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Discussion in 'Southern NJ/Eastern PA ( Philly, Allentown...)' started by iceman4408, Jan 28, 2003.

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  1. Toreador


    Re: What you've experienced

    According to Dan's description Brianna is 5'6" and from pics looks thin. Might be your type.
  2. jackhenry


    What you've experienced

    is the classic executive-girls experience (EGE???) Girls are great, Dan's customer service skills certainly need honing, although I truly believe his heart is in right place. All in all, a great deal, notwithstanding the scheduling hassles. Glad you enjoyed yourself, I've heard some great things about his new girls. Trouble is, I'm so picky. For me it's a meet my minimum height requirement (5'6"). I love tall, thin women. Must be all those super models I used to date.
  3. iceman4408


    I'd have to agree. But still wondering if it is worth it.

    Here is how it went: called Dan at the appointed time. Couldn't get through right away. When I got him, he said he'd call me back in 5 minutes. He actually called me back in 3 minutes.

    Carli, the girl I was supposed to see, called out sick. (He could have called me earlier and told me, as I made the appointement yesterday.) But Megan was available in 45 minutes. (The least he could have done was have her ready at the appointed time as a replacement.) Reluctantly I agreed.

    He agreed to the extra half hour and I needed it.

    He actually called me 30 minutes later saying that Megan was there and ready. Ok. He said she was new.

    She's Amazing. 19yo, 5'4", probably ~110lbs, 32B. Real nice body, really cute face. Nice personality. Very accomodating.

    DFK for about 15 minutes, all over the suite. On the couch, her on my lap, on the bed. Slowly removing articles of clothing. DATY, BBBJ, CG, & DOGGIE. We were at it for almost an hour.

    Very good session. If this is the quality of all his girls, that is great. But is it worth the scheduling hassles?

    Dan, please get your act together. But I think I'll become a regular.
  4. jackhenry


    For all his faults

    Dan's the man!!
  5. iceman4408


    Well, I have an appointment today, and he offered a slight discount. I'd have preferred an extra half hour, but oh well. I'll give him a try.

    I'll report back this afternoon.
  6. c_note


    I have had the opertunity to use his service often. Your right , he does run a smooth operation. I guess his other business tends to get in the way sometimes, but he handles it well. Never had any probplem with his girls, they were all upscale and worth every penny.
  7. jackhenry


    I applaud your

    decision to leave. Sometimes you gotta say, "Enough already."

    I've come to expect at least a half-hour wait. Sometimes I'm fine with it, but often it's just plain annoying. I'd rather him tell me that I've got to wait 40 minutes or whatever than to have him tell me he'll "call me right back" just to wait, wait, and wait. It's a common fault of incall operations. They love to stack up the clients like airplanes over NYC during bad weather.

    There's a lot to be said about making your appointments early in the day. That's not always convenient. Dan sets his appointments for the hour on the hour and, of course, he's loath to call you about the inevitable traffic jam of clients because he feels it's better to keep you on the line than perhaps lose you to a reschedule. A client in the parking lot is worth two on tomorrow's schedule. Still, I give him credit for running a fairly smooth operation as a one-man band.

    Another thing he should be a little more cautious about is sending up a client when the previous client hasn't left yet. That's very uncomfortable. He once gave me the room number without tellng me that Romeo had not cleared out. Fortunately, without that confirmation, I called him back. That kept me out of a sticky situation. Not so fortunate for me later when I was just wrapping up when there was that heart-stopping knock at the door. So again, that's why, in general, I think incall stinks. But sometimes we have no choice, and, quite honestly, we get what we pay for.
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  8. iceman4408


    I haven't heard bad things about Dan's service in the Mount Laurel area, only good things, so I decided to make an appointment last Friday night. I'm wondering if anyone had any similar experiences with his service.

    The short story, he made me wait over an hour, is very hard to reach on his phone, and I left without ever seeing the girl. He seemed frustrated and said that he would make it up to me. I'll let everyone know how it pans out.

    Here is the long story:

    Last Friday night I called Dan to shcedule an appointment. Adrianna was working, so I said, Ok.

    Appointment made for 6:15. Try to call Dan around 6:10, can't get through. Over and over again, I finally get through at around 6:30. He said that she was running 15 minutes late. No problem. He'll call me on my cell.

    Waiting . . . try to call Dan back at around 6:40, still can't get through. Over and over again and finally connect. He seemed as frustrated as I was, but she is still in traffic on 295. She'll be there in 10 minutes and he'll call me.

    7:10, been trying to call Dan over and over again. Finally at 7:15, one hour after scheduled appointement time, I leave Dan a message telling him that I'm hitting the road and going home.

    7:35, Dan calls and says that she is there and waiting for me. I told him I left, and he was surprised that I didn't want to turn around. I was already up the Turnpike and was not going back.

    He said he'll make it up to me this week. I don't know what he has in mind. I'll keep you posted.