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Discussion in 'New York' started by bangertoo, Aug 26, 2006.

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  1. bangertoo


    Interesting ...

    Setting aside the board's desire for more ads .... As I said, she's not on CL anymore, had lost cell phone/contacts, ad was up short term, keeps limited big tipping crew (according to her), so my public post meter calls it private, even if there is info elsewhere, all due respect to C9, and C #20.

    BTW: are u fellas reading a different board than me, one with a lot of full digits posted? Sharing should be expected, and because I did, u guys have some good info and can find this tail. Fact is, plenty there, and I'd bet at least one unhelpful UG lurker has already made a little effort, and is filling up Shea's ...... calendar. Regretably, making it a little harder for them also makes it less hassle free for all.

    Ur free to act otherwise ... and maybe that's in fact what u regularly do?
  2. firecracker


    As posted by Cloud Nine:

    "CONTACT INFORMATION IS PERMITTED WHEN YOU ARE WRITING A LEGITIMATE REVIEW. I use the term "legitimate" because if you are writing a fluffy shill piece or a review about a banned escort/agency then don't come crying to me when you get banned.

    Here is what I believe should be in every review (I will go into further detail of each element in future posts):

    1) Contact info (post whatever is advertised, I do understand that you may have an escort that gives you a private phone number, I'm not asking you to post that)
    2) How you found out about her services.
    3) Description of escort (also, does she match her pictures?)
    4) Description of location (again, if it is a private locale, then just give basics and not details)
    5) Description of your expectations
    6) Description of services provided
    7) Fees and tips given
    8) Whether this was your first experience with this agency/escort and if you plan on seeing again
    9) Whether your expectations were met"

    So, go ahead and give the contact info.
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  3. bangertoo


    Just guessing, but Slink might prefer an ad here instead ...
  4. slow and easy

    slow and easy

    Nice informative review. Although some sort of link would be a great help. Searched the obvious " Independent Shea " and got zilch.

    slow and easy
  5. bangertoo


    AMPS rule, but every now and then .... found petite, caramel Shea on CL, and following my own self inflicted rule, sought out reviews, found more than one positive comment (a single is not a run, right?). First call, she picked up, sweet voice, pleasant and eager, definitely peaked my interest, but was not doing "in" that day .... that changed a couple days later, she uses a very nice mid town hotel, and bit the bait. Pics were pretty mucn on, attractive (she also dances at a Mhtn club, selective nights, where extras are apparently available), very small top, a bit more cheek than shown, fine by me. Waisted no time, dfk, very oral (all safe), eager to go into new positions, and no rush, even causual and very talkative/instructive on what she likes. Then, got a new one for me ... she was getting hot herself, and described the impending potential problem, adding "want to see?" Now, I'm thinking, just go with the flow, this is a very open, very show oriented young thing ... why should I refuse her pleasure? So, off to the bathroom for a hotel issue towel, positioned just so, and in short order, my finger(s) were guided to her promised land, letting me know all the while how many to use, and when it was just right. Despite petite-ness, this girl is built to take, and enjoys, large things. Anyway, the river flows, things get cleaned up, and we're soon back to doggie to finish things up. My head is spinning a bit after all this, not my usual encounter. And, not sure when I might repeat, primarily because of the asian alternatives (maybe now is the time?) But, there was also one negative - despite my effort to be first of the day, I was not, and she could have been fresher, just enough to make me hesitate on next time ... overall, very easy to book (at that time), very friendly, very accommodating, and no haggling ... I was there 1.5, and did leave a healthy xtra, but that was my call, no issue raised on gift expected. As an aside, to my knowledge, no longer using CL, she was there after losing her cell, trying to reconnect with regulars, and make new friends, may well be doing fine without new business. If 2+ bills is your range, would recommend for above average looks, well above average attitude and (ahem...) performance.