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    On craigslist, Wash DC: laydown and relax, allow her to take good care of you Oriental Spa 1716 I Street N.W. Wasshington D.C : Two zero Two – 2 2 3 – zero zero two five
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    Pitman, I'll be in DC on Wednesday. I'm not familiar with your 'Eye' street reference. That is a small street in DC. While not in DC often, I've have had supra experiences like going over the rainbow in the downtown. Clue me in if you please on your 'spot'. Thanks.
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    I had to get last weeks 21 Therapists washed away, so I headed to my location on I street in DC. I'm very happy I did. I arrived early. Happy about that two. Mamason recognizes me. I ask who is working. She said two names, new girls. I actually got a lineup! This meant they weren't busy. Once I saw both girls, who looked 8-9 I chose Didi. She was shorter, about 5'4" with implants that must've been 34C, if I had to guess. My perfect size of oriental. She was extremely appreciative that I chose her. Gave her a big hug and got some feel in, before paying house fee. Told me she was 27 which seemed accurate.

    Good TS. Attention to all the right places. No complaints. I love AMPs for this. Such a great warm up. Back in the room, she was ready to give me a massage, I just leaped/attacked her - I needed it bad. No problem, no massage, just down to business, but she then needed some time to get ready (clean herself up) and left me alone in the room. When she got back, I had close to 30 minutes, she started to undress with her back to me. Rubbed her behind into my crotch (nice). I started to massage her back and she started melting. I told her to lie down on the bed and I proceeded to give her a massage. I did my normal semi-firm massage and she's loving it. Her shoulders, arms, fingers...twisted her arm(s) so that she's playing with Mr. happy while I'm massaging her. Mr. happy is quite content on her ass-crack, balls are taken care of too. I tickle, drag my fingers down her back..lie down on her with my full bodyweight, grind her behind, move further down to Asia and go to down..all this while massaging her legs. My tongue is having a good time, I'm breathing hot air up her crack. I'm massaging her feet, I'm twisting her body. This goes on for quite a while. Finally flip her over and continue with DATY. Legs in the air, licking her hole, fingering her hole, even using my nose into her clit. Yes, weird, but when I grinded the top bridge of my nose into her clit, she started to gasp, maybe even came.

    Climbed on top, still no protection. Did some dry humping. My cock into her crotch onto her pubic bone. Missionary, my full weight on her, my nose right up to her mouth and she starts licking it! (after it was in her clit). That's a first. Offers me oil..I didn't get it as I still had no condom on...maybe it was for the dry humping. I certainly didn't want unprotected sex. I said something about a condom, so she put one on. Started to give me head, which was pretty good. Strong suction, no teeth. Eventually became 69 and I got her going again, so much so that her head she was giving me started to hurt, started to feel more teeth, but I put up with the inconvenience, or pain. It was sooooo good. She kept yelping every time I moved from her cunt to her ass.

    Reverse cowgirl was up next and I was feeling good. I was so in control, I counted about 100 strokes (yes, up & downs). She turned around and then lay on the bed for mish. Nothing doing, turned her perpendicular and got on the floor, put her legs on my shoulders and my hands on her implants (hard,
    too bad) and played with her nipples. Another 50-100 strokes (yes, still counting). She gets some more lube. Likes it, pumping a little faster. She's telling me to hurry up, soon out of time. That would be close to 30 minutes, then. Corkscrewed her, if that's a position. Turned her legs sideways to one side. Stuck my thumb up her ass while doing so. That was fun. Turned her over, started doggie while she was on the bed, I was standing. I was around 300 thrusts/strokes...I lost count. Going faster. Pulled her knees and legs out from under her and did the wheelbarrell (spelling?) position, holding her like I
    would a wheelbarrel and pumped about a nother six times and collapsed on her back. She thanked me right away. She was appreciative. I'm not sure if it was for the orgasms, or the massage. Probably both according to my ego.

    No hot towel, just helped me get dressed and I left. I was out of time, but I certainly got my money's worth. I regret not having done a couple other positions, such as cowgirls, but I've got something to look forward to on my next visit. Total damage was $0.60 house and $1 for Didi which she was content with. I gave the mamason good marks in front of her, so that should translate into even better service next visit. The girl has a very good body and I was very pleased with her performance, so high marks. I say 9.