lmao... it was freezing in the room, and now freezing lotion all over.. yikes! She gives a mediocre massage and has difficulty getting to the point of my visit, and, since I'm new at this and kinda shy in these respects, that didn't help. I finally managed to make it known I'd at least like some "relief", which she understands, and summarily gives me an adequate HR.

    So, after I blow, we exchange light conversation whilst I put on my clothes... all the while freezing cold and icky sticky from the cheap-ass lotion she rubbed all over me. I tip her .4$ and bid her adieu.

    I spent the rest of the afternoon fidgeting in my clothes waiting to get home and take a shower to get that crap off my

    Oh well.... it seems that, in general, YMMV... I just varied on the wrong side I suppose...lmao. For .6$ at the door and .4$ for the HR, I'd much prefer to spend the money at Easton Therapy (see my previous review), get a GREAT massage, a very good HR from a cutie oriental, and a very nice table shower to get cleaned up.

    When my "disposable" funds go back up, perhaps I'll try another MP that seems promising. Seems like DayFlower in Middlesex has some good reviews. I'm getting a little bolder in asking for "extra services"... so I'd like to get some good, reasonably priced extras from a well-put-together non-oriental woman... we'll see what happens.

    Anyways... that's my experience... mediocre at best... considering what I could have gotten for the same coin, I might even be inclined to call it disappointing.

    One point of note, though... when I was being checked in, a very hot, mid-30'ish platinum blonde was on her way out... she was smokin'... but I don't know if she was one of the girls.

    Oh well... take all this for what it's worth... and try them at your own risk... I guess that's why they say YMMV.

    Be safe and be well.....


  2. mroverbean


    Hey... least I can do!

    No worries guys... I did notice the posting dates, and saw several other threads where the info might appear more recent, but I thought this thread would be the best place for a review.

    And...well.. thanks for the kudos....lmao.

    When I come across other threads with similar info, I'm posting my two cents (for whatever that's and just tellin' em to search for Easton... so this thread will undoubtedly show up.

    Anyways... least I can do...

    And, hey, slinky... is there any way to trade what's in store for what's behind door #3???

    Be safe and be well all....


  3. frank


    South Bound Brook MP


    I had been to that place on Main Street you mentioned. Got to know the girls. The one I most often saw was Betty. Always got fs and lots of times 2 pops. Gonna miss her.
  4. nac123


    hey, we gotta pulse


    Mroverbean, thanks for adding on man.

    Unforunately, I haven’t done much hobbying lately. Work and finances. Yeesh. Why can’t I ever hit the fucking lottery or have some long forgotten rich aunt croak and leave me everything? Anyway, I just wanted to point something out, though most of you veterans are probably aware of it. The thread is several months old, so some of the info here may not be currently relevant. For example, there is a somewhat new place in South Bound Brook, which I reviewed (see first post in thread). It was an AMP when I went, and only at or below average. A new post this week says the place is now Russian (see “New MP in CJ” for a decent review).

    But, lets continue the CPR on this thing and see if we can get some updates. Thanks in advance.
  5. clyde11



    I've been at MTM off route 22 in N. Plainfield. It's in a private house, parking is good. But the place is not all that clean. If you turn on the overhead lights to get a better view you will find tiny hairs on all sheets and towels. The girls complain about this also. They change the sheets and towels ONLY at the end of the day not after each session. Some of the girls are good (I'm not good with names,sorry). If you like variety or choosing who you see this is not the place to be. There are 2 girls that work each day. The manager is almost always one of them, she works 5 or 6 days. They work on rotation so you will most likely end up seeing the manager. If you're lucky you might get to see some one else once in a while. A couple of the girls are pretty good so if you decide to go I advise you to bring your own sheet to lay on.
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  6. madmaxxxnyc


    Bravo, Mr Overbean!

    Not only an outstanding review, but I think you get the board award for keeping alive a 3 month old - quiet post!

    3 Cheers for tagging your review onto the end of this older thread, it keeps all the info. in one place! Thanks, and keep up the good work!

    Slinky ( Akin to the way the gameshows always said "johnny")
    Tell the man what he's won for his fine efforts!

  7. mroverbean


    Easton Therapy Thumbs Up

    Well... I took my first dive ever into an AMP, and it worked out great. Thanks to NAC and the others around here who have been diligent in keeping the rest of us, newbies especially, well informed.

    The place is actually in a good location, a small office building by itself with its own parking lot. It was quiet and the building appears relatively professional. Important thing is, if there we to be LE looking at this place, I'm guessing it would be very apparent, as there would generally be absolutely no reason for people to be hanging around the parking lot, and there are no nearby establishments within site distance... so, I'm thinkin' it would be obvious.

    At any rate, the place is very low key and discrete, and not likely a target.

    I called ahead and they some come over when I had planned. A fairly attractive oriental (duh!) woman let me in (it's locked with a cam, and you need to ring the bell). I sat for just a moment in a screened waiting area whilst another woman bid farewell to her client at the door. Seems as if they work to keep you from seeing other girls and other clients, as I noticed on my trip to the shower. Which, actually, is nice and discrete all the way around.

    At any rate, this woman turned out to be the one who would take care of me. She was very well proportioned, but likely about a B cup, slim waist, nice behind, and trademark beautiful long jet black hair. She was also very well toned. I give her a solid 7 for looks and body. She took me to the massage room.

    I was given the option for my shower before or after, and I chose after. She left for a brief moment while I disrobed and returned when I was face down on the table. She gave me a wonderful shiatsu style massage, asking several times if I was comfortable, happy with the pressure, etc. Technique was complete and very very good.

    After being face down, she had me turn over and continued the massage, including head and face. She, of course, did some light touching in the process, let the hair caress my body, breathed lightly in my ear several times. After a bit it appeared understood that I wanted at least an HR. I never asked for more, as I'm new to this in general, and new there too. I sincerely think, though, if I broached the topic, I could get further, but I had no need as I was thoroughly enjoying what I was getting.

    Her HR technique was wonderful, hands roamed on occasion, massaged my balls and my hole area, put me very close to her mouth and breathed heavily and salivated on my cock several times. It was really quite good. In hindsight, though, I'm sure she'd have looked better out of her clothes (or on my face.. hehehe).. but I'm sure I'll be back.

    After a very satisfying HR, she cleaned me up, put a robe on me, and led me to the shower room. It was very clean, as was the whole facility. She gave me a nice, thorough table shower, dried me off, led me back, and helped me get dressed.

    We had only limited conversation, as her accent was a hair rough and I am new at this and, admittedly, a bit nervous. Even at that, she was very polite, smiled a lot, and was very agreeable.

    I left very happy and satisfied. I know I'll be back.

    Was .60$ at the door, and I tipped .50$ (I liked her). Turns out her name is Sara, and she told me to ask for next time I go back. Perhaps I will. I saw one other very petite, very cute, and very busty woman... I'd like her too... but I liked Sara... maybe I'll sample the waters, maybe I'll stick with what I like. Time will tell.

    At any rate... a big thumbs up to Easton Therapy. I'm certainly not well traveled... hell... this is my only frame of but it was good all the way around and I'll be back.

    My two cents all.....

  8. jgd


    Sasha at Pines gives a pretty good massage and BJ,FS are available. Not sure if she works there anymore though.
  9. dmdvdb


    Best in CNJ

    Hey NAC,

    Thanks for the effort. I wound up just going home that night because I did not feel like wasing my money...

    Anyway...NAC....I would highly recommend VIP accupressure on Easton avenue. It is is a bit smaller than Easton but the woman are definitely much more accomodating.

    Try them at 732-565-9787 and let me know what you think. Ask for Jackie (I think) or Tina...Tina is definitely a 4 for looks but 8 for effort and enthusiams.

  10. nac123


    update to above and a ?

    Hello all,

    This is a three-part message. Part one: a partial review and a request for more info on a MP on Lincoln Blvd. in Middlesex. Found an ad for this place in the Sunday Star Ledger, and called late this afternoon. The woman who answered sounded Russian and was polite and professional. She told me they had a special, .40$ for one hour. I said, o.k. I’m interested. She requested my name and asked what time I would be there. I said how about 6:30? She said great, used my name, and said see you at 6:30. (As I side note, if you want to try this place, you might want to call ahead. I don’t think that this is so much that they prefer you have an appointment, but more for security reasons which is not a bad thing.) Anyway, I got there at 6:34 and the place was closed. So there I was, 4 minutes late and they closed up shop. So I’m asking, has anyone else been there and have a favorable review, or should I scrap it? Please post if you have info.

    Part two: instead I headed to Easton Therapy (see my review in the first post of this thread). This was my fourth visit, and once again, it was favorable. I finally got the name of the woman I have seen three times: Leena. She’s a solid 7, friendly and great HR. As a third time customer, she added a few bonuses, but nothing full blown (pun intended). We’ll see what the future brings.

    Part three: dmdvdb…tried to reply to your question earlier this week, but the computer I was on kept kicking me back to the log-in page and wouldn’t let me post. I would have recommended Easton Therapy, or Dayflowers; however, I believe you have already tried these from your earlier posts. My experience is limited, but I’m trying, so as I gather more info I’ll keep posting.

    If anyone tries the places mentioned above, or can add new ones, keep the info coming.
  11. Crazyphingers


    thanks for the info, I appreciate it
  12. dmdvdb


    No Pines...Don't like the smell of the trees


    To answer your question....

    I have been to Pines and BCC in Somerset. They are much more full service places than they are massage places. I really want a massage and some fun...not much more...

    Call me crazy but my back really does hurt!

  13. biggod

    biggod The Rifleman


    What's your email have question don't want to post.
  14. Crazyphingers


    any reason you do not want to go to Pines? It is right down the road from me and I was thinking of checking it ou
  15. dmdvdb


    Best Place mentioned so far

    Hey NAC/Guys,

    I have some time this afternoon and was wondering which is the best place mentioned in this thread. I want to try something new.

    Not interested in the pines...need a massage and some roaming.

    Hopefully I will hear from one of you.

  16. tekwrek


    Pine Center

    Used to go to Pine Center frequently. FS is available. They keep track of your visits on a card so once you have visited a few times, they pretty well know what your preferences are.
    I used to get grief on other boards for good reviews of Sandra but I find if you are nice to her she warms up. Sandra and Casey are 2 of the best looking girls I've seen in an MP. Sandra is natural while Casey has well done implants.
    One of the last times I went I was with a girl named Allison. I usually don't post bad reviews but there is no way she can still be there. I still have nightmares. The possibility of having a similar experience has probably kept me away. That and the fact that DATY seems to have been taken off the menu by a lot of the new girls.
    I have been travelling down to Callowhill in Philly lately but Pine is so damn convienient I will probably start going back.
    I went to Energetics recently but only one girl was on and she was busy. I know it is an offshoot of Pine and Nirvana. Does anyone know which girls work there and can make recommendations?
  17. robnotbob


    Do a search here on Vanessa. I asked the same question a while back and got some responses.
  18. Evil_Twin


    I have been to Pines Center twice. First time saw Doris, about a 6. Second time saw Sandra, georgeous Colombian. Both times.6$ for 45 min. massage and $ for CBJ. Asked about fs and was told not available, but I get the impression it would be avail. after a few more visits.
  19. Crazyphingers


    Any recent experiences at The Pines Center, I have been thinking of going there
  20. dmdvdb


    Addendum to the CNJ Primer

    Thanks for the information. I must have a peak at some of the new places you mentioned.

    I wanted to add ttwo other places that I have visited over the past couple of years.

    First in New Brunswick, VIP Accupressure, they advertise in the Star Ledger, they are on easton ave about 6 miles from Easton Therapy.

    New place, two women working, Tina and Jackie I believe. Tina is about a 4 on a good day, but what she lacks in looks she most definitely makes up for in "customer focus". She is quite attentive and willing to please. She cleans you up, and dresses you once the massage is over. .6$ to get in, .4$ for HR gets you free roaming everywhere and even a bit of DATY, if you can manage to twist your body in the right angle. Last time I was there, she ventured into the land of prostate massage.....ewwwwwww...not my cup of tea but I guess i can say I done that.

    Jackie is better looking and equally as willing to please. In fact, she offered me a second cup the last time I was with her. Of course I had to oblige. Nice place, new , clean, table shower is fine. The location of the shower is a bit too close to the front door for me, but they put up a screen so it is discreet enough.

    Second is Float Place in Branchburg/Bridgeater (202 North). I believe they also advertise in the star ledger. Small place...I mean small place with shower (not table shower). Two women I have seen are Beth and Patty (I believe). Patty was a sweet young thing, not very into exploring, but so very nice and sweet. Beth, on the other hand, is in her mid thrities, and very much enjoys her work.... The interesting thing about Float is the tipping policy....there is not one..the women never discuss it and you leave whatever you feel is appropriate. That being said, I have always been giving them the industry standard. Yeah...they arre .6$ to get in.

    Anyway...hope to help you all make better decisions. I encourage others to provide their reviews of the new places or different girls at the same places.