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Discussion in 'New York' started by ChuckUFarlie, Dec 9, 2005.

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  1. wheninvegas2005



    Nice review...and kind of cute based on her pics but given the price tag I would have expected more cover girl material
  2. ChuckUFarlie


    A guy answers her phone and directs you to her location. She calls him as soon she checks your license. I've seen this type of arrangement before.
  3. fumpton


    how did you know? was someone else in the room with her?
  4. ChuckUFarlie



    Good point, I should have started up a little earlier. Whenever they start talking, it's better to shut them up quick. Don't get me wrong, I love whores and I would gladly spend lots of time chatting with them all day but only if I was guaranteed my 2 pops.
  5. miss1971

    miss1971 <b>SILVER</b>

    she can't talk with her mouth full!!!
  6. greyfox


    Nice review.I have seen her and agree with everything you say and believe she is fair dollar value at $400.The only thing I would add is that she is a little hyper and a chatterbox.So,if you see her don't let her talk too much.After five minutes take off your pants and tell her you are ready to fuck.She'll be comfortable with that.
  7. ChuckUFarlie


    Jenna is a young blonde provider who visits NYC quite often. I think she comes in for a few days every month or so. I believe she used to work for Window of Elegance or something like that. She usually has an ad up on Eros, 703 area code. You can search for "Jenna" on Eros.

    Well she said she is 19 and I believe her. However, I don't think she is all that new at providing. She looks pretty much like her pics. She has this slutty quality to her. She looks 19 but she also looks a little hard but not in a bad way. Kinda like that hot bitchy chick in high school who was always trouble. She's about 5' 3" maybe 110 pounds. Nice B cup tits, Nice little ass, not too much junk in the trunk but not flat at all. She has beautiful blue eyes that seem to say "fuck me."

    5 minutes in the room and I can tell she's gonna be a good fuck. After business is taken care of, we settle on the bed. We go through a few positions and I notice she's getting more aggressive. She starts giving a very convincing "fuck me, fuck me harder" and various other dirty talk. This chick is not the making love type, she wants to get plowed and plowed good. I do my best but the dirty talk and her excellent skillful cowgirl were too much for me, I shot at about the 30 minute mark. She was willing to go for a second pop but I arrived a little late and I didn't think I would finish a second pop in time. I should have booked an hour and a half.

    Her rate is 400 for the hour. I know, I know, it is steep but she's 19, she's blonde and fucks like a rabbit.

    As for the menu, I received bbj but only for a few seconds as I was really interested in fucking and I'm hesitant with bbj with unfamiliar providers. And I don't think bbjtc is available. I don't think she wants cum in her mouth or on her. Greek is not an option either. I didn't go for much kissing but I think she is ok with a little lfk. Oh, she has braces. Not big bulky green things but a barely noticeable strip. Kinda surprised me.

    I believe she's here through the weekend but if you miss her, she'll probably be back within 4-5 weeks. She travels regularly through the east coast.

    Oh, she does screen and requires a look at your license too. She's independent but has at least one guy looking out for her.

    She comes off as a tough chick but once you are both comfortable, she's friendly enough.

    Again, 400 is more than I'd like to spend but it seems everything is costing me an arm and a leg in this overpriced city. For good pussy, I don't mind splurging every once in a while.