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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by redleg609, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. imalawyer


    You said it. Watching is 3/4 of the fun :)


    To each his own I suppose. I find a pair of big, expressive eyes looking up at me while I caress her hair and head to be a major turn-on
  3. nj342


    I totally agree. I much prefer 69, especially when the woman orgasms, what a turn on!
  4. SpaMonger


    Oh yea
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  5. Rokin


    I don't think you are as alone as you think.
    69 is the best and bj can get boring real fast if the pussy is not in your face at the same time.
  6. redleg609


    I am a two hour appointment person. An hour is just to short. However, due to time constraints; a disinclination to head off to the local AMP; and, The Urge - I booked an hour with Jenny today.

    She was at a very nice upscale hotel in the Princeton area. (Thank goodness not one of the conference centers.)

    I knocked on the door and J openned it using the standard, hide behind the door technique, which, while I know why, I find amusing for some reason. I entered and we introduced ourselves when she offered her hand to shake. She gives a good hand shake. I know that is not one of the usually things we rate but, what can I say, I'm a sucker for a good, firm hand shake (gfhs?).

    Jenny is a slender, not too tall woman. IG site says she's 5.6 and I guess that is about right. We chatted while I undressed. Jenny seemed very low key, so my approach was equally low key. Fine with me, I'm a toucher, caresser, kisser, very touchy feelie. We chatted somemore and I proceeded with lite touching, nothing too sexually but very sensual. I could tell she was relaxing and enjoying.

    As a one pop guy, I usually spend most of the time exploring a womans body, seeing what turns her on and concentrating mostly on that. With only an hour, I did not get to explore as much as I like. So, I went for the sure things.

    I found Jenny to be wonderfull to carress. I played with her labia and she came while my fingers played with her clit. We cuddled briefly and she began BBBJ. Very nice but, I much prefer it as 69. (I am one of the few that can get bored with a BJ because there isn't much to do except lie there unless you get her turned around and can work on that pussy.) Unfortunately, Jenny had some jaw work done that mitigated against 69. So, shortly, I got my head between legs and worshipped that pussy. Another O resulted. We relaxed a bit, kissing, carressing.

    Jenny covered me up and we were cowgirl. I'm about average and she felt nice and tight.

    We had some time to cuddle and chat then it was time to go. Even though it was only an hour, I never felt rushed.

    Jenny has soft but slender body. She is not buff but is soft and curvy in her slenderness. Her ass is great to hold and massage. And her inner thighs as soft and smooth as the legendary babies bottom.

    I enjoyed myself and if the opportunity presents itself, I'll definitely be looking for 2 hours next time.