Review: Ginza Spa in Atlantic City

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by henry d, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. Saddle


    henry are my hero..I've done the same thing in similar situations
  2. ZagatMP


    LOL this is one of the most funniest ive read. she got wat was coming to her...Maybe when i go to AC next time, I'll get shit faced and go there to pound the living shit out of her too. LOL..
  3. tits$ass


    I guess you didn't leave a tip!

    Sweet Jesus, she went back to mamasan and stated, "Hre rearry fuck me, too hard, me go back to Rockrand County, no fucking there!"
  4. NoBiscuit


    This is one funny story. Way to jackhammer that hole.
  5. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy

    The bitch should have thanked you.
  6. SlickWilly


    That, my friend, is the definition of fucking the shit out of someone. I think next time you're in A.C., you should call, ask for the Mamasan, tell her you want to make an appointment and ask for her by name. Then go there and watch her squirm out of the appointment.
  7. suddanlyknot


    way to go Henry.. maybe you should take a pass.. there are too many fs amps in AC to be treated that way.. don't be intimidated.. walk out.. and.. be safe
  8. Al Kikuras

    Al Kikuras

    Give her time:

    In a few days, after she throws all her money away at the casino, She'll be begging for a High Speed Hump, to build up her bank.
  9. akm495


    I think you need to go back just to see the look on her face.
  10. mellowyellow008


  11. blane17


    im laughing my ass off.
  12. henry d

    henry d

    Had some business in Atlantic City this week, and hit the Ginza Spa. Tried to get some current info from the board, noone responded so I went for it...

    Ginza was 1 block off of Atlantic Avenue, 5 minutes from my hotel. Tennessee street.

    Got there around midnight, let in by a 30'ish K-gal with big fake tits, a little belly, and very pretty face with a sweet smile. Face an 8.5, body a 6, maybe 7 for the hooters.

    Inside, she kept asking if i had been there before, and as always I lie and say sure. $60 for the house, and she immediately asks for an additional $140...Usually in Philly or there abouts i pay $150/$160 so I balk. She stands firm, and i kinda like the assertive type, so I cough it up. Might have been the three martini's I knocked down at the Red Square, but I didn't care.

    Kinda rough on the table shower, very into the inspection, tugging and pulling, I knew it was going to go downhill from here. Back in the room she goes right for the cover? I'm f'ing limp and she's going for the cover? I'm like whoa, slow down, she says no, no, gotta cover. I sit back and she proceeds to give me a very first class cbj, lots of suction, slurping, very deep, very nice. OK, I was wrong on that one.

    Asked to see her pussy for a 69, she says, no good, dirty! ok... Turned her over and did what I usually do if the gal is being a douchebag. I fuck the shit out of them. I got her ankles in the air, holding her knees up to her chest and just plowed away. She's a bit startled, but probably thinks I'm going to blow a nut quickly so she just starts moaning. 5 minutes into a very, very serious plowing and she starts giving me the look like "What am I doing!" I've got world class stamina and tell her i just need to fuck her hard to come. I give her a break and let her legs down, but then reach around and grab her ass and start plowing away again. She's screaming at this point and I give her another 10 minutes or so and then slow it down and busted my nut.

    I get off of her and she's totally a mess, her hair, her face is red, her eye makeup running. She tells me "Never come back" very seriously and then gets me a towel to wash up. Once more she tells me "Never come back" I have her call a taxi for me and she makes me go up to the waiting room to wait. I tell her thanks, and she says once more "never come back", as I chuckle to myself that she got what she had coming to her for being such a bitch. Don't get me wrong, I'm not abusive, but 15-20 minutes of hard-core pounding totally frazzled her.

    The place is dumpy, very typical amp. I'd go back if i'm in town, but wouldn't repeat with this gal. I was too drunk to remember her name, but she was very pretty.