Review-JAY at Downtown - Avoid BOTH

Discussion in 'DC & Baltimore / Maryland / Virginia / Delaware' started by Jeffrey, May 28, 2006.

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  1. pitman_nyc


    You should search for the past 100 days and read my prior reviews.

    On another note, at Oriental Spa on I st: Candy: NO. Annie: YES!
  2. Jeffrey


    To Pitman

    Thanks for concurring. Consistant bad service needs to be made known;
    particularly when it happens at a previously well known and liked amp
    such as Downtown was.

    When you purchase a faulty product, you return it.

    When an Amp becomes a consitant ripoff, all you can do is post and hope
    people read about it. In most cases, our money is hard earned, and the
    hobby always was expensive.

    I would not hesitate to do what my friend did, when service is so subpar,
    leave without tip and even complain and try to get house money back, though
    that is most unlikely. What can they do to you? Call the police and turn themselves in for prostitution?

    There is always a certain amount of trust at an Amp, Koreans are generally
    most honest people; this new constant ripoff at Downtown is set by
    management and practiced by their providers to turnover more customers
    in a day, more house money, more provider tips.

    This could end the Golden Goose at Downtown.
  3. pitman_nyc


    Thanks for the advise. I've posted about 3 reviews my last experience being a negative one that has kept me away. I've grown quite comfortable with the I street location.
  4. Jeffrey


    Downtown Spa in DC has had a great reputation until recently.
    Both performance and the hottest, best looking Korean women.
    They all looked like Miss Koreas.

    Starting this year the 60 minutes sessions have gone to 30 to 40 minutes max. This includes non-busy slow times.

    Also, the women have started minimal performance.
    Downtown women look hot but they now perform like frigid wives.
    Reason for this is unknown, but likely new owners, greed by owners and
    women to make more money faster; 2 customers in 60 minutes rather
    than one.

    I saw Jay twice in 2005 and it was great! Over 70 minutes each time
    and everything on the menu. Recently, with the new 30 minutes rule
    and hands-off policy, there has been an informal boycott in DC of Downtown.

    A friend was going to DC and asked for recommendations; I recommended
    (and still do both Royal and Happiness), I also said there was a really cute
    woma (Jay) at Downtown, just be sure to ask mamasan for full 60 minutes.

    Well, things have changed not only with Downtown but also JAY; My friend
    visited on a week day at a non-busy time. He got Jay but no kissing, stay
    away from the breasts, stay away from the belly, stay away from the thighs,
    no DATY, just fu*k; He said it was the worst amp experience of his life.

    After 20 minutes of no this and no this and no that and Korean words of complaint and hissings, he got up and walked out with no tip. Lost the $60 house money.

    So I guess Jay must think she is so popular that she does not have to
    do anything anymore. Just show up and collect $100.

    After my friend cooled off, he went to Royal Spa and had a great time.
    The girl had no complainst and really liked him. My friend is good looking
    and kind.

    So moral of the story is stay away from Downtown and stay away from
    JAY wherever she works.