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  1. pitman_nyc


    She looks in. Didn't love the face but when she walked in the door she looked sexy. About 5'7". Small breasted (32b?) nature, slim waist. Very nice ass.
    Small stomach pouch, i.e. not flat. I insisted on a hug. Asked for a new card (promo: 6th visit - house fee is waived), thus established me as a frequent customer. Got undressed and threw a towel around me. Asked me what I wanted. Answer: Everything. She asked me to leave the fee on the table. That was a first. She apologized afterwards with some lame excuse. Didn't bother me, must be a new policy.

    TS was very above average. I pee'd in the shower while she prepared the water, and had started to get hard making it difficult to Pee. She was very playful. Digits inserted in the rear. Long strokes that could've make me cum. Much sac play and ass play. Session was fun. Mouthwash fetched (they had run out). Playfully told her I give a terrific massage and started one on her shoulders. She melted. She washed her pussy (she pronounced it pushhie) in front of me and gave me a little show while I mostly dried myself off. If you're into a verbal girl, this one is for you...she kept telling me how hungry she was for a hot dog. She kept it fun, which I liked. This is going to sound kind of strange, but at eye level while down on the table, I was looking right between her legs and got a good view of the curve of her buttocks, from the front..much enjoyed. I was certain I was getting a hot ass...damn I was looking forward to this.

    Back to the room, leaves me for a bit. When she returned, got her to lie down and started to massage her back. This was appreciated. Sat on her back. Stretched out. Inserted myself between her legs. Moved my way south to her lower back, then to her ass. Breathed hot air on her pussy and hole with my face lodged up her rear. Went to asia. Her feet caressing my johnnie. Begged me to give her pussy attention too. I obliged. Tried to get athletic and lift her upside down but she couldn't handle anything like that. She asked for 69. Lubed my ass up and used her fingers, mouth and hands on my balls. It was great, but being extremely exhausted, I would've cum too quickly. She was very considerate of this, backed off then we restarted. More 69. Then I sat up, we did a rocking position where I gave her breasts some very good sucking attention and my fingers playing with her hole. No insertion allowed, but teasing and playing from the outside was ok. Then cowgirl. Then her on top..but she wanted to squat and I knew I'd come. So I decided to stand and we did doggie from the side of the bed, her with one knee on the bed, the other leg, straight out at an angle. I pumped slowly, very very slowly, which fingering her ass. I massaged her back too in this position, from time to time and played with her one breast exposed to me. Slapped her ass a few times. She reached back with her hand and was grabbing my balls and massaging them, at one point too hard and I had to stop because she hurt me a bit..but we continued on after that. Lots of groans and moans. Flipped her over to her back and inquired about rear, but I think it's been used before. Didn't jump like crazy when I tried to insert it there, so I sensed she was experienced with it, but no dice. Would've been rare in an AMP to get that (at least by my experiences). So, finally, mish. like, with her legs pinned with me on top, I came. She was biting me ear pretty hard.

    Afterwards, she was a lot of fun and not a clock watcher. Personally, I needed to leave and after my dirty deed is done, I don't need any more entertainment. But she was having a grand old time and, was really pretty funny, despite her lack of english. Also rare was some mouth to mouth contact that I don't recall seeing with any girls from AMPs...she worked on a rotation of about 2-3 weeks on, every day, then 1-2 weeks off. Lives in NYC in the 30s. Got a kick out of that. Not the typical AMP girl, IMHO. Gave her an excellent rating to the mamasan as I was leaving. For me, it was a very positive and fun experience that was badly needed, as I haven't had the opportunity to do anything for the last couple of weeks and my last experience before this was quite negative (didn't write a review on it - sorry). That was at Fuji-Sauna near exit 6 on 95N in Stamford, CT.