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Discussion in 'DC & Baltimore / Maryland / Virginia / Delaware' started by sailingwhiteguy, Jul 5, 2006.

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    Similar Disappointments

    I went to I-street based on fairly good reviews, but received medicore service from a very thin and enhanced girl. Couldn't understand her name even after several attempts. mid-20's, wavy long hair, very firm b-cups, belly button ring. She was actually a nice person, and even made some funny small talk toward the end, but she acted like a person who was completely faking any enjoyment, and really didn't want to be working in a FS AMP. She did all the typical stuff, but without any passion or play. That settles it - back to CH2 in Philly.
  2. sailingwhiteguy


    This was an interesting trip for me. I had never been to Oriental Spa on I street so I thought I’d give it a try. This was reinforced by recent posts on UG saying that my normal haunt (Downtown Spa) was getting too cold for the casual hobbyist. I had to call when I arrived because I couldn’t find any sign identifying the place. Mamasan told me that it was upstairs from the “Eye Bar.” (1716 I St). She wasn’t kidding. I arrived at about 9:15PM and there weren’t many people there, but it really was your every day average bar/club (it even had velvet ropes). I went to the top of the stairs and found the AMP. The sign near the door didn’t say Oriental Spa… something like TK good wellness or the like.

    Incidentally, this place is less than a block away from the Farragut North Metro stop (18th and I St). It has easy access for those of you using the mass transit. There is also a Sun Trust ATM less than a block away, across the street on corner of 17th and I St (across from Farragut Square).

    Once upstairs, Mama led me to a room - average and clean, but it only had one mirror, and it wasn’t facing the bed. That was the first disappointment.

    After sitting in the folder chair for a few minutes, a cute Korean girl named Jay (nice tits… C and real, bubbly but and nice skin. I’d give her an 8 overall) came in and took the “money for the house.” So I gave her the $.6. She took it and disappeared for about 5 minutes.

    When she returned, she took me into the “shower” for the rub down. This was a great wash; she paid a lot of attention to my bung hole. That was enjoyable and she could tell that I liked it, so she kept going back to the spot.

    After the wash down she led me back to the room and gave me a FBSM. That lasted for about 20 mins, and was average. Some Korean girls really know how to rub you the right way. Jay wasn’t the best, but also wasn’t the worst. She was very detail oriented and hit every inch of my body.

    After the massage, she asked me what I wanted and I said “everything.” She then undressed and rubbed her self all over me, kissed my entire back… then finished with some Asian. Not bad and a first for me.

    She then rolled me over, grabbed a bottle of lube, and repeated the mouth message on the front of my body spending a lot of time on my two little boys (what is that BBBL?). She also sucked on the bottom part of my shaft for a long time but never went to the head. By this time, as you can probably imagine, I wanted to bang the shite out of her.

    Finally, she slipped on a jimmy for a CBJ. That was actually pretty good; in fact, it led to my second disappointment. I thought she had grabbed the lube to fix herself up. Instead, she grabbed it and lubed up my arse. G’damn, I thought, Dr. Jay is gonna rub the ol’ prostate. To my dismay, however, she only lubed me up and rubbed a few times down there. Disappointed, I tried to pull away for the FS, but she pushed me down and started cranking away harder on my pole. This sent me over the edge unexpectedly and it all ended there.

    So, I’m a bit disappointed. I would have settled for a little finger in the poop shoot and a CBJ. That, or FS… but I got neither. All for $.

    The crappy stuff didn’t end there. Remember how I said that this place was at the top of an actual club called the “Eye Bar?” Well, when I left, the place was hopping; thumping music and lots of patrons hanging out in the stairwell. There was now also a big black bouncer at the entrance checking IDs. A line had formed about 8 people long and I had to weave and push my way through to leave. This isn’t really the discreet type of hobbying place I’m look for. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be going back there.

    YMMV. Good luck to all of you and happy 4th of July!