REVIEW: Hackensack (Took One For Team)

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by NJnycommute, Dec 31, 2005.

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  1. ticklevids


    same thing here... nothing extra.. nothing offered. sucked.
  2. northtime


    I was there a couple of years ago. Okay massage and r&t from a slightly overweight latina. Nothing special, I never went back.
  3. NJnycommute


    Ace- Your review from 2003!!! was dead on. Exactly my experience. (Of course, like an idiot, I didn't ask enough questions before the massage, and wasted my time and "uncle rico's sweet moolah." And your experience & reviewe was a whole TWO YEARS AGO!!! Wow. Thanks, Ace. Wished I was around then to know all the places...
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  4. aceofclubs26


    That the best excuse you could come up with?

    I reviewed this place a while back. I guess not much has changed...
  5. sponge boob

    sponge boob

    Bait and Switch

    Saw the same ad in the BR website. Drove down there and parked on main St. Once I walked to the back of the building which was a deserted old parking lot I was already suspicious and skeptical. I knocked on an old rusty metal door and was greeted by the same lady described in the posts above. Nice large [size=+2]grande tetos[/size] :eek: (as my Hispanic buddy says) but that’s about it. The place looked unsanitary to say the least. Since I had bad vibe about the outcome I asked her if she undresses during the massage. She replied: NO. I told her that I left my car headlights on and will be right back and left the damn place. :mad:
  6. smb


    NJny - thanks for the heads up.
  7. NJnycommute


    Temp & JetsMets: Thank you SO Much for posting! I'm glad to confirm that I didn't do or say something that made her think that I was LE... WTF??? I was SURE I was getting something good... Oh well. Back to the AMPs, I guess. (I'm still on the lookout for a Hackensack/FtLee area true Rmp). Thanks guys!
  8. nyjetsmets


    Been there, done that

    My experience was exactly the same as noted in previous posts. Excellent massage but that's all you'll get. Take it for what it is, a very good massage with no extras

  9. Temporary123


    I got the real scoop

    She is very pretty. Tall, Dark, beautiful body...Egyptian.

    She is located on Main street in the back of a beauty salon. She does make you go through the back door (green I beleive). Just to further convince you that I've seen her...she does answer the phone a million times. (it is a white panasonic cordless that she has on her belt with a handfree kit). When you call she gives all the signals and even tells you they have european type women.

    I thought the enviornment was OK, she does give a damn good massage...but she is purely professional. She uses the whole adult thing as a form of advertising. She use to give massage in a basement apartment off of Spring Ave in Hackensack. I mean a basement apartment!!! You'd think you were golden. Never even tried to touch me "down there".

    The last time she started talking about sex lives to me and how Italian men are so good, me being Italian took that as a sign, she again didn't act on anything! When I took the towel off my backside she put it right back on and said "don't do that again"! I'm usually very nice about not getting what I want, but I had a couple of words with her and never returned. I told her she shouldn't lead men on because everyone thinks they are getting something extra when they is just a matter of time before a rape or something occurs. She said she can't see how.

    Oh well...
  10. neilz


    I doubt she thought you were LE, especially since you were naked when she came back in the room.
    Sometimes, there really is nothing like a good massage.
  11. bushleaguer

    bushleaguer The CDC

    Thanks for the review.

    From what I can tell by your review, the only rationale could be that she became spooked by thinking you were LE. As you said, there's no way that she could have thought you were LE, but you never know what is running through someone else's mind. Perhaps you had what she believes to be an LE look about you....who knows. Certainly by your description it sounds like, at the least, a R&T place.

    Thanks to avoid, it sounds like.
  12. NJnycommute


    I previously posted wondering if anyone tried this place, before being clear about the rules (SORRY!!!). So I took one for the team, and went myself. I suppose that's the way it should be.
    It's online under "ADULT SERVICES" on the BR website... Well, it's not an adult service. My five year old nephew could have gone there.

    When you call, you speak with a woman with a very strong accent. Everybody who calls has her repeat the location at least twice. (I learned that because she answers the phone during sessions. Even if the phone rings, and I'm not exaggerating here, SIX times during a 45 minute session.)

    You're instructed to go through the back door. That SHOULD be a signal that the place is offerring at least more than a simple massage. Nope.

    When I went, I was led through the back, where there's a small waiting area, and then into the massage room. It actually looks like a legit place, various oils on shelves, a towel warmer in the room, even hot oil, but nothing is clean. No fresh towel on the table, and no fresh covering on the facehole. (Facehole is, unfortunately, nothing dirty, just the hole on the end of the massage table where you put your face.)

    She leaves you there alone for a moment to undress, and then asks if you're ready. She can ask you this because the walls don't go up to the ceiling. When she comes in, you're totally naked. ANOTHER signal that it's not totally legit, some room for excitement perhaps? Nope. (At a legit spa they tell you to get under the sheet.) She comes in and immediately puts a towel on the appropriate parts.

    Very oily, better-than-decent Swedish Massage. On the flip, standard chest, abs massage- felt very good.

    Then it's over. I've never had to ask this before, and certainly would never ask at a legit place, but I asked, "Um, if I gave you a tip, would you, uh, finish-" then she cuts me off and says, "I don't work with tips, sorry." No smile.

    I'm thinking, did I read all the signs wrong?
    1. On the BR online, posted under ADULT SERVICES (not simply, massage therapy, but ADULT SVC massage therapy)
    2. Backdoor entrance
    3. Anwers her own phone
    4. Clearly no care for the NJState health code for spas, massage parlors
    5. .5 fee (a real professional massage should have been at least .6-.7

    What does everybody here think? I'm telling all of you, there is NO chance she refrained from any usual fun because I was a firsttimer or thought I was LE.
    Face= 4
    Body= 7 (larger side, but beautiful rack that I would have LOVED to enjoy)
    Massage= truly professional (unfortunately) 7