REVIEW: Jenn from Monmouth County (Long Branch)

Discussion in 'Craigs list & Backpage' started by ownif2, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. MCM6969


    I visited two bjs and she swallows every drop she is awesome!
  2. miss1971

    miss1971 <b>SILVER</b>

    what a shocker!...perhaps if you catch her E-A-R-L-Y...its fresher!!!
  3. RuffToy


    Women are like never pass one up when they're offered to you because you never know when they'll become an ATF.

    However, when the wrapper is flaking off, when the tobacco smells bad, you just gotta say "no thanks"
  4. wheninvegas2005


    I'm sure you were thinking "best bj I have ever had'
  5. RuffToy


    On second thought never mind. Stretch marks, saggy tits, bad breath.....WTF was I thinking!?!?!??!?
  6. solnaweb2


    I have been a long timer to this site but never posted. When I saw these reviews of Jen I needed to state my opinion. I first met Jen when she was working with an agency. I meet her in a parking lot of a hotel near keyport. When I first met her I thought she look fine. We got in the room talked a bit about kids, of all things and than down to business. I almost fell over when I saw her strecth marks on her stomach. She must of had 4 kids at one time. That was a big turn off. I also agree with the breath. I wonder if some of these girls ever think about hygene!! Well over all she is a nice person but not who I would call for a fantasy chick. Monmouth has been hard to find anything good these days. LE is hard at work and that is not my cup of tea. I have had an expereince with a group that adv. in the APP once in a while. most of the girls are from NYC and it is hit or miss. Again the area needs more talent and less LE action.
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  7. smokedog


    Belly full of blown loads does wonder for your breath I guess
  8. sulli96


    I would agree with everything posted. Jen is good on service. However, her tits are horrific. And she has a severe case of halitosis. worst.breath.ever.

    I won't repeat.
  9. RuffToy


    Nice review! Makes me want to trip over to NJ for a ride...she sounds like a hell of a ride to me.
  10. riskybiz42


    Own, nice review. Your experience is exactly as I've seen others describe. If you see any other finds in the area report back!
  11. ownif2


    Not sure if she has been reviewed before so as far as I know, I took one for the team. Actually this is my first review ever so bear with me.

    I guess this could be on the CL board or NNJ, but since I found her on CL I’ll put it here.

    I guess I'll start with physicals:
    Jenn is cute. I’d give her looks about a 7 (probably in her mid thirties). Body is a mixed bag. Middle down I’d say 7.5. Says she is a personal trainer and her toned tummy, ass and legs do reflect that. But her upper body is at best a 5. Saggy tits. More of a mushy handful that a solid handful. So if you want solid tits she is NOT for you.

    Now performance: Most definitely a 9 or maybe even a 10.

    Not a clock watcher at all, great conversation in that she wants you completely relaxed, and does everything but greek.

    Started with a BBBJ that was unreal. She asked me how I like it and obliged completely. I then asked if she wanted to know when I would bust and she said, her words “you can tell me or not, whatever you are comfortable with.” So I just let it build until I busted in her mouth, and when it was done, I swear that not a drop got on me, her or the bed. It ALL went down her throat. HOT! She used her tongue, lips and mouth in perfect synch, paying attention to ALL areas. Didn't use her hands until the end when she squeezed out every drop. Possibly the best BBBJ I have ever gotten.

    Some conversation followed and then on to round two. More BBBJ into covered CG (she can ride with the best of them), Mish (VERY bendable) & Doggy. But, let me say this; the girl is very loose. I am average size at best so I barely felt it! I finally asked her to finish me with a BJ and she again took it all until I was done.

    Here is a link to her latest CL post:

    She has no website but if you ****** her from her CL Post she will send you a couple of pics and her number.

    Only draw back is she is DEEP in Long Branch. About two blocks from the beach.

    Price was 2 bills.