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Discussion in 'DC & Baltimore / Maryland / Virginia / Delaware' started by pitman_nyc, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. pitman_nyc


    As with all the girls here, she had a terrific body. A 5'3" (like 5'7" with heels) 28 yr. old Korean, slim. Small double chin. Flashy eye-lashes. Almost flat chested, she couldn't pronounce her given "Downtown" name which was kind of funny. She was very pleasant, and a little playful. TS was good, paying attention to all the necessary parts. In the room, she gave me a very good massage which seemed to take forever. I mean a real deep and strong oriental massage. I let her lead but gave a couple indications that I wanted more. Since, nothing happened, I just sat back and enjoyed the massage. Finally, after what seemed forever, she said "you ready now?". Of course, that's why I came, I thought. She kissed my nipples, my chest, stomach, the insides of my thighs, my balls and finally put on a condom and gave me a CBJ. She could get most of me in her mouth but was going to fast. So I stopped her and just said 69. She was very, very clean. No problems down below. She liked my talented tongue, evidence: moaning, and never got around to doing her part of the 69 position, which I didn't like. Finally went to Asia and at got a gasp out of her. Changed positions, she used some lube at this point, and we were facing each other, sitting. Did a few strokes and then she laid completely flat while I was still sitting. That's when I realized how flat chested she was. Nice budding nipples. Played with her feet, my face, toes in mouth, legs in the air, closed. Turned her legs to the left and she was on her side, for a little bit then finished with some doggie.

    Nice slim Korean bod and she did the job, but I've had better, more wild experiences with other girls in AMPs, so I'd rate this as almost below average, but which is better than anything else I've done outside of AMPs here to date. I'll go back, but not ask for Beth. Here's the fun part: Never discussed money and she never asked. When I offered up a tip she indicated to leave it on the bed. Which I did. Now I'm trying to keep the price as low as possible, so I can go more frequently. I had .8 prepared with an extra .2 in case of an argument. House fee was .6. So, total damage was 1.4. I guess I got a new girl or perhaps, newer girl? Next time, I'll try leave .6 and see if they come running after me. Also, let's see how I'm greeted upon my return. Then again, maybe there's no complaining on Monday nights, prob. their slowest night but the night that I need it most. It just kills me that upon leaving the mamasan asks me how the girls was and because I'm leaving satisfied after cuming, I'm feeling so good and relaxed, I don't answer that question well. I always say very good. I'll have to improve on that...and give more solid feedback.