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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by Bigd18, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. stinkweed56


    With 100 or so posts, maybe I have established some credibility so....

    I have used both PC and ************* and PC is far and away superior as far as organization and girls overall. Of course not ALL girls are good and you want to find a favorite and stick with her. I've seen about 5 of the ones currently posted on their site and most were at least what I expected for the $$. My fave, a girl same Chynthia is'nt there anymore but there are some tasty looking one in the photos that i'm looking to try.

    JerseyEsc, on the other hand has always had an attitude problem, I used them back when they were Ambers, and in those days they had some really hot chicks, but the consistent disorganization eventually led me away.

    I hesitate to make this recommendation (PC) because it's already getting hard to book some of the girls and my free time is generally sparse. But lately they have been open on some Sundays and that helps.
  2. hacknsackman


    Tito from PC

    I just want to say here that evey time I call PC, I always get treated well by the phone guy (Tito). In the past when I have called Jersey escorts, they were curt, short and rude. No sense of customer service at all.

    I am going to stick with PC for now. They seem to have their act together and have a bunch of nice girls.
  3. fumpton


    who wants to take this one?
  4. Romeo103


    I had two run in with PC and I loved it,can't say much about the time because it was a while ago but the guy on the phone is really nice and he always takes off 20 if you ask nicely. Not like NjEs... I had to see their girls like 7 times before you can even talk about discount and they are just rude to all the callers and they have been getting bad reviews on CL lately. They both are about the same price and but PC has much better girls and are much more nicer to you.
  5. RoosterC74


    Very strong oral talents on that lady. Unfortunately, I have never found her location since Julies went down.
  6. Richardrzhpippin


    Elanya's "mouth" always had me 'rush' more....LOL
  7. RoosterC74


    I wonder if they are as rock hard as Elanya/Allana's the Older Russian that once worked at Julies? Her's were hitting into Mount Rushmore.
  8. bear


    Nice job Bigd. BL, I of the biggest turn offs (beside odor) is rock hard fake boobs. I have seen them hard and some where I wasn't sure if they were fake so I asked and was surprised they were. Not sure what makes the difference other than the girls that want them so big there is no natural fat in them, but all silicone and look like if they got punctured, they'd explode. I'm definitely a natural man.

    PC had some good reviews and decent looking chicks, but here's a review that does this board justice and saves us $.
  9. bushleaguer

    bushleaguer The CDC

    Thanks for the review, bigd. Sounds like she might be new to the business.

    I always wondered about those fake boobs.....are hard ones the result of a bad boob job, or do they all get that way in time? I've heard that its because of excessive scar tissue that builds up around them, but I don't know that's true. I find those rock solid boobs (especially the ones that don't move and seem like the girl opted for too much for her original breast size) to be one of the biggest turn-offs.
  10. Bigd18


    This is a late review, happened few weeks ago, I had time to kill waiting for for a couple of vendors flight to come in that were taking me out to dinner, so I called PC to see about getting some booty, I was hoping for Lilianna or one of the other hotties but all he had in Clifton area was Jillian, I figured her pics don't look to bad big rack so I took the plunge, The phone guy says that he hasn't had too much feedback about her but I should have a good time.

    He said let hime know what I think, He took 20.00 off the normal 1/2 hr rate so I got the room number and was ready to head up and I realized that this hotel has the doors locked and you can;t always get up there with out a key, I call him back and he says alright she will meet you at the second floor.

    I'm standing there like a idiot waiting for her to come to the door on the second floor and there's a rent a car place closing up there so I'm ready to bolt and she come walking down the hall.

    Not bad , light skinned latina, I prefer the darker tanned variety, and nice rack under her shirt and not bad ass.

    we get to the room and I take care of the donation, and start getting undressed, she starts stripping as well and still she doesn't look too bad , she gets under the covers and I join her , no kissing , I start roaming and she allows me to play with the clam, little landing strip, I start licking her tits and realize that they are fake and hard as rocks, I mean ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!,

    SO anyway I start getting her moist and say ok it's my turn and she gets the cover and starts to work on the sausage. not bad bj , this goes on for about 5 minutes and I'm ready to start plowing, we start off mish and I'm pounding away and she has her eyes closed and no chemistry at all.

    I tell her to flip around and we go at it doggie, ( I realize that she must of lost weight lately because her ass has loose skin) So i ask her and she says yes why , how can you tell? I just keep plowing, but wasn't really enjoying since I like nice round juicy asses and alittle junk in the trunk is okay , but not a handful of loose skin. Then her phone rings and it's the phone guy asking if I'm there yet, That pissed me off so I keep pounding harder, and now she can't help but grunt, so she hangs up and We keep this up for a few minutes and I tell her to suck me again, so she is and then I ask her if i can cum on her tits, she says yes, so I peel off the cover and jerk off on her rocks , she closes her eyes so I aim for her face instead and dump a load on her nose, and on her eyelids. I say oops and she shrugs it off and cleans up, i clean up as well and get dressed and say see ya and I'm on my way to dinner. I call the phone guy and tell him about her rock hard tits and loose ass and he says she has fake tits?, I say that she is not a winner at all , I tell him that I'm no Brad Pitt, but no Troll either, at least she can act like she is into it, he thanks me for being honest and I haven't seen her working since.
    I also ask him if he heard me banging the shit out of her when he called and he started laughing , yes, and apolgized for calling during my time.

    overall I have had good experiences with PC over the years, but this was one of the lower end times, It did the job though.