Review - Jillian in Chicago - 0 for 2

Discussion in 'Chicago / Illinois' started by docicu, Sep 2, 2001.

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  1. docicu


    Back safe home in NYC - will be going to Julies this week. Now, there I know what I will get.
  2. Hotpuppy

    Hotpuppy Mr.Butterworth

    You are certainly having bad luck in a town that is known for excellent escorts! I just saw that Sedona Weaver is in Chicago 9/2 for a few days. While never having had the pleasure, she is a national escort with pretty much unanimous great reviews. I have no connection to her, and she certainly doesnt need me to shill for her- I just hate to see a fellow medical professional go 0 for 3 or 4.
    take care HP
  3. skagen


    Sounds like she's questionable. I madean outcall appointment with hear lst year when I was in Minneapolis (she was on Eros there). She does have a nice pair but wasn't dressed pretty shabbily when she turned up.

    She had quoted me $200 over the phone. When I'm in an unfamiliar city I always verbally verify the parameters BEFORE I had the cash over, so I asked again if the $200 coverd FS and how many shots. At that point, she basically let me know that I would need an extra $100 to "be happy" and that $200 would not be FS. I aborted the appt at that pont based on my assesment of her attitude and personality. Lucky for me I bailed out because from your review it doesn't seem like she interested in providing decent service, let alone GFE.
  4. docicu


    I called ?I Love Escorts Chicago? trying to get an appointment with Candy, but she was not available. The woman at the service gave me four names that were available. I checked out the web sites and the reviews but none had any, although all had pictures. Thinking with the little, head, I asked for Jillian, who looked pretty hot. The arrangements went smoothly, and the woman on the phone was very nice, and told me what I would need for verification (license and business card). She then told me that I would get the early Saturday rate ($350 instead of $450) even though it was after 5 pm. That was good, I told her, because I only wanted to spend $350.
    She then called me about 5 min prior to our appointment and told me that Jillian was going to be about 5 min late. I waited, and she ended up about 9 minutes late. When she arrived, I was pleasantly surprised ? she looked better than her pics. A minimal amount on the heavy side, which is the way I like them, with big chest and a pretty face. She apologized for being late (she went to the wrong hotel ? another in the same chain) and walked over from there. She sat for two minutes, and we talked. Then she wanted to take care of business, and even before she opened up the envelope that I had left for her on the nighttable I could tell she was going to ask for more money. She said ?You know, I don?t get all of this. This just buys the bare essentials, but, if you want a REALLY good time, I need more?. I asked her how much more, and she said ?whatever you want?. I offered her $100, she asked for $200, and I told her no, I can?t go that high, so she said OK, and I gave her the extra $100. She checked in, and told me to get comfortable and she went into the bathroom. I stripped, and sat on the bed.
    She came out, and took off her jeans and tee shirt to reveal nice body, with large natural breasts, slightly sagging but not bad at all, not thin but not fat, overall, better than I had expected. The next clue that things were not going to be great was that she reached for the cover before even touching me. She got on the bed, and started stroking a bit, then took out the cover. She did fair CBJ for a little bit, then asked me how I wanted to have my coffee. I asked her how many cups I would get, and she said ?Just one ? we?ll be here for a week if you want to do it twice?. I did not know how to take that, so I let it pass. It became clear that she was going to try to talk me into an uncovered Russian, rather than FS. I resisted, and told her that I did not want to come so quickly. We did some covered Russian, and I tried to get her to combine CBJ with Russian, but she was not biting. No DATY (I asked) , no Kissing. She even told me that sucking her nipples and neck were not desired (too sensitive), and I could only touch the outside of her shaved privates. Then the cover broke, and she did not think that she had another for the FS, but she had one. I told her to just do some HJ to pass the time until we did the FS. We sat and talked while she did a prolonged HJ with lotion.
    When the time came, I told her that I was ready. She stepped up the HJ, cot me hard enough to put the cover on, and did some more CBJ. Then she said what position ? I asked for Cowgirl (those globes ? OH), but she did not want that. We went with Missionary, and I had my one cup of coffee there. She got up, cleaned me up. We then had a discussion (I long ago learned that one they have your money, you don?t get them angry telling them how much they sucked, especially when they know your name). I nicely got around to telling her that I was disappointed, that for $450 I expected BBBJ, DATY, DF, etc. She answered ?Oh, that is just for my personal life?. It turns out that she is form Minnesota, and also had a site on Eros where she went by the name of Brittney. Then she left.
    If this were for $250, I would not mind. But the hustle for the tip, the lack of DF or BBBJ, the one cup of coffee, etc., etc., left me cold.