Review: Giselle visiting from Texas

Discussion in 'Shemale / Trannsexual' started by Danny Partridge, May 15, 2006.

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  1. Danny Partridge

    Danny Partridge

    Saw an ad with now photo and *****ed asking for a pic. She sent one and it looked ok, and she was willing to do a cheap session ($100) so I figured why not? She's staying up in Yonkers in a small seedy apartment with som efriend of hers (who stay in the bedroom while your doing it on the sofa). She's definitely the one from the pic she sends, but hasn't really bothered to make herself up. Her tits are large, very nice, and seemed to be natural. Looks wise, though, aside from the tits, she's just ok.

    First sign things were not going to be great was when she answered the phone. Second thing was when she told the guy she’d be ready in about 15 minutes. To some extent, the
    Rest of the session was doomed at that point; perhaps I would have made something more out of it, but…………………………

    She did offer BBBJ, she got semi hard, she wasn’t unpleasant in any way. But I just can not say I give this one a thumbs up. However, if your tits guy looking for a cheap session, you mat have some interest

    512 797-2449