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Discussion in 'DC & Baltimore / Maryland / Virginia / Delaware' started by pitman_nyc, Dec 14, 2005.

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  1. pitman_nyc


    Well, I took one for the team. There's really very little Baltimore info here but that reflects

    what there is actually available in Baltimore, right?

    I really needed to crack a nut...badly. My experience with a massage parlor in the suburbs north

    of Baltimore is $1 for the actual massage then $0.6 for topless, $1 nude, but only a happy

    ending. Eliminated. I couldn't find a bargain on Craigslist (at least that would answer the

    phone) or even get an ***** response back. None of the escort services in the yellow pages even

    had URLs as I need to know what they look like before I go. Eliminated. UG is my best reliable my next visit will be to DC for Royal Spa..unfortunately, couldn't do that this


    Jordan's ad on craigslist has a great picture. The text in the message is really good, despite

    it being typed full in uppercase. I called and got the URL for and saw a couple

    more pictures. From all that, she seemed to be worth a 1/2 hr. I did receive an ***** from the webmaster that the price was $1.4 but that wasn't available when I called her and the price was $1.75. The webmaster had written me back after the session (see, I had being forced to think with the wrong head) and told me to tell her that David said the rate was $1.4. Sigh, I overpaid.

    She was nice enough. Huge Rack. Too much weight on around the midsection. Has some spine problems which affects what positions she does. Pleasant personality but kept frakking nervously giggling/laughing and frakkin talking during the main event. She's new to this, having worked in a massage parlor before doing this. Completely shaved (good), but caught some extra toilet paper noticed before DATY (bad). Complained about some other girl doing 10 guys in a shift and I was her second, which was enough. Service was ok, perfunctory, but nothing special. I get so much better in nyc for much less...but like I said, I was desparate. At least now I can think clearly again.

    I won't get into the session details due to time constraints and I really don't care, but this is no PSE nor GFE. As a matter of fact, she's a single mom, divorced with a kid to support. Based on the way she had sex, I can see why she's divorced. Then again, why haven't I divorced my wife?

    So, bottom line, avoid her unless you really need something bad. Oh yeah, they're real even though the pictures make them look like really good fakes.