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    The location was miserable to find. The policy had a section of ct. ave. blocked off so I had to detour and got totally lost. Wasted a lot of time. When I finally found the place, you had to walk up a little alleyway, which I liked for discretion purposes.

    Greeted warmly. No girls. Almost had to wait, but then one was available. On the way in, I spotted a short, hot, asian with died blond hair streaks. That wasn't what I got. Although mine was pretty good, I still asked if others were available. I gotta stop doing that...they don't like it and this may have affected my experience here.

    Of course, regular language barrier, but still kind of cold. Table shower had warm then cool water. I voiced my opinion. She tried to do her best. She did play with all the right places so I thought something was on the menu. Then she puts on these gloves, which I assuringly noticed were not latex or rubber, and gets these salts. Mixes them with water and I actually get a full body lufa (spelling?) scrub which took forever. At this point I realized I'm in for an actual massage. She puts me in the sauna with People Magazine to read and I finally warm up from the lukewarm table shower. Into the room and she sits me on a vibrating massage chair. Finally I have had enough abuse for one night and I get dressed and leave. Only damage was the house fee of $0.60. No tip was given, nor was it asked for. The only positive was my skin was really soft and smooth for the rest of the night, otherwise, very big waste of time and quite upsetting as I've done this for quite some time now and almost never have had this experience.
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