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Discussion in 'New York' started by naquin, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. ChuckUFarlie


    Wow this place is still around? I remember when they were on 26th and 7th. When I first went back in 2001, they had a surprisingly hot selection of East Europeans. I remember Barbi or Bobbi was very very hot, Suzie had a great ass and there were a few others whose name I can't recall. I always paid the 120 then worked out the rest with the girl, usually 60-120 more. A couple times the owner or manager (whose English wasn't that good but was able to call me a "Pain in da ASS" clearly) would alert me as to what girls were more open. I even utilized the cheap bondage equipment on some old Hungarian broad Pamela who while not the best looker of the bunch was able and willing to take whatever you could dish out. She would often leave the room with my cum in her hair and a smile on her face. She was really a nice woman, even told me my tip was too much and insisted on giving some back.
    Last time I went, they were on the 41st and 7th location and the selection was just 1 strung out white junkie and a couple fat black chicks. So I hadn't bothered to return. Anybody know if Pamela is still around or any of the hot east europeans?


    Thumbs Down! Way Down!

    read the above post #44 for a different take on what to exspect.

    Here is my take:

    I called at 2:30am Saturday morning and was told they had 9 girls and the half hour rate was 120. I was impressed to find 9 girls at this hour, and for 120.

    The Madam gave me a great description of all nine girls. Blonds, Blacks, Latinas.

    I asked about Adeline (as per this thread and "great" review). I was told that she was not working this week. The Madam said I should come by tomorrow night for a much better selection of thin, young beautiful Spanish girls.

    I was horny and I was impressed with the Madams seemingly honest advice. I told her I would come over.

    I took the subway to West 50th and walked to 3rd Ave. I called again about maybe 3:30am. When I called again the Madam gave me the specifics. I walked to the top floor to find a skanky setup. No bed just a low standing long leather cushioned table. The rooms are small, skanky and bare with pop start posters.

    I had mentioned a fear of tip requests both times I called and now the Madam asked me if I was the one who did not want to be bothered with tip hassles.

    She told me to get undressed and tap the door when I was naked. I got naked and tapped the door. She returned and told me that she told the girls no tip hassles. She closed the door and told me the girls would come to the room and I should pick the one I want.

    One by one a different fat ugly skanky girl would come to the door open it and say "hi", "my name is _ _ _ _ _ _". Then shut the door. Three seconds later it would repeat until I got the full lineup of nine 1's, and 2's, and maybe one 3.

    The Madam came back and I told her I would come back for Adeline. She had no problem with my not wanting to take any of the girls that she had working at that time. She said Adeline would be working tomorrow. I asked her how that is if she already told me Adeline would not be back till next week. She said she just rescheduled her.

    I returned the next day at 7:35pm. I called at 7pm and I was told by a younger sounding Madam that I should arrive at 7:30 to see Adeline. I called again at 7:35pm and was told she was busy, and if I called back at 8pm she would be available. I called again at 8pm and was told to come up.

    This time the host was younger but the routine was the same. Small bare skanky room, get naked, tap on the door.

    I told this hostess that the lady from the night before assured me that I would not be hassled for tips.

    She looked at me like I was crazy and half cocked her head as if to say "what", "Na-ha"!!!!!

    I laid back on the skanky table and anticipated the reviewed hottie. The door opens and a fat young latina say's "hi" with a smile, shuts the door and returns to wherever.

    She said a name that was not Adeline so that eased my confusion. I minutes or two pass and the door opens again. "Hi. I'm Adeline". This girl had a plain ordinary cute face with unappealing urban curly hair. From the waste up she was a fairly normal urban latina with just a few extra pounds. She probably has never had a problem getting an Urban Latino boyfriend but she would have a hard tome making money at a strip club.

    From the waste down she was an entirely different person. Wide, and blubbery.

    She looked like she may have had nice small perky breasts?

    She asked me how I knew about her and I said a friend named John told me about her. She said John who? I said I don't, just some guy who works in the same building as me. She said you don't know him or he is your friend. I said I know him because we have worked in the same building for years and people who work in the same building for many years get to know each other. She said ok and walked out of the room. I was happy thinking I was going to get turned away.

    The younger Madam comes back and asks me what kind of service I am looking for. I said "full-service'. She say's we only do fetish, fantasy, and roll play... no sex. I said that is not true and she quickly came back with, "yes it is true".

    I happily got up and started to get dressed. I was very happy that I did not have to squirm my way out of this shit-hole. Still getting dressed with my happy smile I see some kind of product in the small dresser draw that is slightly open, I open it and it is a vagina lube of some kind. I tap on the door again to get the host to come to the room. She opens the door and I point to the vagina lube, I laugh without a word. She smiles and begins to shut the door, then she opens again and says that is for dilldo fantasy shows.

    This turned out very well for me because this failure pushed me to call a number that I had been hesitating calling and I am sure would have lost or discarded in a few days or week if I was not in the East 50's and horny right at that moment.

    The number I called turned out to be Hot 22 year old Cuban girl with great tits, sexy long fingers and nails and a big happy smile. FS for 160 in a very clean apartment.

    I'll review her in a different thread.

    The girls from CooKoos Nest where allot better then most of these girls. If you took Dumbartons lineup on a very bad night and eliminated the top five girls, the remaining selection I think would be better then this place.
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  3. jjred675


    guys, i have repeatedly reviewed this place and its girls on UG. i found them over two years ago. they were first on 5th ave and 30th in 2004. then they moved to 40th or 41st between 6th and 7th later in 2004 and part of 2005. then to the spot on 33rd. it's always been $120 for the house and $60 for the girl for FS for half an hour or $140 for the house and (still) $60 for the girl for fs for the full hour. the house tells the girls what to charge. complaining about any girl that tries to get more WILL get you results.

    the decorations and "furniture" have moved from each place. they have these crappy tables/beds with faux black leather covering in each room, a chair, radio, candy bowl, fan and pictures of britney spears and other such celebs on the walls. one room always has some bondage contraption.

    the girl to see is "spice" aka renault. she is the best service i have ever had. bbbj, fs and lets you blow on her rack or in her face, but not in her mouth. she has pierced labia and nipples and a very thick ass. she's a black/latina girl in her mid to late twenties with a VERY good attitude. I have been with virtually every girl in the place including the door girls. it is run by an older eastern euro woman. i forget her name. once you know her, she is very pleasant.

    they advertise in the local free newspapers all the time. you can't miss it. i'm actually shocked that this place is just starting to get attention. it's the best setup in the city that i've found and i've been doing this for ages. on any given day or night you'll have 4-10 young women paraded before you to choose from.

    i'm also surprised it hasn't been shut down. once i got locked in a room with a girl when cops came in to question a girl whose boyfriend was involved in some sort of crime. it was nerve wracking waiting for them to leave. the cops totally know what's going on and based on what i've been told, the business is raided from time to time in all it's locations. they move periodically when the heat becomes too great.

    as for china, i nailed her bb several times two years ago. she was the roommate of some tall awkward looking white girl that also works there.


    I'll try to make an appointment this coming week and I'll try to add what I can to this thread.
  5. Harmony Memories

    Harmony Memories Guest

    OK, that's fine. Now we know the scoop on this place.

    My only point was that since a tip is "required" for any service, this place apparently differs from the classic Incall model (ex-Julies. old Executive Club, Body Heat, etc) where you would pay a set fee, and be guarenteed service for that amount. If you thought you got good service , or wanted anything really extra (like Greek or BBBJ in some places) then you would tip. Obviously, if the girls here want a tip before doing anything, than I can see how a guy could end up haggling, which is something I personally prefer not to do in these circumstances
  6. naquin


    So, anyone check it out?
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  7. naquin



    You now what?

    By now you have enough details. I've recounted, basically, every single thing I remember about the experience. This ain't the witness stand in a criminal trial. And I'm not hear to hold your hand all the way up the stairs, to help you choose the right girl, show you how to pay the lady, and guide your semi-soft pecker into her twat.

    It's an incall in the city, man. It's not a secret club or an exclusive spa, but a dirty little whorehouse that advertises brazenly in the local weeklies. A flat fee gets you the time with the girl in the room. I imagine that most, if not all of that money goes to the house. The tip is whatever the ho wants to get from you for the service your want: from handjob to FS to Greek. Like almost any place, the service depends on the specific girl you choose.
  8. vermeer


    it's a chinese accounting office. you come to do your taxes, and you get a hj on the side. next time you deal with a chinese accountant, wink and say "big refund" while pointing down at your cock. they'll set you up with one of the girls in the room behind the curtain.



    I don't know how I did not see your next reply answering some questions.

    Can you tell us is it a massage place, a whorehouse, or something else? The guys who go, what do they think of it as, a massage place, a whorehouse, or something else?

    The $120 must pay for something! Does the $120 pay for nothing?

    Is it a small room with a massage table or is it a bed?


    You created allot of confusion and that caused us to ask questions.

    Your reply was self serving. Ok we understand you now (not that we needed to). You cleared up none of the confusion.

    Do you think you can clear up a few things by answering some of the questions?

    Or give a better description of what this place is all about (not what you are all about).


    Sorry if this seams harsh just trying to be clear.
  11. DaveNJ


    My experience has been the more of a regular you are (assuming they are not very busy and there is more than one girl available) you get to pick. I go to Ginja in Stamford, CT often enough that mamasan knows me (even the new mamasan) and lets me see a line-up if enough girls are available. Problem is, Ginja is ususally pretty busy, at least when I go so it doesn't happen that often. Plus, the crop only changes so often so I usually know who I want to see before I get there and I just make sure she is available for me.

    Best way to deal with it as a newbie to a place is read enough reviews on the current crop of girls and pick from the reviews. Just call up and ask if she's available. Means you either have to lie about having been there before which can be a problem because the girl will usually know she hasn't seen you before. Or you can just say that your "friend" saw her last week and recommended you make an appointment with her. Usually works for me.
  12. Harmony Memories

    Harmony Memories Guest

    OK- Just wanted to know how they worked. So you have to bargain a bit to get what you want ?

    I've not really been to many Asian places, only one time. What turns me off is the impression I get from a lot of reviews that I've read is that you don't really get to pick which girl you want, but that usually one is assigned to you. For those that frequent these places, is that true generally ? I'm used to the classic Incall places (or even Underground joints) where the choice is entirely up to you . Any thoughts ?????
  13. RuffToy


    Once again the topic of "150 is too much for this" "160 is too much for that"...

    Holy fucking shit already. Never let anyone tell you how to spend your own $. If Angelina Jolie was selling BJ or CBJ, for that matter, for $1500. all you cheapskates would be mortgaging your home to get one.
  14. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    nope, now i totally disagree with you. if you walked out happy as a pig in shit, as you seemed you did, totally satisfied with her look, her tight little ass, her body, her new attitude, then 150 bucks is a small price to pay for such happiness and satisfaction. Ive paid triple that and been totally dissatisfied, so your 150 is nothing for making a good day.
  15. naquin



    Just to answer a few questions:

    $120 simply gets you the half hour. The rest is extra. The "tips" are required for the service. I've gotten a bj for $20, but she insisted on $30.

    And yes, they do offer FS, though I don't know what the price is.

    I agree that the Asian places are cheaper. They just...don't do much for me.

    I know that $150 is a mighty chunk of change for a cbj. I'm just a little too lazy and comfortable to do some serious shopping.
  16. wyot1


    I agree the latina options in midtown are bad - getting a hot latina should be as easy as pie, but it ain't, hot asians are much easier to come by. Or on.
  17. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    Im not commenting on the price you paid, I enjoyed the review and all, thought it was nice of you to share.

    But I gotta think, since manhattan is so fucking crowded with people, and the escorts know this, theres gotta be so many more options in manhattan than anywhere in the five boroughs.

    If I was in Nebraska, Id expect to pay 5 times as much for a slim Latina with a good attitude.

    If I was in SanPaolo, Id probably land a Giselle wannabe for 50 bucks a night, but in New york, where there arent many, Id pay 20 times that for a few hours.

    Id think slim Latinas are plentiful in Manhattan, shit, for years none of the visiting escorts ever ventured out of Manhattan, out of fear of crossing the river.
    Shit, the brazilians I met thought bklyn was another fucking country, didnt think ny consisted of anything but manhattan.
    Plus, lunchtime, there must be 100 times more customers for these girls than in a place like Queens. Id think the competition would drive down prices to get that lunch crowd in for a quick rub and tug, or whatever you guys call it.
  18. justlooking


    This doesn't sound like a normal full-service brothel type place. It sounds more like one of those role-play or massage places where most customers don't go there looking for full service (or even blow jobs), and while such services are available, each girl sets her own limits and negotiates her own rates.
  19. gg2002


    I'm confused too. What does the 120 get you? just entrance?
  20. Harmony Memories

    Harmony Memories Guest

    hey...whatever works for you. go for it
    My only question was would the girls do anything unless you agree on a tip upfront? Most Incall places that I've been to do not operate like that